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  • Fast Delivery with EE2-5NU-L
  • Insulation resistance of 1,000 MΩ
  • Can operate a range of -40 to about +85°C ambient temperature
  • Has maximum of 60 W with 125VA switching power
  • EE2-5NU-L
  • EE2-5NU-L

The EE2-5NU-L is a signal miniature relays which offers a case compact size in a very slim package.

With RANTLE’s EE2-5NU-L, only a minimal space will be consumed.

Our high-quality EE2-5NU-L can be mounted through a surface-mount configuration or through-hole.

It has a maximum of 60 W, 125VA switching power.

Our excellent quality EE2-5NU-L also has a maximum of 220 VDC, 250VAC switching voltage.

EE2-5NU-L Supplier

RANTLE supplies EE2-5NU-L which has a lightweight and compact design. It also consumes low power as low as <200mW.


low interference is also equipped into our high-quality EE2-5NU-L.

Both switching current and carrying current of our EE2-5NU-L takes up to a maximum of 2 A.

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Reliable BA09CC0FP-E2 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

We offer the best quality EE2-5NU-L with an initial contact resistance with a maximum of 75 m.

Its operating time which excludes bounce is approximate to 2 milliseconds.

An approximate of 1 millisecond is RANTLE’s EE2-5NU-L release time excluding bounce.

Insulation resistance of 1,000 MΩ at every 500 VDC is incorporated into RANTLE’s top-quality EE2-5NU-L for a better solution.

Shock resistance and vibration resistance are equipped into our EE2-5NU-L.

EE2-5NU-L Distributor

We also supply EE2-5NU-L which can operate a range of -40 to about +85°C ambient temperature.

RANTLE’s EE2-5NU-L is highly admired by thousands of clients because of its durability and flexibility.

Our durable EE2-5NU-L offers the best solutions for many applications.

Typically, RANTLE’s EE2-5NU-L is highly applicable for PBX and other related applications.

Also, for applications dealing with switching electronic systems, RANTLE’s EE2-5NU-L will be very accurate.

At RANTLE, you can also find the right EE2-5NU-L for your terminal equipment applications.

Does your work concerns telephone systems and needs versatile and compact EE2-5NU-L?

Choose RANTLE’s EE2-5NU-L.

We promise to be your trusted supplier of high-quality EE2-5NU- and other electronic components!

Are you looking for a verified supplier and trusted distributor of EE2-5NU-L and various electronic in China? Choose RANTLE.

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Buy EE2-5NU-L

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We can certainly enhance your business and productivity.

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RANTLE can surely help you by providing rapid delivery.

Typically, within 1-5 days upon processing your payments, we will ship your orders.

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We have over 16 years of supplying and distributing experience.

Therefore, we are trusted by thousands of world-class customers.

Throughout the years, we have built an image as the most trusted supplier and reliable distributor of electronic parts in China.

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