15 Electronic Component Store Near Me In Iran

Electronic Component Store Near Me In Iran

When you go into Iran’s market for electronic parts, your success depends on how clear and focused you are. The parts you choose are important, no matter if you’re a beginner looking for specific parts or a business that needs to buy a lot of them.

You choose a store that shapes not only the things you buy but also the main ideas behind your projects. Now, where do you begin? Let’s look into together the best places in Iran to find high-quality electronic parts, making sure that your search is met with dependability and excellence.

Bel electronic

Iran has been trying for ten years to add cutting-edge parts to its tech market, such as sensors and advanced modules. Bel Electronic, located on Tehran’s Jomhouri Avenue, is a great example of this goal because it works with engineers and other tech experts who are on the cutting edge of new technology.

Iran has a lot of untapped promise and local knowledge in this area, but it is still not being used. Still, focusing here is very important.

Bel Electronic is more than just a shop; it’s a hub that connects the best tech from around the world with the best from around the corner. It strengthens Iran’s tech scene by giving important tools for ground-breaking inventions.

Bel Electronic sparks imagination and encourages engineers to push the limits by giving them access to high-quality parts. It’s a lighthouse that points Iran in the direction of a better, more technologically advanced future.

  • Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Jomhouri Ave, Iran

Electro Arvin

Electro Arvin

Nima Abbasi’s journey began in 1982 when Electro Arvin was first created. In 2005, this expansion in Tehran, from Photo Passage to Imam Khomeini Square, was meant to meet a wide range of industry needs.

Electric motors, rockers, DC, and AC are what Electro Arvin does best. They have been a reliable partner for many businesses. Its strategic position makes it an important hub that provides key parts for many manufacturing processes.

Electro Arvin is more than just a shop; it is a cornerstone of industrial progress. With its specialized products and unwavering commitment, it helps and empowers industries.

  • Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Tehran Province, Tehran, Imam Khomeini Square, Fotovat Building, Iran

Noavaran Electronic Company

Noavaran Electronic Company

Noavaran Electronic Company in Tehran Province has been making boards and electronic devices since 2001. It is a leader in its field. It started out making electronic training circuits and quickly grew into a major player in the field, focusing on cutting-edge electronic systems. Their dedication to new ideas is clear in the wide range of high-quality products they offer, which solidifies their place as Iran’s premier provider of cutting-edge electronic solutions.

  • Address: M9JW+QWV District 11, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Ara Electronic

The electronics business in Iran was growing quickly, so Ara Electronic was created in 1988 to serve it. It has grown over the years to become one of the best distributors of electronic parts in the country, helping the industry meet its growing needs.

Ara Electrical is an important part of the country’s network for distributing electronic parts. It is located in Tehran Province, more specifically at Forgani Bld. Jomhori Ave. It was created at the same time as the country’s technological growth and is now an important resource for engineers, makers, and tech fans.

Ara Electronic has been around for a long time because it is one of Iran’s biggest sellers of electronic parts. This shows that it is committed to giving the country’s growing electronics industry the parts it needs. Its important position in Tehran Province makes it even more of a key player in making important parts of Iran’s tech scene easier to get to.

  • Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Forgani Bld. Jomhori Ave., Iran

Saba Electronic

Saba Electronic, which used to be called ABA Electronic, has been an important part of Iran’s electronics business since it began in 1998. With more than 15 years of experience, this independent distributor has been dedicated to sending high-quality electronic parts all over the country.

Saba Electronic is proud to give the best parts at the best prices and fast delivery services. The company is located in Tehran Province on Jomhouri Ave. A lot of different passive and active parts are in their product line, such as IGBT, Mosfet, Triac, Thyristor, Transistor, Diodes, capacitors, ICs, LEDs, and more.

Saba Electrical’s main goal as a dedicated distributor is to make sure that a wide range of high-quality electronic components are easy to get. In Iran’s booming electronics industry, their unwavering commitment to quality, affordability, and quick service has made them a trusted partner for engineers, makers, and tech fans alike.

  • Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Jomhouri Ave, Iran

Amjad Electronic Online Shop

In Iran’s busy tech scene, Amjad Electronics is one of the biggest companies that sells electronic parts and IC chips. This online store, located in District 12, Jomhouri Ave, Tehran Province, has made a name for itself as the place to go for high-quality electronics.

Amjad Electronics is proud to give a wide range of electronic components and IC chips to meet the growing demand for high-quality parts. Because they are dedicated to making high-quality, cutting-edge goods, engineers, manufacturers, and tech fans all over Iran choose them first.

As an online hub, Amjad Electronics makes it easy to get a lot of electronic necessities. This makes buying easier for people and businesses that are interested in technology innovation. Because they care about quality and have a convenient location in Tehran Province, they are a trusted supplier in Iran’s fast-paced electronics industry.

  • Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 12, Jomhouri Ave, Iran

Light lighting equipment in Iran

There are over 20 Lights and lighting companies in Qom Province, but Ya Anda Trade Co., LTD. stands out as a committed maker of a wide range of electronic goods.

This business, which is located on Beheshti Blvd in Qom, has a good name for being a professional one that sells a lot of different tech goods. They stand out in Iran’s thriving lights and lighting business because they are dedicated to quality and new ideas.

Ya Anda Trade Co., LTD. is one of many lighting companies in Qom Province. They offer a wide range of tech goods to help the lighting industry in the area. Because they are dedicated to being professionals and are located in the middle of this industry area, they are a major player in Iran’s progress in lighting technology.

  • Address: Qom Province, Qom, Beheshti Blvd, Iran

Smart Micro

Smart Micro is a shining example for electronics fans and aspiring engineers in Iran who want to learn how to program and build circuit boards. It is located in Rafsanjan, Kerman Province.

Smart Micro is a very important company for developing ability and skills in the field of electronic board circuitry programming and design education. Because it is in a great spot in Kerman Province, it provides great chances for people who want to improve their electronic circuits skills.

Smart Micro makes a big difference in Iran’s technology scene by focusing on education and skill development. Their specialized training programs give people who want to be engineers or are interested in the field the information and skills they need to do well in the complicated world of electronic circuitry design.

  • Address: Rafsanjan, Kerman Province, Iran

Laleh Zar market

In District 12 of Tehran Province, there is a busy market called Laleh Zar that sells a wide range of industrial and lighting goods. There are a lot of different kinds of products in this market, from basic insulators, lines, and cables to specialized stabilizers, light emitters, and even equipment that can’t explode.

Laleh Zar Market has a large selection of 60×60 lights, light mazes, switching power supplies, and other flexible products to meet the needs of both businesses and people. Its prime location in Tehran makes it easy for people looking for high-quality goods in the lighting and industrial sectors to get to.

This market is very important for meeting the different wants of people in Tehran and beyond because it has so many different kinds of goods. Its dedication to offering a wide range of lighting and industrial solutions strengthens its position as the premier source for important supplies and equipment in Iran’s booming industrial scene.

  • Address: MCQF+W57 District 12, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Iran Hovie Co LTD

Iran Hovie Co LTD, formerly known as Iran Houyeh Production Company, has been around since 1983 and is a symbol of accuracy and quality in Isfahan Province. The quality control center at this business is state-of-the-art and has very accurate electrical and mechanical measuring tools.

Their goods are carefully tested to make sure they meet strict standards that are in line with the IEC international standard. Iran Hovie Co LTD, which is located at 4th Street, No. 48 in the Jey Industrial Zone, has always kept its promise to provide high-quality goods by following strict testing procedures.

Iran Hovie Co LTD is a trusted name in the industry thanks to its commitment to accuracy and compliance with international standards. They also help the region’s image for high-quality manufacturing.

  • Address: Isfahan Province, 4th Street, Jey industrial zone، 4th St, No. 48، 81594 85176, Iran


Jahan Electronic (JEC), founded in 1999, is the leader of Iran’s electronics industry. Their technology replicates European standards, pushing national initiatives licensed by global giants. They offer PCB manufacturing (SS, DS, ML), ODM, OEM, and EMS. They have been exporting since 2004 and serve 200+ domestic clients in automotive, medical, and other industries.

Key strengths:

  1. Customer Management:Quality, competitive pricing, and timely delivery for enhanced market share.
  2. Sustainable Quality:Maintaining excellence in production.
  3. Technical Support:Rapid design solutions via skilled engineers.
  4. Responsive Problem Solving:Accessible sales engineers for quick solutions.

JEC’s dedication to quality is enhanced by EIPC membership and TQM training, which are certified under ISO 9001:2008 and IS0 TS 16949:2009. They are located in Yazd’s Industrial Zone and play an important role in electronic supply chains, specializing in PCBs and providing extensive OEM services.

  • Address: Industrial zone, YAZD, Iran89165-785 Yazd – Iran


Jebal Electric Company, founded in 2005, is a specialist service provider to the electrical industry in Kerman, Iran. They specialize in low and medium-voltage insulators and bus bar support insulators and have skilled people, innovative machinery, and efficient logistics via railway and airport connections. Jebal Electric, which is dedicated to providing timely customer service, is an important player in Iran’s electricity sector.

  • Address: The 3rd industrial zone, Rahahan Blvd76165 Kerman – Iran


NURAFARIN EIDEH COMPANY (NAICO) is a well-known firm in the electric equipment business in Tehran. This company is a significant producer in Iran’s electric equipment sector and is located in Tehran, precisely at No. 135, Seraj Complex, Pardis Tech Park, Boumehen.

NAICO’s commitment to innovation and manufacturing quality distinguishes it as a significant participant in Tehran’s flourishing sector. Their participation in Pardis Tech Park demonstrates a dedication to technological developments and high-quality electric equipment manufacture, which will benefit Iran’s electric equipment sector tremendously.

Address: No,135, Seraj Complex, Pardis Tech Park,Boumehen,Tehran 1458818814 tehran – Iran


NURAFARIN EIDEH COMPANY (NAICO) is a well-known firm in the electric equipment business in Tehran. This company is a significant producer in Iran’s electric equipment sector and is located in Tehran, precisely at No. 135, Seraj Complex, Pardis Tech Park, Boumehen.

NAICO’s commitment to innovation and manufacturing quality distinguishes it as a significant participant in Tehran’s flourishing sector. Their participation in Pardis Tech Park demonstrates a dedication to technological developments and high-quality electric equipment manufacture, which will benefit Iran’s electric equipment sector tremendously.

  • Address: 8, Azar 3 alley, Latif Jabary St, Km19 Fath Exp Way1389153451 Tehran/Iran – Iran


Tavan Rahe Sanat (TRS) Manufacturing Company, founded in 1993, primarily specializes on making all sorts of Cam Switches. TRS Co. gradually expanded its product line to encompass a wide range of electronic components required for a variety of applications.

TRS Co., located on the 3rd Floor, No.22, 10th St., Bucharest Street, Tehran, Iran, has expanded its manufacturing line to include electrical contact rivets (solid and bimetal), electric terminals, various micro switches, and tiny selector switches built exclusively for home appliances.

TRS Co.’s drive for innovation and various offers distinguishes it as a prominent contributor to the electronic component manufacturing sector in Tehran. TRS Co. plays an important role in expanding the quality and performance of electronic components in Iran, with an emphasis on improving home appliances and other electrical systems.

  • Address: 3rd Floor, No.22, 10th St., Bucharest Street, Tehran, Iran1514734115 Tehran – Iran


These stores form the backbone of Iran’s electronic component industry, catering to the diversified demands of engineers, manufacturers, and technology aficionados. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction cements Iran’s status as a regional powerhouse for electronic components.

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