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Hong Kong is both a business and innovation hub. You may want to buy electronic components here for building your products or for sale. The first thing that you should look out for is the source of the components. Which are some of the best stores for electronic components in Hong Kong? It is obvious that where you buy the components will have an impact on the quality of the products that you will get and as well as the services that both before after buying. In this article, we are going to outline some of the best electronic component stores in Hong Kong. At the end of it all, you will be in a perfect position to make a sound decision.

Rantle East Electronic

Rantle Electronics

Rantle East Electronic is a global distributor and sourcing agent of electronic components in China.  Because you are in Hong Kong, there is a high chance that you will consider buying electronic components in China.  For over 20 years, Rantle East Electronics has been committed to supplying different types of electronic components to its clients worldwide, including Hong Kong. Whether you want high-end modern components, obsolete components, or even those hard-to-find components, we have the right answers.

We are fully committed to helping our clients get the right application components. Our able team of customer care agents is always on standby to take you through the whole process. As an established supplier and sourcing agent in China, we have direct links to the component manufacturers. We can help you source the products directly from the makers at reasonable costs. You don’t have to go through several middlemen.

Address: Rm 2309, 23/F Ho King Commercial Centre, 2-16 Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Best Electronics Holdings Ltd

Best Electronics Holdings Ltd is a leading distributor of electronic components in Hong Kong. This is where our head offices are located. As a leading company in this industry, we have over 20 years of experience in the industry. We have cooperated with the best semiconductor manufacturers to facilitate a smooth supply and distribution chain of semiconductor components in the region. We have clients in different industries such as automotive, education, healthcare, and consumer electronics among others. As long as you are building an electronic product, you should trust us when it comes to the electronic components.

We source the components from the best brands and then distribute them to our buyers. You only need to send us the details of the electronic components that you want and we will source it on your behalf. We also help clients get the right tools for making electronic products.  Don’t worry about the logistics as we also take care of shipping and delivery in Hong Kong.

AddressHong Kong, 九龍佐敦渡船街32-36號富利來商業大廈

Welfare Electronic Component Ltd. – Retail Shop

Huahui Agent specializes in distributing a wide range of electronic and engineering products in Hong Kong. We are committed to providing a one-stop platform for electronic parts where engineers and other enthusiasts can come and choose any type of electronic component that they think will be suitable for their application areas.

We stock all types of electronic components that are relevant to different fields and suitable for different customers. We are among the largest retail stores for electronic components in Hong Kong and you can be sure of finding any product that will work for you. All the products are displayed to the public and you can easily choose what you want. To make it better, the components are fairly priced.

AddressHong Kong, Sham Shui Po, Apliu St, Ming Chu Building, 全層地下及1樓

Fortress (Yu Sung Boon Building Store)

Fortress is a major electronic components retail store in Hong Kong that runs under the Watsons Group. Currently, the store has the full capacity to supply its products worldwide, including in Hong Kong.  The store’s success is credited to the Watson Group, a global brand that manages up to 16,000 stores worldwide.

Fortress has over 70 branches in Hong Kong, and all of them deal in electronic components and parts. We still adhere to our traditional beliefs of providing high-quality products to our customers in Hong Kong and other countries. By stocking a diverse range of electronic products, you can be sure of getting the exact components that will meet your application needs.  We also have customer support that will offer assistance throughout your shopping experience. You can walk into our store stores to buy electronic components or you can buy online.

AddressG/F, Yu Sung Boon Building, 107-111 Des Voeux Rd Central, Central, Hong Kong

Toro Electronics

We are an electronic components specialist in Hong Kong. We supply different products such as resistors, capacitors, and connectors. All our components are sourced from the best brands in China and other countries. With the main focus being on providing a wide range of products from the best brands, you are guaranteed quality and availability. The company has a specialized quality assurance unit whose task is to verify the quality and originality of the components being supplied.

Address14/F, China Hong Kong Tower, 8-12 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

IBS Electronics, Inc. – Hong Kong

For over 40 years, we have been proud of being a global distributor of electronic components. Our role is to help you discover the right products and parts for your electronic and engineering projects from our franchise manufacturers. You can do all these actions through our website which is packed with all the essential features to make your work easier. Using our search tool, you will be able to search through all the electronic components that we have stocked. You will also be able to see the franchise manufacturers that we work with to deliver the best components in Hong Kong.

In addition to supplying quality electronic components, we also provide customer services and inventory management. Being an ISO 9001:2015, we are known for the quality of products and services that we provide in this bustling industry. We also have full testing capacities, meaning that all the components have to undergo vigorous tests before being delivered to the customers. We adhere to quality and consistency standards to meet our customer requirements.

AddressChing Cheong Industrial Building, Kwai Cheong Rd, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Best Nice Electronic Limited

Established in 1994, Best Nice has been in the business of supplying electronic components for over 30 years. We mainly specialize in the components that are used for connection purposes. They include PCB jacks, PCB traces, modular plugs, modular jacks, and many other types of connectors. While we started small, we have grown to be a major brand that can be trusted by customers when it comes to the supply and distribution of components.

Our electronic components are used in different industries including power electronics, IoT, and security systems, among others. We have a production area from which we produce and customize different solutions. We are certified by various organizations to design and produce electronic components.

AddressHong Kong, 香港九龍尖沙咀寶勒巷3-7A號萬事昌廣場15字樓1510室

Tell How Technology Arduino

Are you building an Arduino project? You need perfect components.  Tell How Technology is the perfect store for you.  Whether you are an experienced developer or you are just getting into this field, you will not fail to find parts that meet your project needs. We have experienced staff who will give you guidance on choosing the right parts and components for the Arduino project.

Beyond the components and products, Tell How Arduino has a large community of developers and enthusiasts who are always willing to share the things that they know about this subject matter. As a beginner, this can be a perfect learning platform that will help you get started. We also have educational kits and content that you can use to build serious Arduino-based projects.

Address161 Fuk Wa St, Un Chau, Hong Kong

Fu Lee Electronics Company

Fu Lee is an electronic components store that gives access to thousands of electronic components in its catalog. We are a one-stop store for the electronic parts and complete products.  We get our components directly from suppliers and manufacturers. Our website simplifies the search process by allowing users to filter their search based on different categories. We are always updating our website to ensure that you get up-to-date and latest information about the electronic components in the market. Additionally, we allow all types of buyers: Whether you are a bulk buyer or you want to buy just a few electronic components. Our customer care team is always available to give necessary help.

AddressFlat A, G/F, Tung Shing Building, 157 Ap Liu Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Eluomeng Limited

Farnell runs as Element14 across the Asia Pacific. We are a global distributor of technology products in the region, including Hong Kong. We are also involved in the design, and repair of the components and their products. Element14 is committed to delivering the best customer services to their customers. It all starts with a website that has a friendly user interface and also supports local languages.

As an established brand, we have established strong networks with other suppliers and manufacturers in the industry. You will find any type of electronic component that you need for your project. Collaborations and partnerships with other major brands also ensure that we deliver premium quality components in Hong Kong.

AddressFive, Enterprise Square V Tower 2, 21st Floor, Tower 2, 38 Wang Chiu Rd, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Toyomura Electronics

Founded in 1994, Toyomura has been committed to offering a wide selection of quality electronic components at friendly prices. We have set up functional systems that ensure our customers get the components that they need for their applications. Our experienced sales team is dedicated to customizing our services for customers who are keen on getting components directly from manufacturers but don’t want to go through all the vigorous procedures.

Toyomura is an authorized dealer of ABLIC Corporation and Seiko Instruments. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we have partnered with both local and international affiliates to facilitate the supply and distribution of electronic components. We provide cost-effective sourcing solutions, a factor that has a direct impact on the overall price of electronic components.

Unit 1619-1620,16/F., Tower 1, Grand Century Place
193 Prince Edward Road West, Mongkok,

Dragon Source HK

Dragon Source is source is a popular electronic component supplier in China whose headquarters are based in Hong Kong. We have established stable relationships with retailers and agents to guarantee a constant supply of electronic components to our buyers. Currently, we are among the best independent electronic component distributors in Hong Kong.

Using our extensive network, we have access to the hard-to-find components. No matter how complex your project is, you can be sure of finding its components in our store.   We also offer our products at reasonable prices. We are an ideal choice if you want to buy electronic components wholesale.

Dragon Source International Enterprises Ltd.

香港  新界葵涌葵豐街28-36號業豐工業大廈5樓A3室
Unit  A3, 5/Fl.,  Yip  Fung Ind. Building,
28-36 Kwai  Fund  Crescent,Kwai Chung,  NT, Hong Kong.


So, which electronic component store in Hong Kong should I choose? After going through all the names that we have mentioned here, you will still need to make a smart decision. Take a deep analysis of each supplier, distributor, and or sourcing agent before you make the final decision.  Find out whether they have what it takes to meet your needs.  From there, you can be free to do business with them.

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