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CC110LRGPR Distributor - Your CC110LRGPR Supplier in China

Rantle specializes in providing electronic components to our worldwide customers and vendors. We mainly focus on active, passive, and electromechanical parts that are applicable in different fields. Rantle especially offers high-featured Texas Instruments(TI) CC110LRGPR at competitive costs. We are your expert guide to have the perfect number part of CC110LRGPR for you.


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We know what is best for your device for 17 years of supplying and distributing such valuable electronic part products. Rantle is the perfect place to be if you are searching for a valuable electronic component like Texas Instruments(TI) CC110LRGPR. We can let you choose your needed electronic component from our lists. 

Please let us know your requirement applications, and we will take care of the rest of customizing your ordered electronic component. Rantle always intends to satisfy you with our presenting electronic components, specifically CC110LRGP. You can already have high-quality CC110LRGPR at the lowest price possible.

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable CC110LRGPR Supplier and Distributor in China

Rantle excellently provides all our constant clients with in-demand electronic components for their businesses.  Our reliable CC110LRGPR functions accordingly to its role. You can trust our professional employees with satisfying services.

We also deal our high-class electronic components to our customers worldwide.  We are your capable CC110LRGP supplier and distributor in China. Rantle can fully support the quantities of electronic components you need for your start-up business.

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Moreover, we maintain our exemplary operation in handling such significant negotiations. Rantle electronic components can be used in the military, automotive, medical, and many other industries.  We are your complete guide.

CC110LRGPR Applications:

  • Extreme ultra power wireless devices
  • Wireless security systems
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Remote controls
  • Building automation
  • Toys

CC110LRGPR distributor

The Texas Instruments(TI) parts CC110LRGPR performs with 12dBm power output and -116dBm sensitivity. It has ranges of 1.8V to 3.6V voltage supplies. We make sure all the details of its parts are well practical. It can operate with almost -40°C to 85°C range of temperature.

All of our electronic components, including CC110LRGPR, undergo high-standard quality tests before presenting to our clients. This CC110LRGPR has a minimum of 300MHz and a maximum of 928MHz frequency.

The TI IC chips CC110LRGPR has extended application in industrial, RF communications, process monitoring, and even in automation. Rantle ideally ensures every function of CC110LRGPR is exactly base on its purpose.

CC110LRGPR Features:

  • Programmable output power
  • Programmable data rates
  • Has exact MHz frequency bands
  • Supports packet oriented systems
  • Low power consumptions
  • No external filters needed

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Rantle is always making sure to reach your standards and expectations regarding the quality and performance of our offered CC110LRGPR. You can surely enjoy the benefits of our CC110LRGPR and many other electronic part products.

We are always open to your anytime inquiries and orders. We assign active sales staff to give you a gratifying response. Please feel free to ask us about our offered CC110LRGPR. Rantle use to provide you with complete assistance.

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Contact us right here if you are interested in our high-quality CC110LRGPR!

To learn more about Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts CC110LRGP, please click the CC110LRGPR datasheet.

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