• Low-power CMOS technology
  • Power-on/off data protection circuitry
  • ORG pin to select word size for ‘46C version
  • Self-timed ERASE/WRITE cycles (including auto-erase)
  • Sequential READ function

RANTLE 93LC46BT-I/ST device are ideal for nonvolatile memory application. It is also useful for low power through to its advance CMOS technology design. Our 93LC46BT-I/ST is available in 8-lead TSSOP standard packages.

RANTLE 93LC46BT-I/ST are Electrically Erasable PROMs or EEPROM serial in a 1K bit low voltage. In order to set a word size, a word-selectable 93LC46BT-I/ST device are dependent to its external logic levels which are driving to the ORG pin. It can provide 8-bit communication and 16-bit communication.

RANTLE 93LC46BT-I/ST comes with automatic ERAL, power on and off data protection, and (READ/BUSY) device status signal. It has an ORG pin, and low-power CMOS technology. It also has a serial 3-wire I/O industry standard, READ function, ERASE/WRITE cycles with auto-erase, and is 200 years data retention.

93LC46BT-I/ST has a Data In/ Data Out or DI/DO. The pin can be connected together. The Data Out will depend on its relative impedance to seen the voltage level. The signal source of it is A0. The voltage current of the Data Out pin may be higher. To limit this current, Data In and Data Out should be connected to the resistor.

93LC46BT-I/ST Features

93LC46BT-I/ST Features


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RANTLE 93LC46BT-I/ST devicehas a chip select input signal. It should have a minimum of 250 ns. If the Chip select input is low, a Reset status can hold by an internal control logic.

In addition, 93LC46BT-I/ST has a start bit condition. The device can detect the start bit if Data In (DI) and Chip Select (CS) are both high with respect of a Serial Clock(CLK) positive edge. The device is not in standby mode when Chip Select is high.

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93LC46BT-I/ST Description

93LC46BT-I/ST Description