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  • Competitive Price for CM102-S+
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Compatible and USB IF Certification
  • Embedded Digital Control Power Amplifier for Speaker Driving
  • USB audio device class specification v1.0 Compatible
  • LED Indicator Pin During Playback
  • Volume control input with simple external VR circuit
  • CM102-S+

RANTLE CM102-S+ are widely used for USB stereo speakers and it is a single chip highly integrated. For building a system of an USB speaker, CM102-S+ has a minimum external component to make the devices very cost-effective solution and simple.

All major OS for audio playback doesn’t need a driver. Thus, an external digital audio playback has featuring a plug-and-play mode provided by our CM102-S+ IC.

RANTLE CM102-S+ supports the mode of resume and USB suspend for saving an energy. Our CM102-S+ comes with input pin of volume control VR, enable pin of power amplifier and a traditional speaker in a front panel.


At RANTLE, we offer CM102-S+ single chip for a hi-frequency quality of the speakers due to a certain sampling rate playback and X2 modulation. Don’t worry about the pop noise issues because anti-pop noise was attached on our chip.

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Reliable CM102-S+ Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

All RANTLE CM102-S+ functions are USB IF certification program approved. Our single chip CM102-S+ have GPIO pin resulting a customized design and more elastic of the chips which allow the USB vendor to access their specific request.

Additionally, RANTLE CM102-S+ also used for USB digital sound application due to a function of integrated digital control of power amplifier. USB transceiver, DAC, and ADC component are embedded to our chip. It has a high quality output volume to get loud of a sound effect as capability of D class amplifier. With a broad dynamic range, vender can just use this chip to saving the component of external amplifier and when listening to a music, the vender will get a better listen experience. It has a Dynamic Range Compression to reduce the volume of loud sounds or amplifies quit sounds thus reducing or compressing an audio signal dynamic range.

CM102-S+ Distributor

Moreover, At RANTLE, the customers can use a driver like C-Media USB Audio with the function of Xear 3D to show up the features of digital speaker and can upgrade the functions of PC multimedia stereo. Xear 3D supports the sound effects of the Environment FX, Equalizer band, and virtual speaker shifter.

RANTLE have been distributed all kinds of integrated circuits globally for a famous electronic company. We have a wide and unobstructed channel for supply source, and reserves a large number of CM102-S+ IC for you. Our goal is to be one of the most popular distributors of IC and other electrical component.

USB DAC Decoder Board CM102S

RANTLE East Electronic accumulates “reputable” business and accomplished fully supports from customers for more than 15 years’ stable development.If you are looking for a durable electronic part number CM102-S+ IC, RANTLE is the best IC supplier for you.







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