CR2450 vs CR2032: What Is Difference?

CR2450 vs CR2032: What Is Difference?

Batteries are an important part of our daily lives because they run many electronic items. The CR2450 and CR2032, two popular coin cell batteries, may look alike at first glance, but they are used for different things. We will look at the features, uses, and main differences between CR2450 and CR2032 batteries in this piece so that you can make an informed choice about how to use them.

In electronics, coin cell batteries are the unsung stars that keep everything running. There are a lot of choices, but CR2450 and CR2032 stand out as reliable options. Each has its own set of features and uses. Although these coin cell batteries don’t look like much, they are very important for powering gadgets we use daily.

What is CR2450

The CR2450, part of the CR line, has a unique shape. Its diameter is 24mm, and its thickness is 5mm. People are interested in this lithium manganese dioxide battery because it has a large volume and works well. The number “2450” in its name refers to its size in tenths of millimeters. It is a powerful chip that can be used in many electrical fields.

What is CR2032

At the opposite end of the range, we have the small but powerful CR2032. This coin cell battery is 20 mm across and only 3.2 mm thick. It uses the same lithium manganese dioxide chemistry as its bigger brother. Even though it is smaller, the CR2032 has found a place in electronics and is now used in a wide range of products that need a small but effective power source.

CR2450 and CR2032 have become associated with dependability and durability, which is why they are used in so many different fields. We will discuss the technical differences and how they can be used in the following parts. This will give you the information to choose between these two powerful coin-cell batteries.

CR2450 vs CR2032: What’s The Difference?

While the CR2450 and CR2032 are often the focus of attention when it comes to coin cell batteries, each has its own set of strengths. At first glance, they may look a lot alike, but a closer look shows important differences that can greatly affect how well they work in different electronic devices. This article examines the differences between CR2450 and CR2032, explaining their features, how they can be used, and why one might be better.

Physical Dimensions: Size Matters

  • With a width of 24mm and a thickness of 5mm, the CR2450 has a bigger shape. This large size lets more lithium material fit, which helps it hold more power. In contrast, the CR2032 is much smaller. Its width is 20mm, and its thickness is 3.2mm. Because it’s small, it’s a good choice for devices that don’t have a lot of room.
  • The batteries’ physical measurements are very important for determining what they can be used for.

Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Dioxide Powerhouse

  • The lithium manganese dioxide formula in both batteries is the same. This mix of chemicals helps the CR2450 stay stable and work well at turning chemical energy into electricity.
  • The CR2032 also uses lithium manganese dioxide chemistry, ensuring the power source is always stable.
  • The fact that both batteries are reliable is emphasized by the fact that they use the same chemistry.

Capacity Differences: Endurance Matters

  • Since the CR2450 is bigger, it usually has a higher capacity, measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). This bigger capacity means that the power source will last longer.
  • Because the CR2032 is smaller than the CR2450, it has less storage space. It might not last as long, but its small size makes it good for devices that don’t have a lot of room.
  • Think about how much power your device needs because the choice between CR2450 and CR2032 directly affects battery life.

Nominal Voltage: A Common Ground

  • The base value of both CR2450 and CR2032 is 3 volts. Standardization ensures that different electronic devices can work together, providing a steady and reliable power flow.
  • Because they both work with the same power level, you can use either CR2450 or CR2032 for different tasks.

Applications: Tailoring to Specific Needs

CR2450 Applications:

  • Because it is bigger and can hold more power, the CR2450 powers many gadgets that need reliable power sources that last a long time. Here are a few interesting uses:
  • CR2450 batteries are often used in car key fobs and other electronic entry systems. Because they can hold more, these devices can keep working for longer.
  • CR2450 batteries have a longer life span, which is good for medical devices like glucose monitors, fitness trackers, and hearing aids.
  • CR2450 is a bigger battery that can work with small electronics like remote controls, digital thermometers, and other hand-held gadgets that need a good mix of power and space.
  • Some portable electronics, especially those with advanced features, depend on the CR2450 battery because it can be used continuously without needing to be replaced often.
  • Most of the time, CR2450 batteries, like sensors and smart home controls, are used in home automation devices that need longer battery lives.

CR2032 Applications

  • CR2032 batteries are great for limited rooms because they are small and work well. Just look at these examples:
  • Thanks to its small size and ability to fit perfectly inside watch cases, CR2032 is often used to power wristwatches.
  • CR2032 batteries are often used in handheld and science calculators because they are small and can provide enough power for long periods.
  • CR2032 batteries are often found on computer systems as CMOS batteries. Because they are small, they can be easily added to the design without taking up too much room.
  • The benefits of CR2032 batteries are often used by small electronic modules, sensors, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices that need a stable but small power source.
  • Memory devices use CR2032 batteries as backup power sources to keep important data safe when the main power source is temporarily absent.

In conclusion, the uses that each CR2450 and CR2032 are best for playing a big role in deciding which one to use. By knowing these frequent uses, consumers and engineers can choose the best coin cell battery for their devices.

Considerations for Choosing

When picking between CR2450 and CR2032, there are a few important things to remember that will affect which one is best for each purpose.

Space Constraints

In situations where room is limited, the CR2032 is the better choice. With a width of 20mm and a thickness of 3.2mm, it is very small and can fit easily into devices without much room. Devices like thin wearable tech, small sensors, and tiny electronic modules often benefit from the CR2032’s design, which saves room. The CR2450, with its 24mm width and 5mm thickness, might be better if the device has more room for a bigger battery. This is especially true in situations where long battery life is very important.

Power Requirements

Electronic gadgets have very different power needs, and choosing a battery that fits these needs is important for the best performance. The CR2450’s larger capacity may be very helpful for devices that need more power, like medical tools, some sensors, or devices with advanced features. The bigger size lets more lithium material fit, which means the power source lasts longer. The CR2032 may be a better choice for devices that don’t need as much power and don’t take up as much room.

Cost Considerations

Cost-effectiveness is often what makes the difference in a choice. Most of the time, CR2032 batteries are cheaper than CR2450 cells. For those situations where the CR2032 can meet the power needs of the gadget, it may be smart to choose this cheaper option. It is important to find a balance between cost and the needs of the gadget, though, and make sure that the battery you choose meets the performance standards.


It is very important to consider how practical the purchase is, especially when these batteries need to be replaced often or on a big scale. CR2450 and CR2032 batteries are both easy to find on the market, but availability may be affected by where you live and the needs of your application. Choosing a battery that’s easy to get is important because it keeps the supply chain running smoothly and keeps gadget functionality from being interrupted as little as possible.

Finally, the choice between CR2450 and CR2032 is more than just a matter of scientific details. It includes carefully looking at the device’s space limitations, power needs, budget, and how easy it would be to get batteries. People and engineers can make smart choices that improve the performance and longevity of their devices by carefully weighing these factors.


To sum up, the CR2450 and CR2032 batteries differ in size, capacity, and uses. Which one you choose depends on things like room, power needs, cost, and availability. To make smart choices, users should match their options to their personal device needs and consider small details for the best performance. Rantle East Electronic is safe in China to find CR2450, CR2032, and other button batteries. It makes sourcing easy. You can count on us to make the buying process easier and get you high-quality batteries that are perfect for your needs. Contact Rantle East Electronic right away for quick and easy sourcing options.

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