Your Best ADXL345BCCZ Supplier in China

ADXL345BCCZ Distributor - Your Best ADXL345BCCZ Supplier in China

Rantle is an excellent ANALOG DEVICES INC(ADI) ADXL345BCCZ distributor. All devices in Rantle are high-quality and standard. The ADXL345BCCZ suitable for a wide range of applications where acceleration needs to be measured or monitored.  Rantle will offer a complete and great solution to meet your specific needs.



Rantle is the great distributor of ADXL345BCCZ. It can be used to measure both static accelerations due to gravity and dynamic acceleration resulting from motion, shock, or vibration. The ultralow power of this device is low as 40 μA in measurement mode and 0.1 μA in standby mode at VS = 2.5 V

ANALOG DEVICES(AD) ADXL345BCCZ can be used in various applications including Handsets Medical, instrumentation Gaming and pointing devices, Industrial instrumentation, Personal navigation devices, Hard disk drive protection Fitness equipment.

ADI components ADXL345BCCZ-RL7 is a polysilicon surface-micromachined structure built on top of a silicon wafer. Polysilicon springs suspend the structure over the surface of the wafer and provide resistance against acceleration forces.

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ANALOG DEVICES INC(ADI) electronic components and parts ADXL345BCCZ is a complete 3-axis acceleration measurement system with a selectable measurement range of ±2 g, ±4 g, ±8 g, or ±16 g. It measures both dynamic accelerations resulting from motion or shock and static acceleration, such as gravity, which allows the device to be used as a tilt sensor.

ADXL345BCCZ supplier

The ADXL345BCCZ-RL7 automatically modulates its power consumption in proportion to its output data rate, as outlined in Table 6. If additional power savings is desired, a lower power mode is available.

In this mode, the internal sampling rate is reduced, allowing for power savings in the 12.5 Hz to 400 Hz data rate range but at the expense of slightly greater noise.

Additional power can be saved if the ADXL345BCCZ automatically switches to sleep mode during periods of inactivity. Current consumption at the sub-8 Hz data rates used in this mode is typically 40 μA for a VS of 2.5 V.


The ADXL345BCCZ is a small, thin, low power, 3-axis accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) measurement at up to ±16 g. Digital output data is formatted as 16-bit twos complement and is accessible through either a SPI (3- or 4-wire) or I2 C digital interface.

The ADXL345BCCZ is supplied in a small, thin, 3 mm × 5 mm × 1 mm, 14-lead, plastic package. And these functions can be mapped to one of two interrupt output pins. An integrated, patent pending 32-level first in, first out buffer can be used to store data to minimize host processor intervention.

Rantle is a professional and qualified ADXL345BCCZ-RL7 distributor. We are well-trained and having knowledgeable so that we are confident that we can distribute great electrical devices and components including ADXL345BCCZ-RL7.ADXL345BCCZ distributor

We have over 10 years of experience in distributing complete electrical kits. In Rantle you can guarantee a quality product.

If you need more information about us or in our product, feel free to contact us.

To learn more about the ANALOG DEVICES(AD) ic parts ADXL345BCCZ, please click the ADXL345BCCZ datasheet to check.

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