Your Best AT93C46DN-SH-T Distributor in China

AT93C46DN-SH-T Distributor- Your Excellent AT93C46DN-SH-T Supplier in China

Rantle is one of the world-best partners for electronic sourcing components across the world. We offer a wide range of electronic components, including the AT93C46DN-SH-T. A chain series of ATMEL/MICROCHIP AT93C46DN-SH-B electronic components will provide for your electronic and automotive installation assistance. 


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Rantle has an immense distribution line of AT93C46DN-SH-T and other related electronic components. Each AT93C46DN-SH-T comes from the most potent and versatile configuration, making it more suitable for all your system devices. We provide the most competitive price of AT93C46DN-SH-T that you purchase. 

Rantle distributes AT93C46DN-SH-T with a nominal current supply of 500 µA and is highly advantageous for your devices’ constant run and function. If your market has the highest demand of AT93C46DN-SH-B, think about Rantle as your no.1 source. We can provide you with sufficient supplies of all your needed AT93C46DN-SH-T. 

Each of our AT93C46DN-SH-T comes from the newest version and model up-gradation; avail us of our exceptional deals and offers!

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Rantle East Electronic - Professional AT93C46DN-SH-T Supplier and Manufacturer in China

Rantle East Electronic being your professional supplier and distributor of all-purpose electronic components, including the AT93C46DN-SH-T. Our company only distributes the most significant electronic components that are highly useful in automotive, computer, telecommunication, medical, military, electronic, and other peripheral applications. 

The ATMEL/MICROCHIP parts AT93C46DN-SH-T is Rantle top-charting electronic components at all times. It operates in a supply voltage from 1.8V to 5.5V. The AT93C46DN-SH-T provides serial EEPROM organizes 64 words in 16 bits and 128 words in 8 bits each. 

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AT93C46DN-SH-T General Features:

  • Operates in low-voltage function
  • User-selectable in Internal Organization
  • Higher reliability
  • 1,000,000 write cycles endurance
  • 100 years in data retention
  •  8-lead JEDEC SOIC.

In addition, the ATMEL components AT93C46DN-SH-T has a memory organization of 128×8/64x16bit. Each memory sizes to 1 kbit with a fixed operating temperature range of – 40 C to + 85 C. this electronic device has a low-voltage operation and optimizes for industrial and commercial applications. 

AT93C46DN-SH-T distributor

Rantle also deals with AT93C46DN-SH-T that weighs 0.086 g. and has a maximum frequency of 2 MHz. It is available in the fixed measurement of 5.05 mmx3.99 mm.

At Rantle, you can seek a perfect AT93C46DN-SH-T that bases on your specific purposes. We build with the cleanest reputation are closely working with all your AT93C46DN-SH-T requirements. All of our AT93C46DN-SH-T were tested and inspected to ensure their constant functionality and authenticity. 

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Rantle supplies a chain solution for all your AT93C46DN-SH-B requests. We can reach you even if you are far distant from China. Our team can sustain all your needed AT93C46DN-SH-T and other related electronic components by providing you with your requested supplies.

Customers come as our priority and guarantee a high standard on all orders, so do not feel any doubt and worry about purchasing all your AT93C46DN-SH-T orders. We can transact all your orders and] deliver them to your residential location as fast as possible.

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For all your AT93C46DN-SH-T needs, think about Rantle East Electronic. Learn further information about our electronic component by visiting us on our official website or contacting us through our hotline!

To learn more about ATMEL/MICROCHIP electronic components and parts AT93C46DN-SH-B, please click the AT93C46DN-SH-T datasheet.

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