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  • Highly originated with a Brass and Tin materials
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  • Definitely having two circuits which is the tape and reel
  • Completely complies on EU RoHS
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RANTLE 53398-0271 is an integral electronic unit that was highly originated with a Brass and Tin materials.

Which known as the most flexible and reliable to used so far.

It is useful to any industrial housings.

But when applied to any houses, nylon is the particular substance that used.

Plus to any wirings, on signal and wire to board applications, this is very helpful to distribute power.

53398-0271 has definitely having two circuits which is the tape and reel.

And particularly on isolated row.

53398-0271 Supplier

RANTLE 53398-0271 usually has on a vertical shape.

Also, it is on a natural color.

These are measured in pitch with 1.25mm and PC tail length for about 0.60mm measurement.

However, the 53398-0271 is elevated in surface mount.

This is an electronic essential with a two number of pins.

On technical sites, these are able to resist contact for about 20 mΩ.

And a current ranking for 500 mA.

Its prior recorded insulation a version is 100 MΩ.

In addition, it is a lead-free type.

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Reliable 53398-0271 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

These 53398-0271 are featured with a maximum utilizing temperature of 85 °C and -40 °C in minimum.

These components have a total of 2 positions and rows numbers.

With a voltage of 125 V rates on AC and DC, 53398-0271 can smoothly works on any designated applications and purposes.

53398-0271 Distributor

This important electric component was formed in any proportions and measurements.

The height is specified on a 4.9 mm, main pitch on 1.25 mm, 7.65 mm length, and a width of 3.7 mm.

It has a combustible grades of UL94 V-0 and completely complies on EU RoHS.

Furthermore, this type of component is still on the active status.

You can see there are much different categorized parts of 53398-0271.

53398-0271 price

Reliable-made and at the same time, performed on the highest degree.

Here are some necessary categories of this series; connectors, male pins, rectangular connectors, etc.

This type of 53398-0271 necessities has a type of header connection.

Moreover, all the positions of 53398-0271 series numbers are totally loaded because it is originally has a style for a wiring implementations.

Distributing the higher quality of 53398-0271 are now 100% ISO Certified.

Through being active on global distributions, these gain higher popularity up to this moment.

Proven performed greatly and received International standard certifications.

Several people nowadays are needing quality 53398-0271. So bulk a thousand of 53398-0271 series finishes.

There are no problem on stocks.

Using perfectly designed 53398-0271 and choosing the best manufacturer for your business might give a chance to reduce accidental happenings.

There are many advantageous results when prefer to use this as necessary material on wirings services.

To any operations that required this type of series, safer and effective operation will assuredly occur.

RANTLE are the leading distributor of any reliable 53398-0271 series. Safety manuals are provided primary.

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