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EEEFK1E471P Distributor - Your EEEFK1E471P Supplier in China

Rantle focuses on supplying passive, active, and automotive electronic components. We have numerous clients locally and abroad. You can surely benefit more than you spend to have our high-quality PANASONIC EEEFK1E471P. Considering EEEFK1E471P from Rantle is the best decision you can make for your business. You can already have high-standard EEE-FK1E471P at a friendly cost. 


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Rantle is your perfect source for any EEEFK1E471P you need for your device and your business. Our extensive stocks of any electronic components assure you a continuous supply and provide even your quick orders. We have professional employees that can manage even your bulk ordered of EEEFK1E471P.

Are you looking for high-featured and durable EEEFK1E471P? Contact Rantle directly, and you can surely amaze with our offered electronic components. We are constantly following our high-standard rules on giving gratifying services to our customers.

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable EEEFK1E471P Supplier and Distributor in China

Rantle gives total effort to reach your standards of quality electronic components. We are your incomparable partner in the electronic components business. Rantle is also willing to guide you in marketing your purchased EEEFK1E471P and many other electronic components.

So if you want to have a high-quality EEE-FK1E471P at a competitive cost, check out Rantle electronic component lists. We provide complete assistance to achieve your desired sales and number of your customers.

EEEFK1E471P supplier

We are your capable EEEFK1E471P supplier and distributor in China. All our products are continually undergoing strict quality tests before releasing. You can surely enjoy the excellent performance of our offered EEEFK1E471P for your device.

EEEFK1E471P Features:

  • Has about 2000h to 5000h endurance capacity
  • Has the exact percentage of impedance and miniature
  • Flexible vibration-proof based on your request
  • RoHS compliant

EEEFK1E471P distributor

PANASONIC EEEFK1E471P performs with about -55°C to 105°C temperature range. This type of electronic component functions with 20V rated voltage. We assure you accurate contents of specifications for the best operation of your ordered EEEFK1E471P.

Our presenting EEEFK1E471P has wide applications in the automotive field. We also have available series of EEEFK1E471P that precisely suits your device. This EEEFK1E471P we mainly offer is also convenient to order by our customers abroad. 

This high-quality PANASONIC EEEFK1E471P is an aluminum electrolytic capacitor available in different sizes that fit your device application. The EEEFK1E471P is also helpful in industrial, home appliances, audio/video devices, computers, and many other applications.

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Other Specification of EEEFK1E471P:

  • Vertical mount style body shape
  • Sheathless appearance
  • High-quality reel packing feature
  • About 100000 impedance frequency
  • -20 to 20% tolerance capacity

Rantle can accommodate your ordered EEEFK1E471P 24/7 with an approachable sales staff. Please tell us your required specifications, and we will do its quick customization. We have been in this industry for a long time.

EEEFK1E471P price

Be one of those who experience satisfaction and high earnings with our offered best-selling EEE-FK1E471P to your business. Direct contact our staff right here for your short time delivery. Safe and secure delivery is what you can expect from Rantle service.

Please don’t hesitate to message us here for your ordered EEEFK1E471P!

To learn more about PANASONIC electronic components and parts EEE-FK1E471P, please click the EEEFK1E471P datasheet.

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