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Rantle is your dependable supplier and distributor of electronic components such as DS2431P+. We highly introduce to you such advantageous electronic elements and even its series. Distributing these various types of products is our expertise. We have been your provider for a long time. You can get more ideas from us on marketing and selling high-efficient electronic components.


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Rantle is the primary source of high-standard electronic components based in China. We are here to help you look for the most consistent model of electronic part for your specific application. Choosing us as your partner can indeed help your business heighten its sales and customers.

So if you want to have cost-effective yet high-quality products, choose Rantle electronic components. We are not only excellent in providing good condition electronic parts but also in services. We always make sure the best for our loyal customers. Your requests are our priority.

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable DS2431P+ Supplier and Distributor in China

The MAXIM IC parts DS2431P+ is a 1024bit with single-wire EEPROM.  Our offered specific electronic component can connect over a single conductor 1-wire. The said connection or communications takes place in standard 1-wire directions.

This electronic part arranges as four memory pages with about 256bits each. This electronic part has its extraordinary 64bit ROM registration number that is into a component. The mentioned registration number is ideal for locating the device in a multi-drop single wire net status.

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This electronic component performs with about -40°C to 125°C of temperature. It also consumes 4.5V to 5.25V supplies of voltages. We make sure that each detail perfectly functions according to its role in your device applications.

DS2431P+ Features:

  • Supplies exact ranges of voltages
  • Performs with a proper degree of temperature
  • It has memory pages that are consistently protected
  • Composed of switching hysteresis and filters to upgrade operation in the existence of noise
  • IEC 1000-4-2 level 4 ESD security
  • Connects the host with one digital signal
  • Reaches AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualification needs

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Rantle is an expert in inspecting the quality and effectiveness of electronic components. You can rely on our standard stocks for the continuous selling of such valuable products. Choosing the exact electronic part needs an experts-Rantle. 

We are introducing this series of electronic components with its family and related parts. You can tell us your requirement application, and we will do its customization if possible. Rantle is your instant supplier that provides even your quick orders.

Applications of DS2431P+T&R:

  • Automotive
  • Fixed design and development
  • PC board
  • Medical sensor
  • Data storage
  • Smart sensor ink

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Rantle is your constant supplier and distributor for the improvement of your business sales. We are professional in handling even your bulk orders. Our broad experience assures your no-hassle processing and importing your ordered electronic components.

We assure you brand new and without damage electronic components when you receive them. Rantle becomes more solid as we receive positive feedback with our offered products and services. With our expert electromechanical engineers, you can indeed have high-standard electronic components.

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Moreover, Rantle has skilled workers and employees to assist every stage of processing your orders. We can show you the exact installation and operation of our offered DS2431P+.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us for further information, right here!

To learn more about MAXIM electronic components and parts DS2431P+T&R, please click the DS2431P+ datasheet.

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