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These are a low power 25 MHz DDS device which is very capable in producing very high performance triangular and sine outputs.

AD9833BRMZ-REEL7 from RANTLE is engineered with on-board comparator which highly enables the square wave in producing for the clock generation.

AD9833BRMZ Supplier

As a low power device, it only consumes power with 13mW which makes it ideal for any power-sensitive applications.

AD9833BRMZ board is utilized as a conjunction with the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z SDP board that is available from any Analog devices.

Using the development Blackfin-based board, the communication of USB-to-SPI to AD9833BRMZ-REEL is completed.

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Reliable AD9833BRMZ Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Highest performance trimmed 25 MHz on-board general oscillator is also provided to be used as a master clock for an AD9833BRMZ system.

Several SMB and link connectors are also available to fully maximize its usability.

AD9833BRMZ from RANTLE features a full evaluation board.

It also has a graphical interface user software for data analysis and board control.

Connector to an EVAL-SDP-CB1Z SDP system demonstration board is also incorporated into our AD9833BRMZ.

AD9833BRMZ Price

We also have options for reference links and several power supply.

AD9833BRMZ distributed by RANTLE encompasses a vast range of applications.

Typically, our AD9833BRMZ-REEL applications include biomedical sensors.

Also, impedance bioelectrical analysis also uses RANTLE’s AD9833BRMZ which can provide a better solution and optimized performance.

Additionally, AD9833BRMZ supplied by RANTLE can also be useful for electrochemical analysis applications. Our AD9833BRMZ-REEL7 applications normally include impedance spectroscopy uses.

Moreover, RANTLE as the leading distributor supplies AD9833BRMZ very usefully for impedance complex measurement.

Other than that, AD9833BRM is also utilized for nondestructive testing.

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AD9833BRMZ distributor

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AD9833BRMZ application board

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Learn more about the AD9833BRMZ, please check AD9833BRMZ datasheet for your reference.

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