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AD7656BSTZ Distributor - Your Best AD7656BSTZ Supplier in China

Rantle offers AD7656BSTZ high-voltage new design technology and an ultra-low gate charge. We always strive to give you the best quality of AD7656BSTZ that will suit your needs. RANTLE distributes AD7656BSTZ from top and leading manufacturers.


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Rantle is well-known as the best distributor of AD7656BSTZ. We own wide range selection of AD7656BSTZ. Our AD7656BSTZ ois6 independent ADCs and true bipolar analog inputs.

It have Pin-/software-selectable ranges: ±10 V, ±5 V and fast throughput rate up to 250 kSPS.

The AD7656BSTZ feature throughput rates up to 250 kSPS. Its parts contain low noise, wide bandwidth, track-and-hold amplifiers that can handle input frequencies up to 12 MHz.

Rantle AD7656BSTZ is design for various application including in power line monitoring systems, instrumentation and control systems and multi-axis positioning systems.

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Rantle is a professional and expert distributor in China. We distribute quality and functionality AD7656BSTZ. It can accommodate true bipolar input signals in the ±4 × VREF range and ±2 × VREF range.

The Rantle AD7656BSTZ also contain an on-chip 2.5 V reference. In serial interface mode, the parts have a daisy-chain feature that allows multiple ADCs to connect to a single serial interface.

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Our AD7656BSTZ are all have a high speed parallel and serial interface, allowing the devices to interface with microprocessors or DSPs.

The conversion process and data acquisition are controlled using CONVST signals and an internal oscillator. Three CONVST pins allow independent, simultaneous sampling of the three ADC pairs.

In addition, our AD7656BSTZ contain six 16-/14-/12-bit, fast, low power, successive approximation ADCs all in the one package that is designed on the iCMOS™ process.

This process combining high voltage silicon with submicron CMOS and complementary bipolar technologies.

It enables the development of a wide range of high performance analog ICs, capable of 33 V operation in a footprint that no previous generation of high voltage parts could achieve.

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One of the good thing, AD7656BSTZ can accept bipolar input signals while providing increased performance, which dramatically reduces power consumption and package size.

As an professional distributor, we have a full capability to distribute the AD7656BSTZ in timely as long as customer’s need it.

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RANTLE has been an authorized distributor of AD7656BSTZ and other different electronic components in China for over 10 years. So that we have thousands of customers and they put their trust to us as their distributor.

If you want us to be your distributor of any electronic components, just feel free to contact us.

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