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  • 2-Axis Acceleration Sensor on a Single IC Chip
  • 2 mg Resolution at 60 Hz
  • Low-Power < 0.6 mA
  • Direct Interface to Low-Cost Microcontrollers via
  • Duty Cycle Output
  • BW Adjustment with a Single Capacitor
  • 3 V to 5.25 V Single Supply Operation
  • 1000 g Shock Survival
  • ADXL202AE

RANTLE ADXL202AE is a complete dual axis accelerator. It has an accurate acceleration system measurement in an individual monolithic IC. It is incorporated with a polysilicon micro-machined surface sensor. It also has conditioning signal circuitry to enable the open loop measurement acceleration architecture. It has the capacity to measure up to ±100 g either negative and positive accelerations. It has the ability to measure vibration and shock.

ADXL202AE 202AE Supplier

Our ADXL202AE can also measure both vibration dynamic accelerations and static acceleration. It also has two poles switched-capacitor Bessel filter. Bessel filters contains step response with little overshoot and maximum flat delay group. It is buffered and self-contained filters that do not requires external components.

RANTLE ADXL202AE is a low power and low-cost dual accelerometer. It has the ability to measure ranging up to 2 g full scale. It has a digital and analog voltage outputs that has proportional with acceleration duty cycles. These duty cycles will be measured directly via microprocessor counter. It has 0.5ms up to 10ms adjustable duty cycles. By filtering the duty cycle, the analog output can also be rebuilt.

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RANTLE ADXL202AE features self-test that can exercise either electrical circuitry or mechanical structure. The electrostatic force serves as a beam equal to about 20% full acceleration input scale. It is when triggered by a high logic in self-test pin. This results to a voltage proportional change that will occur into output pin. it doesn’t need external components aside from decoupling capacitor.

RANTLE ADXL202AE also features a single supply operation up to +5.0 V. it does have shock survival up to 2000 g. Moreover, it does have resolution of 2 mg at every low power 60 Hz ultra-small-scale chip.

RANTLE ADXL202AE encompasses a wide variety of applications. It includes the measurement of vibration and shock. It is also ideal for health machinery and recorders. It is also a perfect use for military safe arm. Additionally, it is suitable for vehicle surety and appliances alarms. Moreover, it can be used for tilt sensing and motion detectors.

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