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Are you building an electronic application in Pakistan? No matter how simple or complex it may be, you will always need several electronic components to make the application run. Each component is designed to perform a specific task in the application. The first step that you will take is finding the right components. But, where can I get the best electronic components? The first place will be from electronic component stores near you. If the components are not there, you will then have to seek other options, including importing the components. In this article, we are going to explore the best electronic component stores near me in Pakistan.

Electrobes Pakistan

Electrobes is an electronic component store that was founded by a group of experienced engineers in Pakistan. It is an online shop platform that stocks electronics, mechatronics, robotics, and sensor components. The site is quite popular among students and electronic enthusiasts. We provide a wide range of products that you will use to turn your ideas into realities. All the products are sold at competitive in Pakistan.

Electrobes is driven by versatility. We deal with all types of customers including individuals, and commercial and industrial clients. We have different sets of products that accommodate all budgets.  The direct link that we have to the electronic component manufacturers ensures that we can provide all types of components that are needed in the Pakistani market. Other than the key products, we also offer essential services such as PCB layout design, fabrication, and assembly.

We are a customer-centered store that is committed to delivering the best customer service.   You will be dealing with professionals when you choose to work with us. Additionally, we deliver the products to your doorstep in Pakistan.

Shop 23, Ground Floor, near Daewoo Fastex, Al-Ghaffar Mall, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad

Circuit. pk

Circuit. pk is an electronic component store that specializes in distributing quality electronic components. The brand is committed to enhancing the accessibility of electronic components in Pakistan. Since this is an online platform, you simply need to create an account and buy the components online. We will ensure that the product is delivered in good time.

Are you an engineer or hobbyist in Pakistan and would like to buy electronic components online? We are a brand that you should contact. We are a versatile brand and you can choose to buy a single piece of electronic component or go for bulk purchase. We have sensors and active and passive electronic components for different application areas. You can use the website’s filter feature to narrow down your search on the exact components that you would like to buy.

We offer unmatched customer support at the lowest rates in Pakistan. We always encourage our customers to give feedback on all the orders. The sire is backed by secure payment options and we have fast delivery services at reasonable rates.

A-19 block 13, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan.

Epro. pk

Epro-pk is an e-commerce store that specializes in distributing electronic components in Pakistan The platform stocks a wide array of electronic components and you are likely to find the exact components that you will need. Some of the products that you are likely to find here include sensors, ICs PCBs among others.

For the many years that we have been in business, we are always committed to giving our clients in Pakistan the best customer service. We have partnered with the best shipping companies to ensure that  all the orders are handed in and delivered on time

Office No.6,7,8, 1st floor, Rehman Electronics Center, 22 Yasin street, Hall Road Lahore

Axis Electronics

For over 40 years, Axis Electronics has proven itself to be among the leading electronic components distributors in Pakistan. We have helped millions of customers to access different types of electronic components, including those hard-to-find components. We are a flexible brand that deals with different types of customers including educational institutions, commercial entities, and even hobbyists.  We have built a solid name and reputation in the Pakistan market thanks to the experience and as well as excellent customer support that we deliver.

Axis Electronics has more than 50,000 pieces of electronic components from the world’s best global brand. Technically, we are the largest stockiest of electronic component parts in Pakistan. Not only do we focus on the quantity but also the quality of the electronic components. This is why we only source from the best brands. We also have an internal quality control department that verifies the quality of each component in our catalog.

Axis Electronics 1-3 Arfat Center Sarmad Road Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan

Electronics Hub Pakistan

Electronics Hub is the number one source of electronic components in Pakistan. The brand specializes in supplying and distributing electronic components that meet the required international standards. Our focus is on premium quality products and excellent customer service.  Started in a home office, Electronics Hub has grown to be among the largest stockiest of electronic components in the country.

We are motivated by the passion for delivering quality components and satisfactory customer service. You can always use our online store to check out different products that we have and from there you can proceed to place your order. Beyond the online space, we have a physical store where you can easily walk into and seek help

Shop # 32, 1st Floor, Masha Allah Center, Hall Road, Lahore, Pakistan​

City Electronics PK

City Electronics is an e-commerce platform that stocks different types of electronic components. The store is specifically curated to meet the needs of buyers in  Pakistan. The site stocks a wide array of electronic components, including the ones that are hard to find in the country. The interactive website makes it easy to search and filter products. You will easily find the exact product that you are looking for on the website. City Electronics has collaborated with the best names in the market to ensure that it stocks adequate components that match the market demands.


Ethingzz is an electronic component store that is committed is to helping buyers save on the purchases that they make of electronic components. This implies that the brand focuses on distributing components at reasonable prices. We intend to make electronic components shopping in Pakistan be safe and smooth process. One way of achieving this goal is by distributing quality components that meet the minimum international standards.

We have a broad array of electronic components on the website. They are suitable for engineers, students, small-scale industries, and even tech enthusiasts. All you need is to choose the component that will be relevant to your application area. We also have full capacity to deliver the components in bulk

We highly prioritize customer service as a key element of business growth. We have experts who take care of all the customer-related issues. We also have an efficient logistics system that will take care of your order until is delivered to your doorstep in Pakistan.

Office # 1 & 2, A-39, Section 7 & 8, Faisal Arcade, Central Commercial Area Off Shaheed e Millat, KCHSU near TPS Building, Shahrah e Faisal, Karachi.

Dkart Pakistan

Dkart Pakistan

Dkart is an e-commerce store that specializes in electronic devices, appliances, and components. It is rated as the fastest-growing online electric store that stocks different types of products. Whether you want sensors, instruments, or passive and active components, you will find them in the store. The structure of this store’s website makes it easy to access different electronic components quickly. It is also easy to compare the prices of different components on the website and make the final decision.

Rantle East Electronics

Are you in Pakistan and would like to import electronic components in China? You should consider choosing Rantle East Electronics. Just like when buying from local stores, Rantle will still deliver components to your doorstep, regardless of the fact that you will be importing from China.

Rantle East Electronics is a leading electronic components supplier in China. We source the components directly from the top manufacturers and then distribute them to the rest of the world. Our expansive network ensures that we have access to the best components. It also guarantees a constant supply of components in the market. We stock different types of electronic components, including the ones that you will not find so easily in Pakistan.

As an established brand, we have adequate experience to deliver the best customer service for buyers seeking to buy electronic components. Our employees will give you any relevant advice that you may need to know about the electronic components that you want to purchase. We also provide after-sales services such as packaging and shipping electronic components from China to Pakistan Just contact us directly and we will be happy to build a solid partnership with you.

In addition to being a supplier of electronic components in Pakistan, Rantle East Electronic is also an authorized sourcing agent for the components. This means that you can tell us the component that you want and we will source it directly from the manufacturer on your behalf.

The IC Shop Pakistan

Are you planning to buy integrated circuits in Pakistan? You should consider choosing the IC Shop Pakistan.   This is a physical store that specializes in supplying different types of ICs. As long as your application will need an IC or even a PCB, then this is a brand that you should consider choosing. Other than the chips, the company also distributes other essential electronic components such as PCBs and circuit boards. Since this is a specialized store, you can be sure of getting the best customer service, especially when it comes to technical help

Address: 16-A, The IC shop, Kacha Hall Rd, Data Market, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan

Multan Electronics

Multan Electronics is a brand that is dedicated to meeting the needs of different users. As long as you are planning to build any type of electronic application, Multan will have your back.  The brand has divided its components into different categories such as microcontrollers, 3D printers, computing technology, robotics, and DIY projects among others. The online shop is well-organized making it easy to choose the components that you need. It also offers fast shipping and customer services in Pakistan.

Address: Shop No. 33 Ground Floor, Citi Tower, Chungi No, 09 LMQ Rd, Chah Usmanabad, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan

Which electronic component store should I choose?

We have just explored different stores that supply and distribute electronic components in Pakistan. Which one should I choose? There are several factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing a supplier or distributor of electronic components in Pakistan.

Start by assessing and analyzing your needs. What kind of electronic component do you want and what is the volume that you need? You will be able to tell whether the components are available in the local stores and if you want to buy them in bulk or just a few pieces.

After outlying your needs, you can focus on the location of the electronic component store near you. Choosing a store that is near you means that you will not have to worry about the distance that you will have to cover to access the store. A nearby store will save you the shipping cost while at the same time making it easy to access customer services. However, there are some overseas electronic component stores that can deliver their products to your doorstep.

The final step entails comparing the stores and placing your purchase. Compare each of the above store provides then proceed to buy from one. The comparison should cover issues such as price, capacity to deliver, and customer service.


I hope that with this guide, you will be in a perfect position to decide on which electronic components store you should buy from in Pakistan. While all the stores that we have discussed have the full potential of delivering the best components for your application, you should exercise precaution when choosing them. Apply the tips that have been discussed here to make the final decision on which one you should choose.  In case the stores near you seem not to be delivering, you can always consider importing electronic components from China.

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