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Are you looking for electronic components in Thailand? Whether you are in Bangkok or any other major city in Thailand, your focus should be on finding the right components for your applications.  These components can be active, passive, or connectors. There are several reasons as to why you are buying electronic components. You may be in the business of building electrical products or applications. They will definitely need components to run smoothly. Maybe, you may just be hobbyists trying to build electronic products.  In this article, I am going to highlight some of the best electronic components stores in Thailand.

RS Components Thailand

RS Components

RS Components is a global brand and quite a big name when it comes to the electronic components industry. While the company mainly specializes in the distribution of the components, it also takes part in the design and manufacturing process. It is also a go-to brand when it comes to the maintenance of electronic components.

One of the top reasons why you should buy from RS Components is product availability. Being a global brand, the company stocks a wide range of electronic components that are suitable for different application areas. Other products from the brand include testing instruments, measuring tools, maintenance products, and automation tools.

While RS is a global brand, it has a strong footing in Thailand. This is a major advantage because it enhances accessibility to electronic components in Thailand. The local store will take care of all the logistical issues that are related to purchasing electronic components. You are also likely to get the best customer support since the store is just nearby. RS also assures buyers of premium quality electronic components.

50 GMM Grammy Place, 19th Floor, Unit 1901-1904, Sukhumvit 21 Rd (Asoke), Khlongtoeinuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Taworn Electronic Components Co., LTD.

This is another local store in Thailand from which you can buy quality electronic components. The company has been in the business since 1999 and has acquired all the necessary experience in the market dynamics of electronic components. Taworn Electronic specializes in distributing a wide range of electronic components such as integrated circuits, diodes, relays capacitors, and many others. In other words, the company stocks both active and passive electronic components in Thailand.

With a store space of 2000 feet, you can tell that this is a full-fledged company that is committed to delivering the best electronic components in Thailand. We have an adequate number of staff who are committed to helping you when it comes to buying electronic components. They can advise you in areas that you are not sure about.

Taworn Electrical utilizes technology to deliver products and services. You can buy electronic components online and you will enjoy fast shipping or delivery. You can also interact with our customer care reps virtually for technical and non-technical support. Also, the company supplies its components at competitive prices.

QP92+MJM, Bangkok, Saphan Sung, จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร 10240, Thailand

ThaiEasyElec (บริษัท วีนัส ซัพพลาย จำกัด – สำนักงานใหญ่)

ThaiEasyElec is an official distributor of electronic components in Thailand. The brand is an affiliate of Venus Supply Company Limited and the two work together to distribute different electronic components in Thailand. Some of the products that you will find at ThaiEasyElec include PCBs, data modules, communication modules, sensor modules, robotics, measurement tools, and power modules among many other products. The brand also provides learning or educational modules to learners who are just getting into the world of electronics.

ThaiEasyElec sources its components from the world’s best manufacturers. You are assured of getting high-quality components at friendly prices. Some of our sources include Arduino, Cytron, Waveshare, and InsteadStudio, among others. All the orders will be delivered through various shipping services in Thailand. You can choose to buy electronic components through our website or you can buy directly from our storefront. As a local store, you can be sure of getting quality customer support from us.

66, 3 ถ Thetsaban Rangsan Nuea Rd, Lat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

Amorn The Old Siam Plaza

Amorn is an established local store that stores a variety of electronic components in Thailand.  The store has been in the business for many years and is committed to giving customers the best products and services. Amor’s business module caters to a diverse range of customers. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a professional company that builds electric products, you should consider buying from Amorn.

One of the benefits of choosing Amorn is you will be exposed to a diverse range of electronic components or products. The brand sources its components from other global suppliers and then redistributes them in Thailand. This guarantees the availability of components to buyers in Thailand.  Walk into the store and you will be able to check out the available electronic components.

Customer support is another reason why you should choose Amorn Electronics when it comes to buying electronic components in Thailand. Being a local store, you can go to their physical location and seek assistance. They have experienced employees who are dedicated to helping customers find the right solutions.

The old siam Tower 10200 N 301 , 3 fl Burapha Rd, Wangburapapirom Pranakorn Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Westech Component Co., Ltd

WesTech is an online store that specializes in supplying different types of electronic products. In addition to complete pieces of electronic hardware, the company stocks an array of electronic components that are relevant in different application areas. The fact that it exists both as an online shop and physical store means that buyers have the freedom to choose how they would like to buy the components. You can walk into the store or buy your components online.

WesTech has partnered with top global manufacturers of electronic products and this has ensured that there is a constant flow of the stock. You will always find whichever electronic component that you are looking for. The brand publishes numerous learning materials that you can use for handling your projects.

203/32-33 Ladprao 15 Jompol Jatujak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

Choakchai Electronic Supplies Ltd.

Choakchai is an electronic equipment distributor that is dedicated to offering solutions within Thailand. The company is a wholesaler that mainly distributes electronic equipment and components to clients in the country.  Their catalog comprises active and passive components that you will need for your application.  In addition to the components, you will also find equipment and measuring tools that are needed for such projects.

As a local company, Choakchai is dedicated to offering the best customer service to its clients. We have experienced engineers who are committed to undertaking all types of tasks that are related to electronic components.

128/22 128/22 ถนน อัษฎางค์ Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand



Element14 is a reliable distributor of electronic products and technological solutions that are needed for electrical and industrial systems. The company is actively involved in the design and repair of the electronic products. With these functions, it means that you can involve Element14 right at the start of your project when you are in the process of collecting the components that you need for your application.

As a global distributor, Element14 enjoys unlimited access to the best manufacturers in the electronics industry.  This explains why it has more than 950,000 pieces of electronic components in its catalog that are ready to be purchased.  You will easily find whichever component that you need.  This is compounded by the fact that Element14 has partnered with 2000 suppliers.

Even though Eement14 is a global brand, it has local offices in Thailand. This improves the company’s ability to deliver the best customer service in the country. For instance, you should expect to get fast shipping and technical support for the products that you have purchased.

 A3005, Cyber World Tower, Unit, Floor 30th, Tower A, 90 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

Power Buy Electronics and Appliances

PowerBuy is a chain of retail stores that specialize in electric appliances and components. The group has established a strong presence in Thailand and this is why you should consider checking out the electronic components that they stock. They have a diverse range of electronic components and there is a high chance that you will find whatever component that you are looking for.

Customer service is an area in which Power Buy has managed to perform well.  The company has big number of employees who take care of different customer needs. This extends to product pricing whereby Power Buy gives buyers in Thailand numerous offers for the electronic components that they buy. It even offers flexible payment plans for bulk buyers.

Address: L4, Zone D, Central World, 99, 9 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Amorn Electronic (Fortune Town)

Amorn Electronics Parts Center CO. is a Thai company that distributes electronic parts and components all over the country. The company’s business module is in both wholesale and retail. This means that anyone can buy, whether you are a hobbyist looking for a few components or you are a commercial enterprise seeking to buy many electronic components in bulk.

We have been in this business for over 40 years and have more than enough experience to deliver the best products and customer services.  With more than 40 branches throughout Thailand, you should expect the best services, without forgetting the ease of accessing different types of electronic components near you. The locations also ensure that there is always a skilled electronic technician near you. You can consult and get as much information as you want about electronic components.

Address: 5 ศูนย์การค้าฟอร์จูนไอทีมอลล์ ชั้น 4, 7 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Rantle East Electronic

While buying electronic components from local stores may be the best solution, you may consider importing the components online. Let’s say importing electronic components from China to Thailand. This is where Rantle Electronics comes in. We are a reputable electronic component supplier and sourcing agent in China. We can assist you with the importation of the components from China to Thailand.

Buying electronic components at Rantle is an easy process. Simply visit our website and browse the different available components then place your order. Alternatively, you can contact us directly and we will walk together on this journey of buying electronic components. We have the best engineers and technicians who are always to give all types of assistance with the electronic components. With our fast delivery system, you will have the same impact as with buying from an electronic component store near you in Thailand.

Paisarn Electronics

AI-Paisan is a distributor of electronic equipment and components and has been operating in Thailand for over 30 years. It supplies both domestic and imported components in the country. The brand partners with major global suppliers and even manufacturers to ensure that buyers in Thailand can access all types of components. The company has been continuously investing in the latest components that are released to the market. You can be sure of finding any component that you want in the company’s store.

Paisarn Outlet has also invested in providing excellent customer support in Thailand. The store has employed engineers who provide technical help when necessary.  Also, the fact that we are a local store means that you can always come into our store for consultation and support.

Address: 1458 On Nut Rd, Prawet, Bangkok 10250, Thailand


From this guide, it is clear that there are many options when it comes to choosing electronic component stores in Thailand.  All the stress that we have discussed promises to give the best solutions. So, which store should you choose?

You should start by analyzing your needs. Ask yourself questions such as: what do you expect from the store? How many components would you like to buy? Would you like to buy locally or import? What is your budget for electronic components?

It is only after assessing your needs that you will be able to pick a store that will meet them to the fullest. Compare them based on their capacity and capability to satisfy all your requirements.

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