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Where can I find quality electronic components in Argentina? This is a question that most people tend to ask whenever they are building electronic applications and they need to use several components to make the application complete. The most probable answer will be from an electronic component store near you in Argentina. You don’t want to cover several miles to find the right components when a local store in your city or town can do the job.

When there are many electronic component stores nearby, you will still have to choose the best of them all. After all the choice of the store will determine the quality of goods and services that you will get. In this guide, we are going to outline some of the best electronic component stores near me in Argentina. At the end of the article, you should be able to make a smart decision on the store that you choose.

CD Electronica Argentina

CD Electronica is a trusted electronic component supplier in Argentina. We stock a wide range of electronic components including resistors, integrated circuits, transistors, capacitors, and even the connectors that are used for connecting components on electric circuits. Are you doing Arduino projects or would like to start doing them? We have the parts and components for you. We focus on ensuring that our clients find all the components that they need for their projects.

Our business module caters to all types of clients, whether you are a major business entity that produces electric appliances for sale or you are a hobbyist striving to get into the world of electronics. Everything is available on our website and you can easily purchase components that you want in Argentina online. We have put in place systems that take care of client needs.

AddressBlvd. de los Italianos 2179, B1824 Monte Chingolo, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina


Master Electronics is all about everything that entails electronic components. We are a retail store that stocks a wide range of electronic components, especially the ones that are used in the communication industry. We also stock a wide array of accessories that are used in the industry. Buyers are drawn to us because of our strong commitment to supplying quality products.   We source the components from the best brands across the globe. You can be sure about the quality of the components that you will end up with.

Before supplying the components, we have to check and verify whether they meet the quality standards. To do this, we have a cutting-edge system that conducts vigorous tests on the components to identify all types of flaws.  You can trust the reliability of our products. We also give relevant advice regarding the electronic components that you would like to purchase.

AddressAv. Sta Fe 2423, B1640 Martínez, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alamtec SRL

Alamtec SRL is an electronic component supplier that mainly focuses on power systems. As long as your application will involve the use of voltage current regulators, you can trust us to provide them. We stock a wide range of transformers that are applicable in both high-voltage and low-voltage applications. Other than the components that are directly connected to the power systems, we also stock accessories that enhance the performance and functionalities of these systems.

As a show of commitment to quality, we source the components from the best manufacturers and brands in the world. Buyers in Argentina tend to put their trust in us when it comes to delivering components that meet the highest quality standards. We also strive to provide the best services that are related to electronic components. For example, you can trust us when it comes to shipping and delivering the components to your location in Argentina. We also have a team of engineers who are ready to provide the technical support that you may need.

AddressParaná 220, C1017AAF CABA, Argentina


Are you looking for components for simple electronic projects, MartComp may be your ideal store.  This is an online store that stocks a wide variety of electronic parts and accessories. In this store, you will find different types of integrated circuits and even some passive components.  The fact that this is a trusted brand in Argentina means that you can be sure of finding quality components here.

As a big brand, we enjoy an extensive network of suppliers and even manufacturers who supply premium-quality components to us. This ensures that we deliver quality components to our buyers in Argentina.  We also have dedicated staff members who have many years of experience in the field of electronics. They are ready always ready and willing to help customers.  You can easily purchase the components that you need through our interactive online store.

AddressHFX Martínez Provincia de Buenos Aires AR, Hipólito Yrigoyen 2406, B1640, Argentina

Dayco Componentes Electronicos

We are an established electronic component supplier in Argentina.  We supply components and accessories that you will always need when building electric circuits, whether it is a simple circuit or a complex circuit. Our products are used in a diverse range of applications such as automotive, telecommunication, and power electronics among many others.

Our unique selling point is the ability to customize our solutions to meet the different needs of the customers. Since we have direct contact with electronic components manufacturers, we can easily place requests for customized electronic components.  The only requirement is that you should us your exact needs. On our side, we will strive to give you exactly what you want. Such detailed communications are made possible by our efficient customer care staff, most of whom are experienced in the matters of electronics.

AddressAv. España 365, L6300 Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina


Microelec is a reputable name among hobbyists and DIYers in Argentina. The store’s business model is perfect for the electronic enthusiasts. If you are looking for a few components to complete your project in Argentina, this is the store for you. Those who would like to buy electronic components in bulk may also consider choosing this store.

We have a wide range of components in our store.   Just contact us and we will confirm your orders.  Since we are a passion-driven store, we are always ready to help learners who would like to navigate deeply into the world of electronics. Using our connections, we can also order customized components that are suitable for your specific project.

AddressAv. España 1757, M5500 DBK, Mendoza, Argentina

RC Online

Are you into drone electronics? This is a perfect store for you.  We stock parts and electronic components that are related to drones. Our website makes it easy to find parts and components for your projects in Argentina. You can also visit our physical offices where you will be able to consult on everything that pertains to drone technology and the parts that are needed. We provide technical support to all our buyers, thanks to our trained and experienced engineers.

AddressArmenia 1539, C1414DKG CABA, Argentina

Farnell Electronics Argentina

Farnell Singapore

Farnell is one of the world’s largest distributors of quality and reliable electronic components. The brand has more than 950, 000 pieces of electronic components ready for shipping.  If you are keen on buying components from a reputable global brand, then you should consider choosing Farnell.  The size of the company will assure you of finding the exact components that you need.

Placing orders for the components that you want is pretty easy. You can do so through our website. Thanks to our efficient management system, we will ensure that all the components are delivered fast and efficiently. You can even track the movement of your orders right after the purchase to the time that they arrive at your destination.


We are an electronic component online store that is dedicated to giving you value for your money. It does not matter the type or the volume of electronic components that you would like to buy, we supply the components at the best prices in Argentina. Our interactive website makes it easier to find and buy the components that you need.

All our components are tested and approved before they are declared ready for the market. We also have a team of experienced engineers who provide technical support.

AddressWhatsApp: 011 2321-9608, Billinghurst 494, C1174 AAC, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics (UK) Ltd

Arrow is another global brand that you should consider choosing when you want to buy electronic components in Argentina. As long as you consider yourself an innovator and you are willing to take your projects to the next level, you should consider working with us. We give you full access to components that you will not find anywhere else in Argentina.  This is possible because we are a global online store and enjoy direct access to manufacturers and other major suppliers in the industry.

We have both active and passive components that are suitable for different application areas.  All our products meet international quality standards for safety, performance, and reliability.  We have top-notch customer service that is ready to take care of your needs.

Rantle East Electronic

While looking for electronic component stores in Argentina, you may also consider buying the components in China. This is where Rantle East Electronics comes in. We are a trusted sourcing agent that specializes in electronic components. We can help you to import electronic components from China to Argentina.

We have been in the electronic components market for more than 20 years, meaning that we have a full understanding of the market as well as the customer needs. Our priority is to meet your needs. As a  global brand, we have deeply penetrated the supply chain such that we have direct contact with manufacturers.  You should fully trust us whenever you are looking for rare and hard-to-find components. We also stock obsolete components that are mainly used in legacy projects. Contact us directly and our customer reps will be ready to help you.

What to look for when choosing an electronic component store near me in Argentina

We have mentioned and discussed several electronic component stores in Argentina. Which one should I choose?

There are several factors that you should consider when it comes to making the final decision on which electronic component store in Argentina you should choose. Since the keyword is “near me”, you should consider the location of the store. It will be an ideal scenario if the store is just a short distance away from your location. You should be able to easily travel to the store and buy the components that you want.

What if it is an online store? Well, it should at least have a distribution or service center near you. Most online store sales agents are located in different towns in Argentina, so you should be able to reach out to their physical locations for help. Additionally, the online store should at least be able to deliver the products to your exact location.

You should also consider the reputation of the store near you in Argentina. Try to establish the capacity of the store to deliver quality electronic components and services. Check out their reviews to see what other buyers are saying about them.



At this point, you have a clue about where to buy quality electronic components near you.   Just select any of the stores that we have mentioned above and you will be good to go. Additionally, you should consider applying the tips that we have discussed above. Do not be in a rush, take your time to assess and analyze the capacity of the store to deliver the components that you want.

In case you intend to import electronic components from China to Argentina, Rantle East Electronics will be your safest bet. We are an experienced electronic components sourcing agent in China. We can source the components in China and have them delivered to your doorstep in Argentina. All that it takes is for you to contact us and we will work together to get the job done.

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