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BAT54JFILM Distributor - Your BAT54JFILM Supplier in China

Rantle is your professional BAT54JFILM distributor and supplier in China. We also extend the availability of our offered electronic components like STMicroelectronics(STM) BAT54JFILM to the other country. Rantle has been your qualified BAT54JFILM provider for a long time. We are willing to give you ideas on outstanding marketing these types of valuable products. We are your complete guide to achieving growing business related to electronic parts.


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Continuously supplying you with reliable and durable electronic components such as STMicroelectronics(STM) BAT54JFILM is our line of work. We keep our good standing when it comes to the best services and assistance to our customers worldwide. So far, we are constantly receiving positive feedback about our offered electronic components.

You can also be one of those who experienced satisfaction with the benefits of our BAT54JFILM. Considering its legit advantages, many customers keep on ordering more types of electronic parts on Rantle. Our extensive stocks can surely provide your desires.

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable BAT54JFILM Supplier and Distributor in China

Rantle is your number one trusted electronic component distributor and supplier in China. We mainly offer our high-quality BAT54JFILM at a friendly cost. You can rely your needed stocks of different types of electronic components on our company.

We assure the best condition of electronic chips like BAT54JFILM for any of your applications. This type of electronic component has extended utilization. You can have one of its series that fits your device’s uses.

BAT54JFILM supplier

As your trustworthy supplier and distributor, we are responsible enough to handle your ordered BAT54JFILM carefully. You can surely benefit more from our BAT54JFILM, considering its immense purposes. 

BAT54JFILM Features:

  • Low power and opposite losses
  • Insignificant switching losses
  • Less leading and opposite recovery times
  • Greatly high-speed switching
  • Surface mount type device
  • Low capability diode

STMicroelectronics(STM) BAT54JFILM has about 300mA (DC) average rectified current. We ensure high-conditioned parts and specification of your ordered BAT54JFILM. This type of electronic component performs with -40°C to 150°C junction temperature.


It operates with almost 500ns, 200mA (Io) speed of recovery. We are your guide to have the most compatible automotive electronic component for you. Rantle is your electronic component, online distributor, and supplier.

Our presenting BAT54JFILM also has broad applications. You need expert assistance to install and operate your chosen electronic component. This type of electronic component can work with about 40 V DC reverse. 

 Characteristics of BAT54JFILM:

  • It has a repetitive peak reverse voltage
  • Operates constant forward current
  • Have exact flow of non-repetitive forward current
  • Accurate ranges of storage temperatures
  • Have a precise degree of operating junction temperature

Rantle offers BAT54JFILM with high features and functions to your device. This electronic component helps your specific device be more functional and valuable. Many electronic component brokers and manufacturers rely on our products. 

BAT54JFILM price

You can purchase more types of electronic components for your starting business. We mainly introduce BAT54JFILM to our clients locally and abroad. Rantle professional electromechanical engineers are present to ensure the qualities and performance of our offered BAT54JFILM.

So if you want to have a productive and constant electronic component business, trust Rantle offered products. You can trust our expert staff to entertain your calls and messages. We can give you an immediate response and secure delivery.

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To learn more about STMicroelectronics(STM) electronic components and parts BAT54JFILM, please click the BAT54JFILM datasheet.

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