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ATMEGA1281-16AU Distributor - Your ATMEGA1281-16AUR Supplier in China

Rantle is your certified and approved partner for a productive electronic part business. We are your immediate provider of any electronic components you need for your business. Rantle is your successful ATMEGA1281-16AUR distributor and supplier in China. You can always rely on our constant supply of all number part of electronic components, especially ATMEGA1281-16AU.


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Rantle becomes more solid as of 17 years of sourcing any ATMEGA1281-16AU for our clients locally and abroad. We continuously show outstanding performance assisting our loyal customers. Rantle is your legit supplier that offers high-quality ATMEGA1281-16AU at competitive costs.

Therefore, if you want to have best-selling electronic part products, get them from Rantle. We are your top-rated distributor worldwide. Many brokers, manufacturers, and even electronic engineers trust our offer of electronic components, specifically ATMEGA1281-16AUR.

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable ATMEGA1281-16AU Supplier and Distributor in China

Rantle can fully serve you with your aimed electronic component for your utilization and your business. You can easily find your preferred electronic part like MICROCHIP/ATMEL ATMEGA1281-16AU from our lists. Please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

We are your optimal distributor that responsibly offers high-featured electronic components. Rantle maintains a good image of supplying and distributing services. You will surely never be disappointed with the qualities and function of our supplied ATMEGA1281-16AU.

ATMEGA1281-16AU supplier

As your leading associates, we also help heighten your sales with you selling ATMEGA1281-16AU from Rantle. With our long-time experience, as our partner, We can share the techniques for effective marketing your products.

ATMEGA1281-16AU Features:

  • High-performance microcontroller
  • Updated RISC architecture
  • Non-volatile Program and data memories
  • Exceptional microcontroller condition
  • Protected packages
  • Complete range of operating temperature
  • Exact speed grades

ATMEGA1281-16AU distributor

The ATMEL IC components ATMEGA1281-16AUR we offer is On-chip with a 2-cycle multiplier. This electronic component can endure about 10,000 writes and erase cycles of self-programmable flash. The ATMEGA1281-16AU has almost 8K bytes internal SRAM.

Its bytes have a two-wire serial interface. Rantle supplies this high-quality MICROCHIP/ATMEL IC chips ATMEGA1281-16AU with six sleep modes, including Idle, ADC noise reduction, power-save, power-down, standby, and extended standby. 

Rantle ATMEGA1281-16AU functions with about -40 °C to 85 °C operating temperatures. This type of microcontroller operates with a 2.7V to 5.5V supply of voltages. It is an internal oscillator type of electronic component.

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ATMEGA1281-16AU Advantages:

  • Low power utilization
  • Easy to use
  • Qtouch for leisurely exploring, developing its touch applications
  • Exclude adjacent key technology for its apparent detections

Rantle is more than professional in managing such a partnership with you. You can quickly contact Rantle for your ordered ATMEGA1281-16AU and many other electronic parts. We have sizeable standard stock of ATMEGA1281-16AUR in our factory for your rush orders.

Our expert employees and teams are all out processing the stages of your ordered ATMEGA1281-16AU. We can fully accommodate your questions and inquiries, especially about ATMEGA1281-16AU.

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Just send us here your specific choice of electronic components, and we will quickly do its customization. Here in Rantle, you can find the best qualities at the lowest price possible. Expect short-time delivery with secure packaging of your purchased ATMEGA1281-16AU.

Please feel free to communicate with us here, right now!

To learn more about MICROCHIP/ATMEL electronic components and parts ATMEGA1281-16AUR, please click the ATMEGA1281-16AU datasheet.

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