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Are you in the business of building electric devices and appliances for sale?  Maybe your hobby entails building electronic applications. Buying quality electronic components in France should be among your top priorities. If it is for commercial purposes, you would like to buy the components in bulk. If you are a hobbyist, you will have to buy the components in small quantities. The biggest question that you should be having is; where should I buy electronic components in France? This blog has the answer. We are going to cover the best electronic component stores in France. At the end of it, you will be able to assess and analyze the stores and make your final decision.

RS Components

RS Components

RS Components is one of the biggest online electronics distributors in the global arena. Electronic components are among the products that the company distributes. The brand is known for stocking various components including semiconductors and integrated circuits. France is among the countries that are well-served by RS Components.

Other than distributing electronic components, the brand offers prototyping and engineering support to buyers planning to buy electronic components in France. They have a pool of engineers who will help you make the right decision in your buying process. RS Components has a highly efficient shipping and delivery system that ensures components reach buyers within 24 hours. Additionally, we have dedicated quality and testing departments that verify the state of the components before they hit the market.

Rutronik S.A.S

Rutronik UK LTD

Rutronik is an industry leader when it comes to the distribution of passive, active, and electrochemical components in France. The company brands itself as a modular online shop that has sold millions of electronic components in France.

Started in 1973, Rutronik has been in the business of distributing components for over five decades. It has acquired adequate experience that puts it in a perfect position to deliver the best results. It has more than 80 distribution centers worldwide and France is among the company’s top offices.

With the massive capacity, you can find any electronic component that you need in France. The modular structure of the company’s website gives you full access to all components that are on the company’s website. Would you like to buy electronic components in bulk? You can utilize the company’s Mass Quotation Tool. It allows you to upload your request and you will get a full quotation.

26 Bd des Frères Desaire, 38170 Seyssinet-Pariset, France

Avnet EMG

Farnell Singapore

Avnet has multiple locations in France from which you can buy quality electronic components for your applications. They include Lyon, Massy Cedex, Strasbourg and Toulouse. Each of these stores stocks all types of electronic components that you will need.

As an electronic component distributor, Avnet is dedicated to providing solutions that are related to electronic component supply issues in France.  No matter how simple or complex your application is, you can be sure of finding the exact component that you need at Avnet.

The company boasts of having decades of experience in the area of electronic hardware products. It sources the components directly from the manufacturer and supply to the customers. We have an internal quality control department whose task is to verify the quality of components. We also partner with other top global suppliers in the industry to ensure that the supply chain of electronic components remains constant and stable.

Customer support is one of our strongest areas. The company has skilled employees who are always ready to offer technical and non-technical support when you want to buy and implement electronic components.

Avnet EMG France
Immeuble Marie Louise Paris
12 rue Jean Bart
91349 Massy Cedex

Future Electronics

Future Electronics

Future Electronics is a global supplier of electronic components. The brand has a significant presence in France, from where buyers can purchase different types of components that are relevant to their application areas. Some of the product lines that you will find at Future Electronics include semiconductors, and passive, among a wide spectrum of other critical components. In addition to the electronic components, we also have specialized engineering teams that provide relevant customer support in the field of electronics. Our online stores give you global access to electronic components. You do not have to worry about how you will get it as we have a streamlined shipping policy that will guarantee fast delivery of the components.

Wurth Elektronik France

Wurth Elektronik Group is a manufacturer and distributor of electronic and electromechanical components in France. We also manufacture PCBs, integrated circuits, and embedded power distribution solutions for different application areas. We take pride in having more than 8000 employees, Wurth has revenue from the sales of electronic components exceeded billions of euros in 2021. This is because the brand has proven to be a preferred electronic components supply partner to developers, contractors, and even device manufacturers in France.

The company’s subsidiary in France is located in Meyzieu and stocks all types of electronic components that are relevant to modern-day applications. Electric engineers and technicians are readily available to give customers all types of technical support. Given our capacity to design and manufacture electronic components, customers are free to place requests for custom solutions. Share your idea with us and we will work together until it is fully implemented.

1861 Avenue Henri Schneider
CS 70029
69881 Meyzieu Cedex

Keller Electroniks France

Keller Electronics is a reputable supplier of electronic components that are mainly used for industrial applications. The company distributes active components, passive components, and as well as connectors for different electronic applications. The company provides innovative services and products that are relevant in electronic device manufacturing.

As an independent company, we tailor our solutions to meet the needs of our customers We have been in the business for over 20 years and our experience comes in handy in building relationships with our customers and as well as suppliers.

1 La Gare, 44270 Machecoul-Saint-Même, France

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics is a global name when it comes to the field of electronic component distribution. It has been authorized by more than 1200 major manufacturers to supply and distribute their components in France.  Given the many years of experience that we have in this field, we are careful when it comes to choosing our partners. We only work with the best global manufacturers of electronic components.  Our broad network ensures that we have all types of electronic components for different applications.

France is among the 27 offices that Mouser Electronics has worldwide. The responsive website makes it easy for buyers to interact with the content and even purchase the necessary components. Our global distribution center is run by a smart management system that makes it easy to monitor the movement of electronic components that you have ordered. This also helps to facilitate fast shipping of the electronic components.

Av. Léo Lagrange, 19100 Brive-la-Gaillarde, France

DigiKey Electronics


DigiKey is a global distributor of electronic components and has an active operational base in France. Top brands in the world, including in France buy their electronic components from DigiKey. Learners and hobbyists also prefer DigiKey because it has no minimum orders that one should place when buying electronic components.

Recently, DigiKey has been undergoing a major rebranding process to reach out to new groups of consumers, especially hobbyists and enthusiasts in the field of electronics. The new look is also a sign of the company’s commitment to enhance its customer services regarding the distribution of electronic components.

As an established brand, we have the full capacity to distribute our electronic components anywhere in France Order your products and we will ship them within 24 hours. The fact that we are trusted by more than 2800 brands to distribute their products means that you can fully trust us. It also means that we have stocked all electronic components in our stores. The fact that DigiKey is an active member of the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) means that you can be sure of getting genuine or reliable electronic components in France.

FE Components

FE is an electronic components distributor that has stocked over 10 million pieces of electronic components ready for shipping. They have a dedicated system that guarantees buyers quality products and at the same time excellent quality services.   With over 20 years of experience in the industry, FE Components has built a solid reputation in bridging the gap between the supply and demand of electronic components. It ensures that buyers can easily get the components that they want.

66 Avenue des Champs Elysées
Bureau 46 -75008 Paris

Farnell Electronics

Farnell UK

Farnell Electronics is an international distributor of electronic components that enjoys a  significant presence in France. Price is among the most attractive features of Farnell Electronics. The brand supplies its electronic components at reasonable prices. Also, the fact that it allows both commercial and individual buyers of electronic components means that anyone can purchase electronic components from the company.

By choosing to buy from Farnell, you will enjoy unlimited access to more than 950,000 pieces of different electronic components.  We work with more than 2000 leading manufacturers and suppliers in the field of electronics. You can be sure of getting any components that you need for your application. We have a fast and reliable delivery system for the products purchased. This is backed by 24/5 customer support that is always ready to serve you. We have an efficient eProc tool for efficient ordering and management.

314 All. des Noisetiers, 69760 Limonest, France


Selectronic is a French company that distributes a wide range of electronic components in France. It also provides an array of other services that are directly related to the supply and distribution of electronic components and accessories. For example, the company’s website has many tutorials that give full guidance on how to use different components in their respective application areas. Product documentation and technical support are among the top services that you will get from Selectronic.  Additionally, the company has placed elaborate systems to facilitate a smooth procurement process.

11 Place De La Nation, Paris, Ile-de-France, 75011, France

Cordon Group

Do you want to buy electronic spare parts and components in France? Cordon Group is there for you. We have a dedicated unit that specializes in sourcing electronic components from major global brands. We have a large s comprising of electronic component. All you need to do is place a request online and we will deliver.

We offer individual and business packages for buying electronic components.  The business services are ideal for bulk buyers.  For the individual packages, we will give you full guidance on what you should know when buying the components. We have experienced technicians who are ready to give you the technical and non-technical support that you need. We believe that it is through teamwork that we have been able to achieve such great milestones in the industry. Cordon Group is projected to have a turnover of 500 million euros in 2025, and electronic components are predicted to take a significant share of this revenue.



Mc Hobby is an online shop that distributes passive and active electronic components in Europe. France is among its biggest customer base of McHobby. Analyze, design, and implement your ideas. We at McHobby are ready to support you by availing all the required electronic components for the project.

We have components for different fields and applications. Yours is to state what you want and its specifications. Our task will be to deliver to your destination anywhere in France. Our user-friendly website makes it easy to buy components. It allows you to filter products based on their types and categories.

By partnering with major global brands, you can be sure of getting any electronic component that will be suitable for your application. As the name describes, we are motivated to support hobbyists and learners in the field of electronics. You can choose to buy single-piece or bulk electronic components at our shops.  There is no minimum number of orders that you should place. There are adequate learning materials on our website that will help you to get started in electronic projects.

TME Transfer Multisort Elektronik

TME Transfer Multisort Elektronik

TME has been in the business of electronic components for over 30 years We collaborate with component manufacturers to create different electronic components that solve modern problems. Started as a family business, TME has grown to be a major global brand in the field of electronics. This is mainly because of its capacity to distribute components spread across Europe. France is among the countries where TME has established its operational bases.

At TME, we like working with innovative businesses, whether they are at the infancy stage or they have grown to become large enterprises. We support such businesses by availing all the required electronic components at reasonable prices.

Distrelec Group

Founded in 1973, Distrelec is Europe’s number-one distributor of electronic components in Europe. We have more than 150,000 products in our warehouse that are ready to be shipped. By working with at least 1000 industry-leading brands, we assure our customers in France of the availability and continuous supply of quality electronic components. Our delivery services are fast and efficient. Once a customer places their orders, we will do all that it takes to ensure that their packages are delivered safely to whichever locations in France.

Responding to customer needs and requirements has always been our top priority.  All our actions and activities are aligned toward making our customers happy.

Distrelec B.V. Techniekweg 44. NL-3542 DT Utrecht T


Lextronic is a French brand that has a rich history in the world of electronics. We are a Paris-based electronic components store that has built a solid reputation for distributing premium quality products. We collaborate with different brands to sell and market their electronic products.

The large size of our human labor allows us to provide excellent customer care and technical services. Our employees are experts in matters of electronics and are always willing to give necessary help. In addition to distributing components, Lexotronic is also a manufacturer of these companies. It collaborates with another manufacturer to build complete electronic components for sale.

Lextronic – 36/40 rue du Général de Gaulle – 94510 La Queue en Brie

E44 Electronique

This is an in-store showroom that stocks a wide variety of electronic components. The company facilitates the timely and efficient distribution of these components in France. It boasts a diverse range of customers from different fields including but not limited to automotive, home appliances, and IoT, among many others. The business model of the company takes care of the individual as well as bulk buyers of electronic components.

At E44 Electronique, you will find passive components, active components, switches, connectors, and other pieces of electronic hardware parts. All these components are easily accessible through the company’s online platform which is well-structured and organized. Other than just browsing through the products, you can also read technical documentation and guides that are availed on the website.

E44 Electronique has perfected the art of customer support.  We help customers make the right choices of electronic components, especially learners who may not be very sure of what they want. We also provide technical and aftersales support. Our engineers and technicians have the expertise to handle all the issues relating to electronic components.

15 Bd Président René Coty, 44100 Nantes, France

TechShop by LeRoy Merlin

TechShop by LeRoy Merlin

This electronic components store was born out of a collaboration between Lero Merlin and TechShop. These two names are quite popular in the DIY arena. Most hobbyists in the field of electronics prefer to get their components from the two brands. A collaboration between two big names resulted in something big that met the ultimate needs of the community.

On its own, TechShop was known for supplying tools and instruments for electronic projects.  On the other hand, Leroy Merlin built its name because of supplied a wide range of electronic components and products. A combination of the two brands gave DIYers a complete package.

You can be sure of finding any electronic component that you need for your project in this store. Additionally, you are assured of finding instruments and tools that you will need in your project. There is also a large community of builders who will always come in handy in helping you with your projects.



For years, Semageek has been running as content where you can find all things about electronic innovations and products.  It wasn’t until recently that the online magazine started selling electronic components online. It is a perfect site for hobbyists and learners who are trying to collect the necessary components that are needed for kickstarting their projects.

One thing that you can be sure to find at SemaGeek is content. The site has numerous articles that give detailed information about each electronic component that you would like to buy. Whether you want components for robotics, AI, IoT, computer science, or any other field, you will get the information that you need on the site.


Finding the best electronic component store near me in France can be quite a difficult task, especially when we consider that all the stores claim to be offering high-quality components and customer services.

This article has presented top stores that you should consider buying from. Some of them are online stores while others are physical stores. It is up to you to compare the features and elements of each of the above stores before you choose one that has the best potential to meet your needs for electronic components.

You should start by assessing your needs regarding the electronic components that you want. Do you want to buy the components in bulk or would you want single pieces? Find out all the technical information about each component. You may even involve an expert to help you with component selection.

While at it, you may consider importing electronic components from China to France. Find a reliable sourcing agent such as Rantle, who will help you make the best selection of electronic components.

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