CR1632 vs CR1620: What Are Differences?

CR1632 vs CR1620: What Are Differences?

Batteries are essential to our daily lives, powering everything from our cell phones to our remote controls. There are so many kinds of batteries on the market that it can be hard to choose the right one for our needs. CR1632 and CR1620 are two button cell batteries that are used a lot.

Both types of batteries are often used to power small electronics like watches, computers, key fobs, and medical equipment. The CR1632 and CR1620 batteries are similar but very different in meaningful ways that make them stand out.

We will learn more about the differences between these two button-cell batteries in this piece. We’ll compare their speed, capacity, and different ways of being used to help you choose the best battery for your needs. Knowing the differences between CR1632 and CR1620 batteries is important to make an informed choice and get the most out of your battery-powered products, whether they’re powering a medical device or a key fob.

CR1632 Battery: What is It?

Lithium-ion 3V coin cells are used in silver oxide batteries called CR1632 coins. This small round battery is 16 mm across and 3.2 mm high. Plus, it’s very light—only two grams.

Clocks, computers, hearing aids, and toys are just a few of the things that use CR1632 batteries. Vehicles like planes, spaceships, submarines, and cars that need a backup power source for essential electronics may also use them in emergency lighting systems.

There are two sizes of standard and high-capacity Cr1632 batteries. Standard-size cr1632 batteries can only hold half as much power as high-capacity cr1632 batteries. This battery can hold 160mAh, twice as much as a regular cr1632 battery.

CR1620 Battery: What is It?

There is another coin battery, but not as many people buy it as the cr1632. This is a lithium 3V coin cell battery, also known as a silver oxide battery. It is a small round battery about 16 mm across and 2 mm high.

It also weighs only one gram. Cr1620 batteries can be used in many things, like toys, small electronics, computers, and hearing aids. The cr1632 is 0.2mm taller than the 1632, the only change between the two.

If you want to use a 1632 battery in a device that needs one, ensure it is 0.2 mm taller than the original one. Should it not be, it won’t fit.

CR1632 vs CR1620: What’s The Difference?

Let’s look at the features and traits of these two batteries to see how they are different.

Nominal voltage

The two batteries have the same baseline voltage, which is 3V, which can be seen from their specs. If the battery’s power is the most important to you, either will do the job.

Battery current capacity

Capacity is necessary because it tells you how much energy a battery can hold. The CR1632 battery can have more power than the CR1620 cell. The capacity of the CR1632 is usually between 120 and 130mAh, and the capacity of the CR1620 is between 70 and 80mAh. In this case, the CR1632 battery can give gadgets that need more power a longer runtime and better performance.

Low self-discharge

As was already said, the CR1632 has a low self-discharge rate, which means it will keep its charge for a long time, even if it is somewhere cold. It takes the CR1620 much longer to lose its charge, and if it is kept in a place with high humidity or temperature for a long time, it will lose its charge in as little as six months. If you want your battery to last longer, choose CR1620 instead of CR1632.


You won’t even notice the change in weight between the two. The CR1620 battery weighs 1.2 grams, and the CR1632 cell weighs 1.8 grams. Both batteries are pretty light in general. In other words, if your application cares about weight, you can choose either of these coin cells.


The widths of both CR1632 and CR1620 are the same. They are both 16mm across and 2mm thick. In other words, CR1620 will work in almost all devices using CR1620 cells.

Chemical composition

Lithium is used to make both the CR1632 and the CR1620 batteries. The element lithium is stable and can store an electric charge. It is one of the most common elements in the world and can be found in many different compounds. The CR1620 battery has lithium iron phosphate, while the CR1632 battery has lithium manganese dioxide. Both of these cells, though, have a voltage of 3 volts.


Given how similar these two batteries are in many ways, you can expect the same from where they can be used. These are used in a lot of devices that need coin-type batteries. CR1632 is indeed one of the best batteries for small gadgets. Many different toys and small electronics use it, like watches, computers, hearing aids, clocks, and more.


CR1620 and CR1632 batteries can’t be charged again. In other words, you need to get new cells for your tech. A charger or charging machine can be used to set them up again.

Run Life

The amount of time a battery can power a gadget without stopping is called its “run life.” The CR1632 battery usually lasts longer than the CR1620 cell because it has a bigger capacity. The actual run time, however, can change based on how much power the gadget needs and how efficiently it uses energy.

Continuous Drain Current

The maximum current a battery can reliably give off is called its “continuous drain current.” Most of the time, the CR1632 battery has a higher continuous drain current than the CR1620 cell. This means the CR1632 is better for devices that sometimes need more power or draw a lot of current.

Operating Temperatures

The CR1632 and CR1620 batteries can work in many different settings. They are made to work effectively in temperatures from -4°C (-20°F) to +70°C (158°F). But high temperatures can hurt the batteries’ performance and shorten their life, so it’s best to keep them away from them whenever you can.

Chemical Composition

For example, the CR1632 and CR1620 batteries are both lithium button cells. Both use a lithium anode and a manganese dioxide cathode, which are related chemicals. This mixture gives a steady and solid power source to many electronic gadgets.

Devices That Use CR1632 vs. CR1620

As was already said, the CR1632 and CR1620 batteries are used in various gadgets. Some gadgets that use the CR1632 are digital thermometers, exercise trackers, glucose meters, and small medical devices.

The CR1620, on the other hand, is often found in computers, wrist watches, keyless entry systems, and small electronic toys. You should always check the device’s specs for a suitable battery model.


More often than not, the CR1632 battery costs a little more than the CR1620 cell. The price difference might differ based on the brand and the amount bought. On the other hand, the CR1632 battery may be worth the extra money for tasks that need more power because it lasts longer and holds more power.

CR1632 vs. CR1620 – Similar Features & Applications

There are two different types of button cells, but the CR1632 and CR1620 batteries are the same size (16mm). The voltage rating for both is 3 volts, the usual voltage for many small electronics. Because they are about the same size and voltage, they can be used where the gadget can fit either battery model.

There are a lot of electronic products that use CR1632 and CR1620 batteries, even though they may have different strengths. These are some popular devices that use both types of batteries:

Are CR1632 vs. CR1620 Interchangeable?

Because the CR1632 and CR1620 batteries are about the same size and charge, you might wonder if you can use them instead of each other. It’s important to remember that they have different power outputs and capacities, even though they may work in some products that accept either type of battery.

Switching batteries without thinking about their specific power and capacity needs could cause problems like lower performance, shorter battery life, or even damage to the device. Because of this, it is usually best to use the exact battery type that the device’s maker suggests.


You can use both CR1632 and CR1620 batteries simultaneously, depending on the device’s power needs and the space you have. The best way to get the best performance and compatibility is to look at the device’s user guide or specs. This process ensures that the battery and the gadget it powers work well together. Contact us at Rantle East Electrical if you have any more questions or want to look at a wide range of electrical parts made in China. Find out how cutting-edge technology and reliable battery options can work together to improve your electronic experiences.

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