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There is no doubt that Singapore has evolved to be one of the busiest tech hubs in Asia. It is a home for the most innovative minds in the region. Most of the innovations revolve around the use of electric and electronic components. Electric and electronic engineers find it homely to build their products and gadgets.

One major challenge that such builders and innovators face is finding reliable suppliers of electronic components.  After all, one key tenet of a successful hardware project is the availability of quality electronic components.  In case you are looking for such suppliers, then we have the right solution for you. In this guide, we are going to outline and discuss the top 10 best suppliers of electronic components in Singapore.

Mouser Electronics Singapore

Mouser Electronics

Mouser is a big name in the world of electronics. It is a global supplier of electronic components that has established a wide network in Singapore. Just like in other countries, Mouser Electronics in Singapore stocks all types of electronic components that are relevant in different application areas.

As a major brand, Mouser has partnered with more than 1200 leading manufacturers in the electronic components industry. This gives it an edge when it comes to the availability of electronic components for sale. Buyers can be sure of finding any type of electronic component that they want.

Efficient management and excellent customer care are among the drivers of Mouser Electronics. As an online store,  the brand has a user-friendly website that lets you navigate and buy whatever product that you want. The company guarantees fast and safe shipping of electronic components in Singapore.

DigiKey Electronics Singapore


DigiKey is committed to making it easy for innovators to buy electronic components in Singapore. This is another global online store that stocks all types of electronic components and accessories.

In recent years, DigiKey has embarked on a journey to refresh its identity with the aim of meeting the growing needs in the world of technology. To achieve this, the company has heavily invested in expanding its network of electronic component suppliers. It has brought in more manufacturers and brands.

DigiKey has a dedicated support and resource center that caters to the needs of its clients. You can seek help at any time or day and they will accord you any help that you need. The resource center also hosts loads of learning materials that learners can use when implementing electronic projects.



ElectGo is considered to be among the first B2B marketplaces for quality electronic components in Singapore. It brings together many suppliers and even manufacturers in the world of electronics. Founded in 2016, the company has proven itself to be a reputable name in Southeast Asia when it comes to the supply and distribution of electronic components. This has been proven by the fact that it has expanded to be a global supplier of electronic components.

Availability is one of the reasons why you should consider buying components at ElectGo. They have more than 100,000 different types of electronic components in their stock. This is possible thanks to the partnerships that the brand has created with top global manufacturers.  You can be sure of finding whichever type of electronic component that you need.

Address: 63 Hillview Ave, #10-21 Lam Soon Industrial Building, Singapore 669569

Continental Electronics PTE

Continental Electronics is proud of being in the business of electronic components supply business for over 40 years. The supplier has been putting some great effort into distributing quality electronic components in Singapore. Expertise in technical matters concerning electronics coupled with excellent customer care are some of the top reasons why Continental Electronics remains a go-to brand.

What kind of electronic project are you building? Whether it is IoT, robotics, computer programming, or any other field, you should trust Continental Electronics to deliver. The technical support that they provide is enough to get you started. Additionally, the company supports both commercial buyers who intend to buy in bulk and as well as individual buyers.

Address: 10 Jln Besar, #02-24 Sim Lim Tower, Singapore 208787

Federal Components

Federal Components has been in the business of electronic components for over 30 years. It has grown to be a major supplier and distributor of electronic components in Singapore. The brand has managed to create a special customer base thanks to its ability to offer custom solutions to its clients. You can request modified components that will meet your specific needs or those that are not easily available in the market.

A streamlined ordering system by the company makes it easy for customers to buy electronic components online in Singapore. The brand is fueled by its commitment to providing reliable components hence earning complete trust from its customers. The fact that it specializes in electronic components means that buyers can be sure of getting the best customer service or support.

Address: 10 Jalan Besar, #02-06/07 Sim Lim Tower 208787, Singapore 208787

Great Source Electronics

Since 2014, Great Source Electronics has been committed to supplying quality components and parts to its customers. The company has an inclusive business model that caters to all types of customers. Whether you are a manufacturer of electronic components or you are just getting started in this field, it will accommodate you.

Great Source Electronics takes care of its clients by providing the best customer service. For instance, you are furnished with full information about each component in stock. Additionally, the company makes regular updates once the products have been ordered and when the new products are stocked.

Address: 10 Jalan Besar, #02-24 Sim Lim Tower, Singapore 208787

iConnnexion Asia PTE

iConnexion Asia is a leading distributor of passive and electromechanical electronic components in Singapore. Other than the basic products, the brand goes further to supply value-added assembly services on different PCB solutions that they provide. If you want some of your electronic components to be customized and modified to meet specific application needs, iConnexion could be your go-to electronic component store in Singapore.

The ultimate goal of iConnexion is to be the most trusted distributor of electronic components in the Asia Pacific region. The company has a broad selection of components that allows them to satisfy the needs of different customers. The ability to provide custom solutions enhances the capacity of the supplier to penetrate deeper into a unique market that was previously unreachable. Broad knowledge in this industry, backed up with competitive pricing elevates the company’s standard among the top suppliers of electronic components in Singapore.

Address: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #01-57, LINK@AMK 569139

Rutronik Electronics Singapore

Rutronik is an online shop that specializes in supplying electronic components. It is also a global distributor only and it has one of its operational branches in Singapore. The brand was established in 1973 and has been in this business for more than 5 decades.

As a global brand, Rutronik enjoys unlimited access to the best brands in the field of electronics. The benefits trickle down to the buyers in Singapore whereby they are assured of access to all types of components at reasonable prices.

Customer support is another area in which Rutronik seems to be performing pretty well. As a company that is run by experts in the field of electronics, you are assured of getting the best technical support. There are also more than enough learning materials and tutorials on the company’s website. Are you planning to buy electronic components in bulk? You can use the brand’s mass quotation too to perform your calculations. All you need is to create a list of the products that you want to purchase and then upload it on the company’s website.

Address: 10 Ang Mo Kio Street 65, #06-02A 03A, Techpoint 737854

Fabtronics PTE

Fabtronics  PTE offers a wide range of passive and active electronic components such as integrated circuits,  microchips, microcontrollers, memory chips, and connecting modules. The supplier has partnered with top manufacturers and semiconductor companies to distribute ODMs and OEM electronic components. Such contracts ensure that buyers in Singapore are always assured of getting the best components at all times.

Fabtronics takes quality and reliability seriously. By sourcing components from reputable manufacturers, the company ensures that buyers will always end up with quality components. Also, the company has an internal quality and control department that takes care of all the issues relating to the quality of the components.

Address: 105, #11-13 Cecil St, The Octagon, 069534

Koba Electronics

Koba Electronics started as a simple retailer of electronic devices. It has evolved to be a big supplier of electronic components in Singapore. Not only does the company serves Singapore but also it imports some of its electronic components to other countries in the world.

Koba Electronics supplies all types of electronics that perfectly fit into different application areas. We source hard-to-find components that you will not find anywhere else in Singapore. Customer commitment and accountability are just some of the company’s values. We are committed to meeting the full needs of our customers in Singapore.

Address:  People’s Park Centre #03-06, 101 Upper Cross Street (S)058357, Singapore 058357

Pic-Control PTE LTD

Pic-Control is an established brand that has grown to be a reputable supplier of electronic components in Singapore. It started as a PCB design business before evolving into a fully-fledged supply and distribution store of premium quality electronic components for sale. Despite the growth, it still provides some of its legacy services such as PCB design and consultation.

Pic-Control does a pretty good job of ensuring that all the components are easily available for buyers. It has the full capacity to cater to bulk buyers as well as individual sellers. Given their expertise in this industry, you are free to seek clarification about any issue relating to electronic components and PCBs.

Address: 190 Middle Rd, #19-05 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979


SGBotic started as a robotics company. They specialized in building robots while at the same time conducting vigorous studies and research in the field of robotics. From there it evolved to be a distributor of electronic components for sale.

SG Botic is driven by the philosophy of delivering exceptional products and services. It stocks different types of electronic components, especially the ones that are used in the field of robotics. At the same time, the company is committed to delivering excellent customer service to the buyers.

Address: 11 Woodlands Cl, #10-03, Singapore 737853

Mettel Electronics PTE LTD

Established in 1986, Mettle Electronics has proven to be a reliable supplier and sourcing agent of electronic components in Singapore They specialize in passive and OEM electronic components to be used by hobbyists, learning centers, and even manufacturers of different electronic products in Singapore.

Mettle Electronics strongly believes in building partnerships with both the manufacturers and customers in the industry. Collaborations have ensured that there is a continuous supply and availability of components in Singapore. On the other hand, customers can enjoy a smooth relationship with the distributor. They can seek any kind of help concerning electronics.

In addition to selling electronic components, Mettle also specializes in the designing of PCBs and other electronic solutions. They can even give appropriate advice concerning the electronic components and their implementation in electric circuits. They have experienced electronic engineers who are experts in this field.


I hope that this listing has given you better ideas and insights on where to buy electronic component suppliers in Singapore. All that it takes is finding the right source and everything else will fall to its perfect place. But the biggest question that you might be asking yourself is; which supplier should I choose?

Well, it takes time to choose the right supplier of the component. Start by digging for more information on each of the suppliers that we have listed. Find out how they do and even what their customers say about them. From there, you will be able to determine whether they are perfect for the job.

In addition to that, you can opt to import electronic components from China to Singapore. This is where Rantle comes in We are a global distributor of electronic components and Singapore is one of the countries that we serve.

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