• Suitable for 5 V or 3 V operations
  • True fail-safe receiver inputs
  • RS-485 transceiver with electrical data isolation
  • Slew rate-limited driver outputs
  • Complies with ANSI TIA/EIA RS-485-A and ISO 8482: 1987(E)

Rantle ADM2483BRWZ is a differential bus transceiver. It is an integrated,and made with galvanically isolated component. It is prepared for data communication in bidirectional, and multi point the bus transmission lines.Our ADM2483BRWZ are comply with industry standard such as ANSI EIA/TIA-485-A and ISO 8482: 1987(E).

RANTLE ADM2483BRWZ has a structure of Half duplex transmission with data isolation which also comply with ISO 8482: 1987 and ANSI standards. The device can operate 500 kbps data quality. It is applicable in low power RS-485/RS-422 networks, isolated interfaces, building control networks, and multi point data transmission system.

Our Rantle ADM2483BRWZ combines a 3-channel isolator to provide outstanding performance characteristics superior to alternatives such as optocoupler devices and other integrated couplers. Also combined with a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor differential driver line which meets all the conditions of EIA standards.

Thus, it assumes the low power feature of complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS).Moreover, ADM2483BRWZ are combined with single package differential input receiver.The device has a logic side which operated with the supply ranging with up to 5 V or 3 V supply, while 5 V supply used only in the bus side.



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Our ADM2483BRWZ has a robust isolation barrier to withstand harsh industrial environment. Most robust transceiver are packed in ultra-small QSOP with a size of 16 DW. The device allows transceivers on the bus ranging up to 256 transceivers for it has input impedance in 96 kΩ.

All Rantle ADM2483BRWZ features slew-limited in order to reduce reflections resulted from unsuitable determined transmission lines. The data rate of this device will limit to 500 kbps due to controlled slew rate.

ADM2483BRWZ Distributor

Rantle distributing ADM2483BRWZ worldwide that uses a core less technology which utilizes build-up layers to connect the chips and eliminates the substrate core. This also leads to shorter interconnections and has been demonstrated to improve power signal integrity and integrity performance. Presenting no magnetic components, and there is no problem about the magnetic impregnation of the basic material.

RANTLE ADM2483BRWZ comes up with power-up/power-down characteristics. Upon power-up, it allows the output signals to stretch out the correct state if both supplies are exceeding their thresholds. The ADM2483BRWZ output signals take on the correct state upon power-down until one of the supplies are decline next to its power-down threshold.

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