Electronic Component Store Near Me In Germany

Germany is the epitome of innovation in Europe. This is in addition to being an economic powerhouse of the region. Electronic components are always at the center of innovation in Germany. They are used in the manufacturing of different types of electronic devices and appliances. As long as a device will be powered by electricity, it will have an electronic component.

Whether you are a manufacturer of electric devices and appliances, or you are a learner or a hobbyist, you will need to find quality electronic components for your projects. So, where can I buy the best electronic components in Germany? In this article, we will cover some of the most notable electronic component stores near me in Germany.



As a global distributor, the company has established its presence quite well in Germany. It is one of the best online stores that stocks a wide range of electronic components in Germany. In recent years, DigiKey has been undergoing a gradual rebranding process with the goal being to expand its market and reach out to a new crop of innovative customers. The unique new look that we have designed aims at highlighting the deep connections that we are having with our suppliers and customers. It is a true reflection of the direction that we are taking shortly.

DigiKey has also been expanding its physical capabilities. It has increased the number of its distribution centers, ensuring that all our customers in different parts of the world can easily access our products. Our interactive website allows customers to browse and search all the different types of electronic components that they want. It also allows more than 26 currencies to be used for transactions.

SOS Electronics

SOS Electronics

SOS Electronic is a transnational distributor of quality electronic components for industrial production. This implies that the brand is best suited for manufacturers or major brands that are into producing electric devices for commercial purposes. We offer good discounts to the manufacturers buying components in bulk or wholesale. The brand’s interactive website makes it easy for customers to view and purchase electronic components with ease.

Our activities in the electronic components market go beyond distribution. We also participate in the prototyping and concept design activities that are part of the electronic component production process.  As a customer, you can request custom designs of electronic components and we will liaise with manufacturers to deliver.  Our clients value the individual attention that we give each one of them.

As a leading electronic component supplier in Germany, we have partnered with the best manufacturers and brands in the industry. This has enhanced our capacity to supply various electronic components for different application areas. You can be sure of finding any electronic component suitable for your application. We also offer technical support that covers all aspects of electronic components. The support comes in the form of webinars, workshops, and articles.


Conrad is a big name when it comes to electronic components business in Germany. It is an online shop that mainly focuses on supplying and distributing electronic components.  With an interactive web application, you can easily access the company’s catalog through the Open Catalog Interface (OCI). It gives real-time data on all the products that the company stocks.

The success of Conrad is derived from the many years of experience that they have had in the business of supplying electronic components. The company has been in operation since 1923 when it started as the distributor of detector receivers. From Germany, Conrad expanded its wings to different countries in Europe where it has established strategic distribution points. An efficient management process by the company ensures that all the logistics regarding the distribution of electronic components are properly handled. You can be sure of getting the electronic component delivered regardless of your location in  Germany.

Address: Klaus-Conrad-Straße 4, 92533 Wernberg-Köblitz, Germany

Farnell Germany

Farnell UK

Farnell is inspired to make electronic components more accessible in Germany. We are a fast and reliable supplier of electronic components for modern technologies. Whether you are building a product from scratch or you are doing maintenance on the device, you should trust Farnell to deliver.

With over 950,000 pieces of different electronic components, you can be sure of getting the exact component that will be suitable for your application. The website makes it easy to find any of these products as you can even search using their unique code. Additionally, we have partnered with more than 2000 major manufacturers and brands of electronic components. This is a key factor that guarantees the availability of the components in our stock.

Customer support is one of our strongest areas. We provide 24/5 technical and non-technical support to all our clients We also provide fast and reliable shipping for the orders purchased in Germany.

Geschäftssitz, Im Technologiepark 2 -8, 85586 Poing, Germany

Pollin Electronics

Pollin is committed to giving customers premium electronic products and as well as customer services. We are an established retailer that mainly specializes in electronic components. We have been doing this for over 40 years and our reputation in this field is unrivalled. Our stock comprises a large selection of electronic components, whether you want active components or passive ones, you can be sure to find them here.

Our capacity to supply quality components in Germany is because we have partnered with top electronic brands on the global scene. This also enhances the availability of these components in our stores. You can be sure of finding any component that you want in our store.

As a top supplier, we are committed to delivering excellent customer support.  The brand was awarded “Highest Customer Loyalty” in 2021. This was a major recognition of the high-class technical support that the company gives its customers. Additionally, we are constantly updating our catalog with new products.

Max-Pollin-Strasse 1 | D-85104 Pförring

RS Online

RS Components

RS is an online global shop of electronic components.  It has proven to be one of the most reliable stores in Germany, thanks to its capacity to supply a wide range of electronic components. It is a global multichannel provider that supplies components used in industrial applications. As a global distributor, RS Components strives to address different challenges that are faced in the electronic component market. One way is by bridging the gap between manufacturers and consumers.

The brand works with customers to help them achieve their full potential. This is achieved by ensuring that there is a continuous supply of the components that consumers need. We use the next business day delivery model to facilitate shipping and delivery of the electronic components. This helps to save time and money.

We have also partnered with more than 2500 reputable global brands in the industry. This has enhanced access to the best electronic components you will find in Germany. The brand has a diverse workforce of experts that is focused on creating strong partnerships with customers and suppliers.



Reichelt is one of the biggest suppliers of electronic components for computing technology in Europe. We stock different types of electronic components such as ICs microcontrollers, resistors, transistors, capacitors, connectors, relays, and many others. Our line of products is suitable for commercial production and even for learners and hobbyists.  Our components are in a wide range of applications including automotive, entertainment, computing technology, and robotics, among many others. We also have tools and equipment that you can use on your working station.

We supply our products at very competitive prices in Germany. You are likely to get a true value for your money. By sourcing directly from the manufacturer, not only do we help to lower the cost of components but also can guarantee you quality products.

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics

Mouser is another global brand that has built a solid foundation in the supply and distribution of electronic components. The company distributes components from more than 1200 leading manufacturers in the industry. We ride on the ability to introduce new components to the market quickly and efficiently. In doing so, we make it easy for the engineers to focus on producing their electric products.

Germany is among the countries in which Mouser has set up its distribution centers. Our global distribution is controlled by high-tech solutions that guarantee high levels of efficiency. We also have an efficient management system that is designed to take care of all the issues affecting our customers in Germany. Mouser makes it easy to place orders online through our website.

Address: Elsenheimerstraße 11, 80687 München, Germany


Distrelec is a high-service distribution store that supplies components in the field of electronics, automation, and instrument measurement. Founded 45 years ago in Switzerland, Distrelec has expanded and opened up to 15 subsidiaries in different locations, including Germany. As an experienced distributor, Distrelec is committed to facilitating the availability of critical components in Germany. We add up to 30,000 pieces of electronic components from different brands. Other than the type of component, you are also free to buy components from your preferred brand.

With a focus on giving customers the best products and services, Distrelec has a dedicated RND department. Its role is to ensure that customers in Germany get flawless electronic components. The experience gives the brand a logistical advantage when it comes to sourcing and shipping products in Germany.

Address: Lise-Meitner-Straße 4, 28359 Bremen, Germany

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics is a global distributor of technology products and even services. The brand specializes in electronic components, computing solutions, and intelligent devices. The company’s policy is curated to help innovators and inventors find the right components for their applications.

Arrow’s portfolio comprises more than 210,00 technology manufacturers. They source their components from Arrow to build their products. This shows how brands worldwide trust Arrow for their product development. Our products are applicable in different industries ranging from healthcare, automotive, computing, aerospace, and many others.

Avnet Electronics Germany


Avnet is another global brand that specializes in distributing electronic components in Germany. The company is committed to helping clients accelerate the process of building their electronic solutions. It aims to achieve this by ensuring that all the electronic components needed for the production are available. The distributor boasts of a broad range of electronic components including connectors, semiconductors, and passive and active components.

As a global brand, Avnet has over 40 offices in different countries Germany being one of them. Other than being a distributor, Avnet participates in the product design and prototyping process. This means that you can present your proposal for the electronic component that you would want for your product.

Franz-Flemming-Straße 23, 04179 Leipzig, Germany

Alle Elektronik GmBH

This is a Dusseldorf-based company that specializes in the distribution of electronic components in Germany. It is rated among the fastest-growing electronic components distributors in Europe. This is mainly because its distribution capacity goes beyond Germany. It also supplies to another country in Europe.

Alle Elektronik specializes in selling components for military and commercial applications. The distributor has formed solid collaborations with major manufacturers and even other global distributors of electronic components. This not only guarantees the availability of the components but also ensures that the quality of the components is unquestionable.

The supplier is even committed to building good relationships with local clients who need electronic components to build their products. The easiest way of achieving this is by providing unmatched technical support and even personalized services. Their business model is best suited for buyers intending to buy electronic components in bulk.

Potsdamer Str. 23, 40599 Düsseldorf, Germany


Established in 2015, UCC INDU GmbH is an independent distributor of electronic components in Germany. The company is based in Ladenburg and distributes different types of electronic components in Germany and even beyond the borders. The company mainly specializes in distributing components for commercial and industrial applications. It will be easier if you consider buying electronic components in bulk.

UCC INDU  runs as a branch of the Union Component Technology and it has made massive strides over the 20 years that it has been in the business of supplying and distributing electronic components. It is also actively involved in the research and development activities of electronic components. Such tasks are recipes for excellent customer and technical support.

As an established trading company, we supply all types of electronic components that are relevant to modern applications. We also work with reputable global brands in this field with the primary goal being to avail quality electronic components in Germany

Address: Schriesheimer Str. 101, 68526 Ladenburg, Germany

Oligo Surface Controls

Oligo is a Bayern-based company that encompasses three different electronic component distributors in Germany. These are Oligo Lichttenchinik GmbH based in Sankt Augustin, RSL Lichttechnik GmbH and Oligo surface controls in Lenzen which serves as the main office.

Oligo surface control mainly offers solutions that are used for different application areas. The company also designs and develops lighting systems that are used in different lighting applications.

Ept GmbH

Ept Gmbh which in full is known as electronic precision technology has built its name as a manufacturer and supplier of electrical and mechanical PCB connections.  The brand supplies other electronic components that are vital in the functioning of the printed circuit boards. We are a family-operated business that has grown to be a global brand in the field of electronics. We provide our customers with hard-to-find electronic components for modern applications.

Our flexible business model ensures that we cater to all types of customers. Whether you are a commercial buyer or you want electronic components for your hobby, we will help you achieve the goal. As a buyer, you will derive direct benefits from our 50 years of experience in the field of electronics. We have experienced engineers who are committed to giving solutions and technical support.

Address: Bergwerkstraße 50, 86971 Peiting, Germany

Arfidex GmBH

Arfidex is a top distributor of professional electronic components for radio frequency identification (RFID) and sensor applications. We also provide technical support for the applications that fall under the radio and sensor applications.  Whether you are a commercial entity or you are working on a hobby project, we are best suited to serve your needs.

We have more than 1000 experienced employees who are always on standby to give guidance and support on the usage of our electronic components. We are an ISO9001-certified organization, a sign of our dedication to delivering quality products and services to our customers.

Address:  Rödermark 63322 (Offenbach), Adlerstr.

Wurth Electronik

Wurth Eectronk is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic and electrochemical components in Europe. The company also assembles PCBs and power control systems for different applications. As a global brand, Wurth Elektronik has three different business units and one-unit deals with designing and manufacturing electronic components.

The company has 23 production units worldwide hence it enjoys a broad portfolio of customers from different industries.  Since they are a manufacturer, they are the best option for someone who wants custom electronic components. All that you will need to do is submit your requirement specifications and we will strive to deliver them.  Additionally, the company’s business model perfectly fits those who intend to buy electronic components in bulk.

Address: Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 10, 74585 Rot am See, Germany

Schukat Electronic

Schukat Electronic stocks a wide range of electronic components that are used in different industries. Founded in 1964, the company’s operations are backed by years of experience in this field. It is a family-owned business that has been experiencing steady growth since it was founded.

With around 170 employees in Germany, customers are bound to experience technical support whenever they buy electronic components from this brand. The company has partnered with 250 different electronic component manufacturers across the world to distribute their products. Such partnerships guarantee buyers in Germany the availability of a wide variety of electronic and electrochemical components. Being an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, you can be sure of the quality of products and even customer care services from the brand.

Address: Hans-Georg-Schukat-Straße 2, 40789 Monheim am Rhein, Germany

Jauch Quartz GmBH

Jauch Quartz GmBH is one of the major electronic component brands in Germany. The company supplies an array of electronic components including oscillators, power modules, quartz oscillators, and semiconductor components, among many others. A unique feature of the company is the ability to give clients custom options. They can customize electronic components to address your specific needs or applications.

Jauch Quartz has a modern assembly line that is used for addressing various technical needs of electrical components in the production line. They even conduct vigorous testing on the components before delivering them to the market. With a team of qualified engineers, buyers are assured of getting quality and reliable electronic components in Germany.

Address: In d. Lache 24, 78056 Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

SYS TEC Electronic AG

SYS TEC electronic is a reputable firm that specializes in providing premium electronic services. One of these services entails the distribution of electronic components to the buyers. The company sources components directly from manufacturers then distributes to users in Germany. It is also fully involved in the design and development of components that are used in automation and embedded systems.

Backed with 30 years of experience in the business of electronics, SYS guarantees customers high-quality electronic components and even services. The experience has given it a proper understanding of the market dynamics and it can easily meet the needs of the users.

The ability of SYS TEC to manufacture electronic components from scratch means that customers can request for customized components.  It also gives an allowance for testing and verification of the components, a factor that contributes to the reliability of the products.

Address: Am Windrad 2, 08468 Heinsdorfergrund, Germany

Standex Electronics

Standex Electronics is an electronic component manufacturer and distributor that believes in creating partnerships with clients in order to meet their needs. We are a market leader in the manufacturing and supplying of electronic components that are used for developing sensor applications. We also build magnetic products that are used in electronic applications.

Address:  Friedrich-List-Straße 15, 78234 Engen, Germany


With this compilation, buying electronic components in Germany should never be a difficult task.  Check out any of the suppliers, distributors, or even manufacturers that we have discussed.  Alternatively, you may choose to import electronic components from China to Germany. If this is an option that you would like to explore, then you should choose a reliable electronic component supplier or sourcing agent in China.

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