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We Are a Global Leader for Sourcing Electronic Components

RANTLE EAST ELECTRONIC TRADING CO., LIMITED is a global leader specialized in sourcing electronic components across the globe via our wide network of vendors worldwide. We help manufacturers, brokers and electronical engineers to get the parts they need when they cannot find these parts through their normal channels. Our primary focus is on active, passive and electromechanical components, and we have the ability to source other specialty products used in automotive, IOT, telecommunications, medical and other industries.

We do this through our extensive network of manufacturers, brokers, distributors and stockists who have excess stock available at short notice. Many of our contacts do not have an online presence and/or do not have their inventory accessible online. This means we have access to inventory which other suppliers may not be able to provide.

RANTLE should always play the role of an independent distributor well to be a competent business bridge between customers and suppliers
As the world-leading independent electronic component distributor, RANTLE owns the most plentiful product line within the distribution industry and is able to meet your demands by excellent optimization solutions to procurement and one-stop purchasing service.


Where to Buy Electronic Components in China?
What is a good website to purchase electronic components from?
Buying electronic components and parts from rantle.com, it’s so easy.

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