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  • Provides solution in the program design
  • Effective COM port to any PC implementations
  • Activated in the fastest speed
  • Used to personalize the USB Vendor ID
  • CP2104-F03-GM
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RANTLE CP2104-F03-GM is a chip, a combination of USB to UART controller that provides solution in the program design.

CP2104-F03-GM is a chip that occurs together without conflict.

It can even be activated in a fastest speed.

This is a controller device designed having different functions on any gadgets suchlike PC, computers, and smart mobiles.

Also, this is known highly incorporated from USB-to-UART Bridge Monitory.

RS-232/RS-485 is a perfect pair for CP2104-F03-GM for USB.

That is a small device that can be use through minimum of elements and to the PCB capacity.

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Speed of CP2104-F03-GM runs for about 2.0 total speeds.

This device has two USB control center, trembling, and former configurable ROM.

It also has anachronous serialized bus data that usually occurred in different geologic times.

This serialized data bus (UART) is having a total of disk drive sensor signals.

It pressed together and packed in a size of 4 x 4 mm QFN-24.

Nonetheless, it supplies voltages with reference to 1.8V, 3V ~ 3.6V.

Operates with a temperature of -40°C ~ 85°C.

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Reliable CP2104-F03-GM Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

This CP2104-F03-GM device don`t need any external USB elements.

The fragment one-time ROM programmable also used to personalize the USB Vendor ID, Device Episodic Amount, and others.

These electrical constituents are required on any OEM applications.

An ideal gadget is allowing the CP2104-F03-GM-formed product to become visible as an effective COM port to any PC implementations.

CP2104-F03-GM Supplier

CP2104-F03-GM device is completely upgraded.

These can be used also on controlling any handshaking indicators.

RS-232/RS-485 signals also do the same.

It is a device controller featured having 4 GPIO signals.

That is a big help for defining stations and dominance details.

However, it is totally supporting for I/O system.

These can be also activated on different voltages.

It is connected on voltages down cast to 1.8 V.

Also, operates on low current for 9.5 mA and is given through a VIO pin.

Different CP2104-F03-GM designs, sizes, edges, etc are surely available at any Chinese markets.

Complete and total set of CP2104-F03-GM devices are distributed.

We provide complete set of VCP drivers. All of our devices have complete manuals.

It was designed with a safety assistances.

It helps to reduce evolution time.

Thus, installation of CP2104-F03-GM is actually very simple.

Newest and advanced devices are provided to help your own business achieve different victorious certifications.

It`s our responsibility to provide profitable products in addition for your running businesses.

Having CP2104-F03-GM can give best and large business impacts.

CP2104-F03-GM Distributor

We, RANTLE had wide-ranging production of CP2104-F03-GM devices.

Assuredly it gives plenty of advantageous effects for your growing businesses.

We offers unlimited stocks of CP2104-F03-GM.

Your special specifications of your bulk orders will be shipped immediately.

Furthermore, all of the activities that needed CP2104-F03-GM, we can provide excellent quality.

RANTLE have a good appreciation of our customers.

In RANTLE you can make sure that all of our product are reliable quality.

We are in aggressive price with the good credit.

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