12 Electronic Component Stores Near Me In Bangladesh

Electronic Component Store Near Me in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has seen a rise in the need for high-quality electronic parts, which has created a bigger market for new ideas and better technology. It can be hard to find your way around this area because there are so many places selling different goods and services. Here is a complete list of some of the best shops in Bangladesh that sell electronic parts. Each one serves a different type of customer and has its specialties.

Sensor Shop BD

Sensor Shop BD, which was started by Techsense Bangladesh Ltd in 2015, has changed the way tech is used in Bangladesh. They are dedicated to providing top-notch sensors and automation items, and their goal is to give every business smart, new, and dependable sensor solutions.

Sensor Shop BD works with top manufacturers from Germany, the US, Italy, China, Taiwan, and other places to make sure they have a carefully chosen selection of sensors that can work well in harsh situations. Their address at Road No. 30, House No. 423 (4th floor), DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka 1206 makes sure that businesses and industries can get access to the best sensor technology.

Sensor Shop BD helps Bangladesh’s technology growth by offering a wide range of products and a focus on new ideas. They are leading the way in the country’s sensor market by focusing on quality and ease of use. This encourages speed and new ideas across all fields.

  • Address: Road No 30, House no 423 (4th floor), DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh

Robotics Bangladesh

If you need anything mechanical, RoboticsBD is the best place to buy it online. They are at House-5 Road-3, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh, and they sell the parts you need to make your electronics ideas come to life.

RoboticsBD is proud to teach as well as sell goods. Their Department of Education has classes and online lessons that are designed to help people learn about embedded electronics. No matter how experienced you are with electronics, RoboticsBD can help you come up with new ideas by giving you the tools and information you need.

  • Address: House-5 Road-3, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh


Electronics.Com.BD is a way to get interesting, valuable, and hard-to-find items from around the world that are shipped to Bangladesh. Their goal is to meet the needs of engineers, hobbyists, students, teachers, and workers alike. You can find them at Farmview Super Market, Shop 463, 3rd floor, Green Rd, Dhaka 1215.

Electronics.Com.BD guarantees the best deals on the market by giving competitive prices. This makes these products available to a larger group of people. In addition, their dedication goes beyond sales; they put customer service first and offer help with their goods. They go the extra mile to meet customers’ needs for particular parts for projects, even if those parts are hard to find elsewhere.

At Electronics.Com.BD, new technology, and easy access come together. They are a reliable source that makes sure both popular and uncommon electronic necessities are easy to get. This helps Bangladesh’s tech community grow and meet its goals.

  •  Address: Farmview Super Market, Shop 463, 3rd floor, Green Rd, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh

Science Shop Bangladesh

Science Shop Bangladesh is a trustworthy online store that sells electronic parts, sensors, and projects. People in the tech community believe this platform, which is located at Distillery Road, Doyagonj New Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Science Shop Bangladesh meets the wants of tech fans, engineers, and project developers by specializing in electronic parts and sensors. Because they care about quality and dependability, customers can get a wide range of parts they need for their electrical projects.

With a focus on quality and trust, Science Shop Bangladesh has become the place to go in Bangladesh for people looking for reliable electrical parts and sensors. They are a major player in Bangladesh’s electrical component market because they are committed to being consistent and dependable.

  • Address: Distillery Road, Doyagonj New Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh

RC Product BD

RC Product BD is proud to be the best online store in Bangladesh for robots. This platform is situated at Saidabad Wasa Rd, Dhaka 1204. It is a convenient place to go for all your robotics needs.

Robotics goods can be easily bought at RC Product BD, which caters to both hobbyists and professionals. Their large collection and easy-to-use interface make it simple to find the parts and tools needed for a wide range of robotics projects.

As Bangladesh’s best robotics store, RC Product BD aims to offer the best in customer service and a huge selection of robotics goods. Anybody interested in robotics, from beginners just starting to experience fans looking for specific parts, can count on RC Product BD to meet their needs quickly and correctly.

  • Address: Saidabad Wasa Rd, Dhaka 1204, Bangladesh


It is with great pride that Techshopbd is the first and biggest web store in Bangladesh that only sells robotic and electronic parts. This business, located at A.R.A. Bhaban, 39 Kazi Nazrul Islam Ave, Dhaka 1215, is the best place for tech fans to go.

Techshopbd has a huge selection of robotics and electronics goods because it has a huge inventory of parts. Because they care about their customers, they back up their goods with warranties that give buyers confidence and peace of mind.

  • Address: A.R.A. Bhaban, 39 Kazi Nazrul Islam Ave, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh

M/S Faysal Electronic BD

M/S Faysal Electronic BD is the best place to buy gadgets. It is located at 62 No, Nandipara Main Rd, Dhaka 1214, Bangladesh. They sell many different kinds of electronics and let you pay for them over time, which makes sure that everyone can get good electronics. They have a strong commitment to customer service and will help customers whenever they need it.

  • Address: 62 No, Nandipara Main Rd, Dhaka 1214, Bangladesh


You can get everything you need for your electrical projects at Leetech, which is in the Mazar Co-operative Market at Mirpur-1, Mazar Road, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh. This store sells a lot of different kinds of electronics parts, such as robot parts, sensors, displays, modules, Arduino boards, ICs, microcontrollers, and development boards.

Leetech is the best place to go if you’re interested in robotics, need sensor solutions, or need specific electronic parts. Their large selection is good for hobbyists, students, and pros, and it encourages new ideas and creativity in the electronics community.

Leetech is an electronics parts store that is dedicated to offering a wide range of parts that are needed for different projects. Because they are in Dhaka, it is easy for people who are interested in electronics to get good parts and move their technology goals forward.

  • Address: Mazar Co-operative Market, Mirpur-1, Mazar Road, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh

Esquire Electronics Ltd

With a wide selection of original electronics, Esquire Electronics Ltd is Bangladesh’s best online store. They are at Esquire Tower, 9th floor, Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Avenue, Dhaka 1208, Bangladesh, and they sell a wide range of real electronics.

  • Address: Esquire Tower, 9th floor, Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Avenue, Dhaka 1208, Bangladesh, Dhaka 1208, Bangladesh

Techmart Bangladesh

Techmart Bangladesh stands out as an online store that sells a wide range of unique goods. They are located on the first floor of 675 Kazipara, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh, and they sell a wide range of high-tech items.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and new technologies are important in today’s world, and Techmart Bangladesh accepts this. To meet the needs of current customers, they put together a collection of products that keep up with changing technological trends.

Their website gives people access to a wide range of cutting-edge tech goods. Techmart Bangladesh has a lot of different kinds of tech products to meet the wants of modern people, such as IoT devices, high-tech gadgets, and tech-driven solutions. They are a leader in the electronics market because they are dedicated to making unique electronic goods that appeal to tech-savvy customers looking for the newest ideas.

  • Address: 1st floor, 675, Kazipara, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh


Ulkasemi has become Bangladesh’s best Semiconductor Design Service Company since it was founded in 2007. Its headquarters are in Cupertino, California (Silicon Valley), and it has offices in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Toronto, Canada, and Bengaluru, India.

Ulkasemi is located on the first floor of House# 434 Road# 7, Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh. It is at the top of its field because it is very good at providing services for semiconductors. The company has grown and now has over 200 workers working all over the world. They have been in business for almost 14 years and have seen amazing growth.

Ulkasemi is well-known in the semiconductor field because it is dedicated to offering skilled services. Their specialized knowledge and ability to do business all over the world keep them at the cutting edge of new ideas in chip design. Ulkasemi is the best semiconductor design service company in Bangladesh. It continues to set standards in the business and push for technological progress in the semiconductor sector.

  • Address: First Floor House# 434 Road# 7, Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh

M.K. Electronics

M.K. Electronics is a leader in Bangladesh’s multi-brand electronics store market. With a history that spans more than 30 years and a customer base of more than a million, M.K. Electronics has won the trust and respect of many people and businesses in Bangladesh.

Strategically placing their showrooms in high-traffic areas of cities shows how committed they are to being easy to reach and providing excellent service. M.K. Electronics is located at Atlanta Trade Center (Ground Floor House #1/A, Road #01, Sector #4, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh), which makes it easy to get high-quality electronics.

Panasonic, Hitachi, Sharp, Daikin, Fotile, and many other well-known international electronics brands have given M.K. Electronics awards for excellence, which backs up their excellent image. These awards show how dedicated the company is to quality and customer happiness, making it an even more reliable source of high-quality electronics in Bangladesh.

  • Address: Atlanta Trade Center (Ground Floor House #1/A, Road #01, Sector #4, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh

Factors To Consider Before Selecting an Electronic Component Store in Bangladesh

  • Product Quality and Authenticity: Make sure the shop sells real, high-quality electronic parts. To be sure of its authenticity, look for certifications or partnerships with well-known names.
  • Product Range and Diversity: Look for shops that sell a lot of different parts, like sensors, microcontrollers, modules, and more. You can find the things you need for your projects if you have a wide range of items in stock.
  • Dependability and Reputation: Think about how well-known the shop is in the area. Reviews, feedback from customers, and the number of years in business all show how reliable and happy the customers are.
  • Technical Help and Advice: Stores that offer technical help, guides, or lessons can be very helpful, especially for people who are just starting. Having access to knowledgeable staff or online tools makes it easier to carry out projects and fix problems.
  • Prices and Deals: It can be helpful to have competitive prices and sometimes offer deals or discounts. Check prices at different shops to make sure you’re getting a good deal on the parts.
  • Warranty and Return Policies: Find out what the store’s rules are for swaps, returns, and warranties. A shop you can trust will usually offer guarantees on their products to protect buyers.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: Think about where the store is located, if it has an online presence, and how easy it is to get to. Some people might like online stores with easy-to-use interfaces and better shipping choices.
  • Specializations and Uniqueness: Some stores only sell certain parts or give one-of-a-kind items that are hard to find. Check to see if their skills match the needs of your job.
  • Community and Support: Stores that have forums, workshops, or communities for electronics fans can help you make connections and get help on your path.
  • Customer Service and Help: Check out how good the store’s customer service is. A good shopping experience includes quick answers to questions, helpful staff, and clear communication.

When picking an electronic parts store in Bangladesh, these things can help you make an informed choice that fits your project needs and expectations.


In Bangladesh, electronic stores cater to everyone, from hobbyists to professionals, offering unique products and expertise. Whether you need sensors, robotics gear, or educational tools, these stores have you covered. At Rantle East Electronic, we connect you directly to China for a wide array of electronic components. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll do our best to get it for you, making your search for specific parts hassle-free.

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