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  • High-performance microprocessor
  • Provides you a separate chip enable and output enables controls
  • High-noise immunity and standard tolerance to a power supply
  • AM27C512-150DC
  • AM27C512-150DC -2

The AM27C512-150DC is an ultraviolet 512-Kbit read-only erasable programmable memory.

RANTLE’s AM27C512-150DC is organized with 674K words and each word has 8 bits.

It can operate a +5 V single supply.

It also has a standby static mode and single address fats location programming.

With RANTLE’s AM27C512-150DC, data will be accessed usually in below 55 ns.

This will give you a high-performance microprocessor.

Thus, it can operate with no WAIT states.

The device provides you a separate chip enable and output enables controls.

Therefore, bus contention can be eliminated in the bus multiple microprocessor system.

AM27C512-150DC Supplier

RANTLE’s AM27C512-150DC process CMOS technology offers you a high-noise immunity, low power, and high-speed.

Usual current consumption of RANTLE’s AM27C512-150DC takes up to 80mW only in an active mode and a 100mW when in standby mode.

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Reliable AM27C512-150DC Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

All signals of RANTLE’s AM27C512-150DC are TTL levels which include programming signal.

Bit locations of our AM27C512-150DC can be singly programmed at random or in blocks.

RANTLE supplies AM27C512-150DC which supports an AMD programming algorithm Flashrite.

This will result in a programming time typically 8 seconds.

RANTLE is also distributing AM27C512-150DC which features fast access with speed options of 55 ns.

It also has a low 20 A power consumption with standby CMOS current.

AM27C512-150DC Distributor

Features for versatile simple interfacing like TTL output/input compatibility, CMOS and two control line functions are incorporated into RANTLE’s AM27C512-150DC.

100 mA protected latch-up from -1 V up to Vcc +1 V is equipped into our AM27C512-150DC.

High-noise immunity and standard tolerance to a power supply are also offered by RANTLE’s AM27C512-150DC.

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AM27C512-150DC Application Board

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