Electronic Component Store Near Me In The Philippines

Planning to buy electronic components in the Philippines? All that you need to do is walk to a store near you and purchase the component. On paper, this may seem to be an easy task to achieve. However, in reality, you may have a hard time making that decision. One reason is very few stores in the Philippines stock all the electronic components that you may need for your application. Even if a shop may have the components, they may not be of high quality that can meet your expectations. To help you make the right choice, we are going to highlight some of the best electronic component stores near me in the Philippines. At the end of it all, you will not have a hard time deciding where to buy the components.



Aretronics was created by the former employees of AllElectronics, an online store that has been in the business since 1967. The store supplies electronic and electromechanical components to its customers in different parts of the world, The Philippines is just one of the countries that are well served by the brand. Electronics has been constantly changing its brand to give its customers better products and services. Our goal is to provide fast and reliable services and we did in All Electronics.  We are even stocking more components than we used to. All the unique and useful parts that you need for your projects are available on our website. We offer competitive discounts on all our electronic components. To make things better, we ship our products to the Philippines.


eComponetz is an online platform that prides itself on being the largest collector of electronic products and embedded units. We have a curated product catalog that will help you find the best electronic components quickly and easily. If you are an engineer in the Philippines and you are building IoT, wireless solutions, or any other type of invention, this may be the right trading platform for you. While the company mainly supplies its components to engineers in India, it also exports some to other countries such as the Philippines.

305, 3rd Floor, Suryaprema Building, 1st Cross, Manjunath Nagar, Raghuvanahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka -560062

Meiji Electric

At Meiji, we have an array of electronic components suitable for small and major projects. We have been in the electrical business for over 30 years and have served different types of clients in the Philippines. Currently, the company stocks a significant catalog of all types of electronic components that are suitable for different application areas.

In recent years, Meiji Electric has been focusing on energy-saving products. It aims at achieving this goal by stocking modern components that are mainly designed for energy efficiency. Other than the components, Meiji Electrics also supplies switches and wiring products. The aggressiveness with which the company is approaching the market makes it easy for them to deliver customer-centered solutions.

1 Mabolo Street, New Manila, Barangay Mariana. P.C. 1112, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Rantle East Electronic

Rantle East Electronic is one of China’s leading suppliers and sourcing agents for electronic components. Being in China, it has full access to all types of vital electronic components that are relevant to modern applications. In other words, the supplier enjoys unlimited access to the world’s best manufacturers and suppliers of electronic components. Additionally, it’s easy to ship electronic components from China to the Philippines.

Customer care is one of the strongest attributes of Rantle Electronics. Over the years, the company has been continuously improving its technical and non-technical support. We have experienced engineers and technicians who take care of any customer-related issues and queries. As a sourcing agent, we can source the right components on your behalf and deliver them to your location.


Element 14

Element14 is one of the biggest names when it comes to the supply and distribution of electronic components at the global level. It supplies its components to any part of the world, including the Philippines. The company even takes part in the design and servicing of the electronic components. This means that in case you encounter some issues with the components that you have purchased, you can get quick help.

There are several reasons why you should choose Element14 if you are looking for electronic components in the Philippines. First, you will have unlimited access to all types of electronic components. With a catalog of more than 950,000 pieces of electronic components, there is no doubt that you will find the ones you are looking for. The company sources its products from more than 2000 leading suppliers in this industry.

Element14 is also dedicated to delivering excellent customer support. The company provides online technical support 24/5. It also facilitates fast delivery of quality electronic components in the Philippines.

Electro World Philippines

Electroworld is an established retail store in the Philippines that specializes in electronic products.  You can also find components such as ICs, resistors, transistors, and others on this website. The store has partnerships with other major brands to supply and distribute components in the Philippines. By working with some of the best manufacturers, you are guaranteed to buy components at reasonable prices.

Beyond the online space, Electroworld has several physical stores and distribution centers in The Philippines from where you can select the components that you want, or get technical customer help.

3rd Floor, Lucky China Town Mall Binondo Manila, 2nd Floor North Wing Unit 227, Cyberzone, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay

Deeco Electronics

Deeco is an established store when it comes to the supply and distribution of electronic components in the Philippines.  It has several stores that are located in different towns in the Philippines. This helps to facilitate the fast and efficient distribution of electronic components across the country.

Deeco sources its components from other global brands, hence bridging the gap between buyers and manufacturers. The brand has also done a good job of positioning itself as a top supplier of original electronic components in the Philippines.

607 Sales St, Quiapo, Manila, 1001 Metro Manila, Philippines

Comworks Inc

Comworks Inc

ComWorks is a company in the Philippines that covers a broad range of spectrum including the distribution of quality electronic components. In this scope, the company mainly focuses on mobile solutions whereby it distributes components that are used for making mobile devices. Started in 1996, ComWorks has grown to be an industry leader in the world of electronics and technology as a whole.

ComWorks has been ranked among the top 1000 companies in the Philippines and is the largest wholesaler of telecommunication hardware components. It has built a solid reputation both in the Philippines and abroad.



Another online store that you may consider buying from, especially when you specifically want components from China is Alibaba. It is the biggest e-commerce platform where you can buy anything, including electronic components. All you need is to search for the product that you would like to use and then make the purchase. Being a giant online store, you can be sure of finding whichever component that you would like to purchase.

Alibaba brings together electronic component manufacturers and suppliers in one platform. You should find out the details of each supplier before you make that final decision.  You can also filter out the products based on their prices. The good news it is easy to ship components through Alibaba to the Philippines. You should also confirm the order limits that the supplier has stated. This is because Alibaba hosts wholesale suppliers of electronic components.



Like Alibaba, Amazon is also a global e-commerce for different products. The company has its headquarters in the United States but has the full capacity to supply its products to different parts of the world.  You will utilize the search feature to find the specific electronic component that you want to buy. A key advantage of Amazon is it has an elaborate logistic system that allows you to monitor the movements of your orders. You should also check out user reviews and comments to find out the legitimacy of the suppliers that you would like to choose.



DigiKey is one of the largest electronic component stores in the world. The fact that it specializes in electronic products increases your chances of finding the right components for your application. It has different types of electronic components, all of which are relevant to modern-day applications.

The brand is dedicated to helping engineers find the right solutions for their projects. The best way of doing so is by creating partnerships and collaborations right from the design phase to the implementation. You can even request modifications on the component and we deliver the exact components that you need.

As a specialized electronic component store, DigiKey has employees who are experienced in the matters of electronics. They have what it takes to offer the best technical support. We strive as hard as possible to give the best answers concerning the electronic components in our store. To crown it all, you can buy products at DigiKey and they will be shipped to the Philippines and you will still get timely delivery.


Mouser Electronics

Mouser is a global brand that specializes in supplying and distributing semiconductor components The brand enjoys an extensive catalog of electronic components that are applicable in all industries.   Whether you want passive or active electronic components, the brand will supply them. Other than passive and active components, Mouser also supplies electrochemicals and interconnects.

The global footprint of Mouser is a top reason why you should consider choosing it when you are looking for electronic components near me in the Philippines. It has an elaborate logistics system that ensures all goods reach their intended destination. Mouser has a responsive and interactive website.  You can easily find the specific components that you need for your project. For example, you can verify the availability of a product in real-time. The company is constantly updating its catalog with new and next-gen products.  Collaboration with the manufacturers is a factor that has enhanced the brand’s capacity to supply a wide array of electronic components at reasonable prices.



Robokits is a global online shop that specializes in electronic components for robotics. The store’s business module mainly caters to hobbyists and learners who are more into robotics. However, as long as you want to use components for other electronic applications, you can still place your order and we will deliver.

One sure thing about Robokits is the availability of electronic components. The company stocks different types of motor kits, sensors, actuators, and circuit boards among others.  You can buy any volume of a component without any limitation. Our online platform makes it easy for users to browse through different components that we have before choosing your ideal option.

Since Robokits is an educational-oriented site, you should expect to find tons of learning material on the website.  There are thousands of tutorials and other learning materials for learners and hobbyists. Additionally, the technical support that the company gives is enough to get you started. There is also a large network of Robokits communities where you will interact with other robotics enthusiasts and learn something about these products.



Monoprice has been in the business of supplying electronic components since 2002. Over the years, the brand has built a solid reputation for supplying its customers with quality consumer electronics. It wasn’t until recently that the brand spread its wings to start supplying electronic components.

Price is among the selling points of Monoprice. Over the years, the company has acquired most of its customers because of the affordability of its products. A direct link to the manufacturers and other global suppliers is the reason for the low prices of their products.

Since Monoprice is an online retailer, you can easily buy its components through the brand’s website.  You should trust the company to ship the components straight to your location. There is a dedicated customer care that is ready to offer technical support for all the products that you purchase.

Matha Electronics

Matha Electronics is an electronic component shop that is based in India but distributes its components worldwide. Given the location of the store’s main store,  we can say that it is easy to ship electronic components from India to the Philippines.

Matha has gained massive popularity in Asia mainly because of its near-perfect pricing and as well as excellent after-sales service. The brand has been in the industry for over 30 years and has built strong relationships with both customers and suppliers. Our catalog contains different types of electronic products including electronic components, as well as complete electric devices.

We also serve different types of customers including learning institutions, electric device manufacturers, engineers, and hobbyists. We have different packages to cater to these different clients. We also have top-notch after-sales services that are curated to give our clients total satisfaction.



As the name suggests, semiconductor chips are among the key products of the company. In case you would like to buy IC chips in the Philippines, this is the company that you should use.  It is an online platform that allows users to browse and buy electronic components that are suitable for their application areas. The price and inventory search feature on the website allows you to enter the name and number of any component that you would like to purchase and you will get instant results. It will give you the prices of the component and its distributor. From there, you can make a comparison and decide which one to buy.

The parametric search feature allows users to narrow down their search. Additionally, once you subscribe to the website, you will be getting alerts about the arrival of new components.


Jameco is a leading electronics store distributor. It specializes in electronic components as well as power components that are relevant in different application areas. The brand has been doing this business for over 45 years and stocks a wide selection of components directly from the manufacturers. This is a key reason why our components are sold at relatively lower prices than those from our competitors.

Some of the products that you will find at Jameco include batteries, interconnects, IC chips, passive components, active components, wires, and cables, among many others. Place your order on their website and the company will ship electronic components to the Philippines.



eBay is a multinational online platform that allows trading between suppliers and consumers. It can also be a perfect option for someone looking to buy those hard-to-find electronic components in the Philippines. First, eBay operates as a marketplace. This means that individual sellers as well as businesses can use the platform to sell their products. The platform hosts all types of products and electronic components are just among them. You will need to utilize the search feature to filter the specific electronic component that you want. You should also pay attention to the reviews and ratings of each eBay seller to avoid getting scammed.

Tenet Technetronics


Tenet Technetronics is an electronic component distributor that is based in India. Like most distributors, the company supplies components to other countries such as the Philippines. The brand is driven by its mission which is “Simplifying Technology for Life”.  One way of achieving this goal is by supplying components to the customers. The company also provides adequate support to its customers through constant engagement.

Choosing the best electronic component stores in the Philippines

At this point, it is clear that the choice of electronic component stores near me in the Philippines is unlimited. There are plenty of stores to choose from. However, this does not mean that all these stores are capable of delivering. You still need to be vigilant about the stores that you choose. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing an electronic component store in the Philippines.

  • Know your needs: Before you even start looking for electronic component stores near you, list down your requirements. Which electronic component would you like to buy and what are its specifications? Knowing your needs will ensure that the search for the sores will be more focused.
  • Location: The first pointer is the location of the store. In whichever city or town you are in, you should choose a store that is in proximity to your location. It will always be convenient to buy from a local store as it saves time and resources. For example, you will not have to worry about the cost of transporting the component. Also, the location will determine the level of customer support that you will get. A perfect example is when the component is damaged and you want to return it to the store.
  • Price of the component: You should also consider the cost when it comes to choosing electronic component stores near me. Some stores are more expensive than others. However, do not focus on the price at the expense of quality. Still, on the price factor, you should be keen on the discounts and offers from the stores.
  • Customer reviews:  take time to read customer reviews from the electronic component stores. This applies to both online and physical stores. Many positive reviews are a sign of good things to come. On the other hand, negative reviews can push you away from the brand.
  • Stores business model: Electronic component stores have different modes of operation. Some stores majorly cater to bulk shoppers while others allow buyers to buy single pieces of components. Choose a store whose business module fits your needs


So, which is the best electronic component store near me? After going through this list, chances are you would like to make the final decision of choosing the right store. The best electronic store near you is one that has the full potential of delivering quality components at the right price.  Since we are in a digital age, the best store may be an online store whose main offices are miles away. As long as they can deliver the components, then they qualify to be the best. After doing a deep analysis, you can proceed and choose the best store.

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