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  • Integrated clamp circuit for low noise
  • Integrate drivers, power devices, and protection circuitry
  • High performance end products without 5V supply
  • Sequential readout with shift register
  • 1865-03G-LDN

RANTLE 1865-03G-LDN are combines with an IC Chip signal processing and Si photodiode arrays. The external circuit configuration of the device is simple. It is because the IC Chip signal processing is formed by CMOS process.

It incorporates a shift register, timing generator, and charge amplifier array. It is also incorporating with a hold circuit and clamp circuit.

RANTLE 1865-03G-LDN is widely used for television and home theater, Bluetooth speaker, automotive head units, and microphone array processors.

1865-03G-LDN Distributor

Our 1865-03G-LDN featuring 1 MHz of data rate and can operate 5 V power supply.

The device has a simultaneous integration by the use of a charge amplifier array. It has also sequential readout with shift register.

The zero-biased photodiode operation is able to achieve the low dark current. The device has a wide dynamic range and allows low noise due to its integrated clamp circuit.

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1865-03G-LDN Product Features

1865-03G-LDN Product Features


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RANTLE 1865-03G-LDN allows to operate the two different pulse timings. It is also allowingphosphor sheet that affixed the photosensitive area due to its integrated timing generators. This photosensitive is available for X-ray detection. So, if you are using low and narrow line sensors for X-ray detection, RANTLE 1865-03G-LDN is perfect to be used.

All RANTLE 1865-03G-LDN are powermodules which are intelligent. It can integrate drivers, powerdevices, and protectioncircuitry. It all comes with various packaging. You can have it in dual-in-line transfer-mold and an ultra-compactpackage. This is usefor driving three small phase motors. Our 1865-03G-LDN uses DIP packaging, fifth generation IGBTs, and specific HVICs application. So, you can reduce the overall design time and inverter size.

1865-03G-LDN Supplier


Moreover, RANTLE 1865-03G-LDN also has an audio front-end device. It can ease the compliance because the device cantake a new approach to audio -function integration.The 1865-03G-LDN enabling high performance end products without 5V supply. The external amplifier programmable-gain are feasible at reduced cost because it is smaller and smarter products.

RANTLE provides 75% of electronic components available for immediate delivery or short lead time.  Our 1865-03G-LDN are tested for quality by our professional and experienced QC team to ensure their authenticity and functionality before dispatching the shipment to our valued customers.

We have been distributed all kinds of integrated circuits globally for a famous electronic company. Our goal is to be one of the most popular distributors of IC and other electrical component. We have a wide and unobstructed channel for supply source, and reserves a large number of 1865-03G-LDN IC for you.

We are your trusted 1865-03G-LDN distributor. We have good reputation, quality service, and global sourcing network. We provide fast delivery of your orders in terms of shipping. We guarantee you a high quality 1865-03G-LDN IC, strong source of electronic components with competitive price.

1865-03G-LDN Overview

1865-03G-LDN Overview


1865-03G-LDN Applications

1865-03G-LDN Applications

RANTLE East Electronic accumulates “reputable” business and accomplished fully supports from customers for more than 15 years’ stable development. If you are looking for a durable electronic part number 1865-03G-LDN IC, RANTLE is the best IC supplier for you.

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