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  • Competitive Price for AD8226ARMZ
  • Very wide power supply range
  • Dual supply: ±1.3 V to ±18 V
  • Single supply: 2.6 V to 36 V
  • Bandwidth (G = 1): 800 kHz
  • CMRR (G = 1): 78 dB minimum
  • Input noise: 22 nV/rt(Hz)
  • AD8226ARMZ

RANTLE AD8226ARMZ is widely used for bridge amplifiers, industrial process controls, portable data acquisition, medical instrumentation, and multichannel systems. It comes with resistor gain in one external which range up to 1 to 1000.

RANTLE AD8226ARMZ has wide power supply. For single supply it ranges to 2.2 V to 36 V, for dual supplies it ranges ±1.35 V to ±18 V, and 1.5 MHz bandwidth. It has a minimum of 90 dB for BR models and 22 nV/√Hz input noise.

The AD8226ARMZ has a typical current of 350 μA and has −40°C to +125°C specified temperature.

AD8226ARMZ Supplier

RANTLE AD8226ARMZ devices are designed to work with different signal voltages. It has a rail to rail output and wide input range. Thus, it allows the signal to use the supply rails. The input range of the device included the ability to go below the negative supply. Thus, the small signal can be amplified near ground without dual supplies.

RANTLE AD8226ARMZ devices are designed for connecting the realworld sensors. Because it has a wide operating range, it can handle the voltage beyond the rails. The part is withstanding ±35 V guaranteed with a ±5 V supply with no damage.

RANTLE AD8226ARMZ is a low power instrumentation amplifiers and low costs. Thus, it is designed with 1 gain and can handle easily at ±10 V signals.

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AD8226ARMZ Distributor

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