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ATmega88PA-AU is a CMOS low power 8-bit microcontroller that is based on an enhanced AVR RISC architecture.

It can achieve an approaching throughput with 1 MIPS every MHz through executing the powerful instructions located in the single cycle clock.

This allows every system designer to an optimized consumption of power other than processing speed.

RANTLE’s ATmega88PA-AU is an AVR low power but with highest performance.


It has an improvised RISC architecture with a 131 set of powerful instruction mostly on the execution of single cycle clock.

It also has a general purpose 32 x 8 working registers and a complete static operation.

Every 20 MHz, its throughput can take up to a 20 MIPS.

2-cycle on-chip multiplier is also incorporated into RANTLE’s ATmega88PA-AU.

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Also, RANTLE’s ATmega88PA-AU has a non-volatile high endurance memory segment.

Along with this, it does have an in-system 8K bytes flash self-programmable program memory.

It also has an EEPROM with 512 bytes for a better performance.

Our ATmega88PA-AU also has an internal SRAM with 11K bytes and 100,000 EEPROM/10,000 Flash write or erase cycles.

ATmega88PA-AU Distributor

Its data retention can take up to 20 years at every 85°C/100 years with a temperature of 25°C.

Together with its optional section of boot code with an independent lock-bits, is an in-system programming by a boot on-chip program and a read-while-write true operation.

As an additional, a lock programming for software security is incorporated for an optimal solution.

ATmega88PA-AU from RANTLE also has a peripheral feature.

This includes a two 8-bit counter/timer with a compare mode and a separate pre-scaler.

Apart from that, one 16-bit counter/timer is employed to our ATmega88PA-AU which has a compare mode, capture mode, and a separate pre scaler.

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Real-time counter with a separate oscillator is RANTLE’s ATmega88PA-AU feature.

Other than that, six channels of PWM, a watchdog timer which is programmable that has an on-chip separate oscillator, analog on-chip comparator, and a wake-up or interrupt on-pin change is also incorporated at RANTLE’s ATmega88PA-AU.

As a part of an innovative way, RANTLE’s ATmega88PA-AU also has a special feature.

These special features include brown-out programable detection and a power-on reset, calibrated internal oscillator, internal and external interrupt sources.

More of that, it also has a sleep mode typically includes noise ADC reduction, idle, power down, standby, extended standby and power-save.

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