Your Best AR7241-AH1A Supplier In China

AR7241 Distributor - Your Best AR7241-AH1A Supplier in China

As an independent electronic component distributor in China, Rantle supplies high-performance yet cost-effective ATHEROS AR7241-AH1A. It is suitable for applications such as access point, router, and gateways. This electronic part comes with great features to support the inline application.


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Rantle distributes AR7241 featuring various workability. It is included with a MIPS 24K processor, PCI Express host interface, integrated 802.3 Ethernet Switch. The switch comes with five 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY.

Rantle supply AR7241-AH1A that offers the best-in-class WLAN solution. It is capable of supporting 802.11b/g/n standards.

Also, RANTLE delivers 100% new and high-performance AR7241-AH1A that is lead-free and RoHS compliant. IC chips- AR7241 is great paired in single-chip 802.11n MAC/ BB/Radio family. When paired together, it creates the best solution for WLAN.

Moreover, ATHEROS AR7241-AH1A can be available at competitive prices. You can save you time and money when you choose Rantle.

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Rantle distributes innovative and high-quality ATHEROS AR7241 with great features and performance. To mention, there is a 16-bit DDR1 or DDR2 memory interface that can support up to 400 M transfers per second.

This electronic component is mainly applied for access points, router and gateways usage.

AR7241-AH1A supplier

As a global provider of all kinds of electronic devices, Rantle claims to deliver the best integrated circuit chip solution for you. Rantle provides an exceptional value for your time and money. We’ll truly deliver high-quality ATHEROS ic components AR7241-AH1A at the best prices.

With strong industry experience and insight, Rantle will be your best source in terms of electronic components. Rantle can deal with services in a smooth and effective way.

AR7241-AH1A distributor

Rantle offers rapid delivery of your AR7241. It came true with the help of the expert international top express couriers. They will handle on-shipping orders and able to reach your place in just 2-5 working days. No matter how far you are, we can reach you.

AR7241-AH1A wholesaler

If some issues might come up, there’s no room to worry about, all components come with a 30-days warranty. So that you can assure reliability takes place.

Rantle supplies AR7241-AH1A for you to meet your project requirements. We are recognized to be one of the trusted and reliable distributors and suppliers of high-quality electronic components.

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Aside from AR7241-AH1A, we offer thousands of part numbers ideal for various component applications. If you might feel unsure, we have an active and expert sales team to guide you. We will help you get the part you needed.

At Rantle, you can surely find the best solution for your next electronic component project.

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For your ATHEROS AR7241 needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Rantle. We are looking forward to working with you.

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