Your Best CNY17-3 Supplier in China

CNY17-3 Distributor – Your Best CNY17-3 Supplier in China

RANTLE is recognized as an authorized distributor of CNY17-3 from famous manufacturers like Vishay, QT Optoelectronics, Lite-on Technology Corp, Everlight Electronics, and more. You can certainly find CNY17-3 at RANTLE that suits your needs!


We have the best quality CNY17-3 and other electronic components. We can help you source it!

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RANTLE is an independent distributor of high-quality CNY17-3 with 5300 Vrms isolation test voltage. Our CNY17-3 also features a long-term stability for an optimal performance. Aside from that, we supply CNY17-3 that has a lead-free component.

Our CNY17-3 is a coupled optically pair that consists of infrared emitting Gallium Arsenide diode. These are optically combined to NPN silicon phototransistor.

RANTLE CNY17-3 are used in replacing transformers and relays in various digital and analog interface applications.

Moreover, RANTLE’s CNY17-3 are certified with Underwriters Lab File #E52744, DIN EN 60747-5-2, FIMKO, and international quality standards.

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Professional CNY17-3 Distributor and Supplier – RANTLE East Electronic

RANTLE offers a top-quality CNY17-3 that is a coupled pair optically that consists of infrared emitting Gallium Arsenide diode. Our CNY17-3 are also optically paired with an NPN silicon transistor.

We also offer superior quality CNY17-3 that has a 5300 Vrms isolation test voltage. For an optimal performance, RANTLE’s CNY17-3 is designed with long-term stability.

Our CNY17-3 comes in a 6.0 V reverse voltage. A 60 mA forward current is also equipped to our CNY17-3 for a maximum capacity.

Aside from that, we offer CNY17-3 that features 2.5 A surge current and 100mW power dissipation. A typical of 1.25 V forward voltage is incorporated to our CNY17-3. It also features a minimum of 6.0 V breakdown voltage.

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Additionally, RANTLE distributes premium grade CNY17-3 that has a typical of 25pF capacitance. We also have top-quality CNY17-3 that offers 750 K/W thermal resistance.

RANTLE also provides CNY17-3 that has a 5.2 pF collector-emitter capacitance. We are also a supplier of CNY17-3 that can provide up to typical of 6.5 pF collector-base capacitance and 7.5 pF emitter-base capacitance.

Moreover, RANTLE is a popular supplier of CNY17-3 that offers a typical of 3.0 µs turn-on time and 2.0 µs rise time. It can also provide a typical of 2.3 µs turn-off time and a 2.0 µs fall time. Our CNY17-3 can also provide a 250 kHz cut-off frequency.

Because of that, RANTLE’s CNY17-3 has the capability to transmit signal information such as DC level while also maintaining its high-degree of an electrical isolation between output and input.

You can also use RANTLE CNY17-3 in as a replacing the transformers and relays in various digital and analog applications like CRT modulation.

RANTLE’s CNY17-3 are approved by various agencies. Our CNY17-3 are certified with Underwriters Lab File #E52744, DIN EN 60747-5-2, FIMKO, and international quality standards.

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Furthermore, RANTLE has more than 16 years in the field of electronic components distribution. Therefore, if you are a retailer of CNY17-3, you can always trust RANTLE.

We also offer fast delivery for only 1 to 5 days after you complete your payments. We can also give you competitive price for your CNY17-3 orders. Furthermore, RANTLE’s customer service team is 24/7 online to support you.

Other than that, our CNY17-3 and other electronic components are highly tested by our expert quality control team. Therefore, you can assure an authentic and functional electronic component.

Aside from CNY17-3, RANTLE also distributes other related components such as CH340G, IRFP064N, SG3525AN, FT232RQ, ESP8266-12F, TNY279PN, and more. RANTLE is your one-stop-shop for all of your electronic component needs!

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Learn more about the CNY17-3, please click CNY17-3 datasheet to check.

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