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CD40103BE Distributor - Your CD40103BE Supplier in China

Rantle is your exceptional CD40103BE distributor and supplier based in China. We are the most outstanding provider of all types of electronic components worldwide. We are quick to return calls and provide updates. Rantle has the highest customer review and provides all you need, including HARRIS/TI IC components CD40103BE. We successfully deal our profitable products with our customers abroad.


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Rantle can provide the item you are looking for and assure you of high standards electronic components. We offer a good service that can help your business grow and earn more. Additionally, as your supplier, we provide electronic components of good quality but at an affordable price. 

Rantle offers a unique approach to how brands connect with consumers and overcome business challenges. Exact and high-efficient electronic components are what you can get from us. We are the perfect source when you are seeking the best CD40103BE for your business and applications.

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable CD40103BE Supplier and Distributor. in China

The HARRIS/TI IC parts CD40103BE is composed of an 8-stage synchronous down counter with one output. Its single work is active when the inner count is zero. These electronic components construct as dual cascaded 4-bit BCD counters. 

This electronic component we offer is a binary counter logic type of product. It operates with asynchronous reset and synchronous timing. This specific electronic component performs with about -55°C to 125°C of temperature.

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We make sure of secured packaging with exact sizes. You can indeed receive brand new and without damaged products from Rantle. Our vast experience in supplying and distributing such electronic components assures you satisfying processes.

CD40103BE Features:

  • Simultaneous and asynchronous preset
  • Performs with a medium speed 
  • Cascadable 
  • 100% certified functional quiescent current
  • Have exact input current over complete package temperature ranges
  • Regulated, balanced output characteristics
  • 5V to 15 V parametric assessments

Rantle mainly supplies high-quality electronic components for any of your applications. The mentioned electronic part operates and consumes almost 3 V to 18 V supply of voltages. You can indeed have an appropriate electronic component that perfectly suits your device.

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As your premier distributor, we are glad to provide you with high-featured electronic components constantly. You can tell us your preferred model of the electronic part, and we will instantly look for it from our standard stocks.

CD40103BE Applications:

  • Disconnect by “N” counters
  • Programmable timers
  • Impedance timers
  • Cycle or program counter

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Rantle offers the most affordable yet high-efficient electronic components for your applications. We also make it possible to shorten the delivery time of your orders. You can get the exact quantity of electronic component supplies for your business.

Choosing Rantle CD40103BE electronic component helps improve the number of your customers and sales. We are the company that maintains outstanding work and services for our customers worldwide. We are also willing to share the ways of successful marketing such essential products.

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Lastly, you can trust our friendly sale staffs to process your orders. Just feel free to communicate with us right here for your inquiries. You can expect instant responses to your calls and emails. We are open 24/7 working time.

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To learn more about HARRIS/TI electronic components and parts CD40103BE, please click the CD40103BE datasheet.

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