RANTLE is Your No.1 Supplier of CH340G in China!

Your Top CH340G Distributor- RANTLE is Your Best CH340G Supplier in China

RANTLE is known to be an independent distributor of CH340G in China. We distribute CH340G from popular suppliers such as FREESCALE, ATMEL, Maxim Integrated, XILINX, and many more. RANTLE is your one-stop-shop of your CH340G needs!


We Source CH340G and more IC Chips. We can be your best CH340G Manufacturer.

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RANTLE is a popular distributor of CH340G in China. Our CH340G belongs to the series of a USB bus adapters. It can provide a parallel, IrDA, and serial interfaces over its USB bus.

RANTLE’s CH340G can only support serial interface. Our CH340G integrate circuit can provide a common signal of MODEM to enable the UART of the computer. It can also convert UART devices into USB interface.

RANTLE CH340G is compatible with a 2.0 USB interface and full-speed USB interface. It can operate with only a minimum external component amount such as minimum of four capacitors and a crystal.

Aside from that, our CH340G supports 3.3V and 5V operation.

Our CH340G are certified by various international quality standards. It had passed RoHS standards and more certifications.

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Your Trusted CH340G Distributor in China-RANTLE East Electronic

RANTLE is known to be the most trusted distributor of CH340G in China. As professionals, we can deliver you the best services and excellent quality products.

We distribute CH340G that belongs to the series of USB bus adapters. It can provide an IrDA, parallel, series interface over its USB bus. RANTLE’s CH340G can give a common MODEM signal that enables additional UART to the computer. It also has the capability to covert the existing UART device into a USB interface.

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Aside from that, our CH340G features a USB full-speed interface that are compatible with 2.0 USB interface. It can operate in a minimum external component amount including at least 4 capacitor and a crystal.

Additionally, RANTLE’s CH340G can give a virtual serial port. This design helps in upgrading an existing serial port device. It can also add serial ports into PC.

RANTLE’s CH340G can also support all the existing applications through the use of serial ports. It does not require changing of an existing code. We also distribute CH340G that features a serial full-duplex hardware interface with an internal FIFO.

Our CH340G also has a baud rate ranging from 50bps up to 2Mbps. It can also support usual control flow signals such as CTS, DSR, RTS, DTR, RI, and DCD. It also uses CH431 driver and can support 3.3 V and 5 V operation.

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We distribute CH340G that has a built-in functional power-on reset circuitry. During its operation, it will require a clock signal of 12MHz.

In order to reduce power consumption, our CH340G supports a USB device suspension. All flow of the control pins is being controlled by the software.

RANTLE is a world leader distributor specializing in sourcing high-quality electronic components. We aim to help electronical engineers, brokers, and manufacturer to find the hard-to-locate electronic parts.

Through large-scale networks of brokers and stockiest, we can give you the electronic parts you need necessary for medical, aerospace, automotive, military, computer, and other industries.

With over 16 years of experience, RANTLE continuously offer fast delivery and high-quality electronic components. Aside from CH340G, we also distribute IRFP064N, SG3525AN, FT232RQ, CNY17-3, ESP8266-12F, TNY279PN, LMD18200T, and more. You can surely find what you need at RANTLE!

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