10 Electronic Component Stores Near Me In Egypt

Electronic Component Store Near Me In Egypt

Do you have an interest in electronics or are you a professional looking for quality components for your projects on the Egyptian market? Possessing access to dependable electronic component stores is essential, regardless of whether you are located in Cairo, Alexandria, or any other place. When it comes to your creations, the availability of quality products can have a big impact. This includes anything from semiconductor devices to development boards.

The following is an exhaustive guide of the most reputable electronic component stores located in Egypt:

RAM Electronics

RAM Electronics

RAM Electronics is a company in El Tahrir, Cairo Governorate, that is dedicated to providing excellent products and customer service. They carefully choose products from only reliable sources to make sure customers get only the best products. Because RAM Electronics thinks that everyone should be able to buy electronics, they keep prices low while still making sure their products are the best. Beyond the goods they sell, they are dedicated to making sure customers are satisfied by providing personalized service and working quickly. Because of this, RAM Electronics is a reliable place to get high-quality electronic parts in Cairo.

  • Address: 32 El Falaky St، El Tahrir, Cairo Governorate 11121, Egypt

Alamir Mall

Alamir Mall is a specialized distributor that works with the complicated world of electronic parts. It is located in Abdeen, Cairo Governorate. Their specialty is providing a wide range of important parts that meet a wide range of technology requirements.

Alamir Mall at 2 Mazloum Basha Street does very well as a one-stop shop for many different kinds of technology needs. They have a large selection of everything from semiconductor devices that power modern electronics to passive components that are necessary for circuits. In addition, their collection includes test and measurement equipment that is needed to make sure electronics are accurate and of high quality, as well as networking accessories and devices that are necessary for seamless connection.

Because of this, Alamir Mall stands out because it caters to engineers, hobbyists, and tech fans who are looking for trusted parts for their projects. Their carefully chosen selection makes sure that you can get the high-quality, industry-standard parts you need for a wide range of uses, from small-scale testing to big industrial projects.

  • Address: 2 Mazloum Basha, st, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate 11311, Egypt



Filotronix is one of the greatest locations to buy electronic parts online. It is situated in the vibrant 6th of October City. This store takes pride in offering a diverse selection of electronic components. It is located on the second level of El Magd Mall, Shop #7 in Giza Governorate, in Laylat al-Qadr Square.

Filotronix stands out as a wonderful online source for a wide range of electronic parts for tech enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals. Their online store is a single spot where clients can readily access a huge assortment of parts, making it simple for them to find the perfect ones for their projects.

Customers benefit from being able to touch and choose from a carefully selected assortment of electronic parts because the store is physically located in El Magd Mall. Filotronix attempts to address all of these diverse needs, whether someone is seeking specialized parts for a project or a vast selection of parts for general electrical projects.

  • Address: Laylat al-Qadr sq. El Magd Mall 2nd. floor, Shop #7, Giza Governorate 12573, Egypt

UGE Electronics Merghany Branch

UGE Electronics Merghany Branch

UGE Electronics, based in Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, is a fast-growing Egyptian distributor noted for its broad range of electronic items. This branch, located at 17-37 Mahmoud Hasan, Al Golf, serves a wide range of technology needs.

UGE Electronics stands out as a dependable source for 3D printers, semiconductors, electronic components, embedded boards, sensors, CNC parts, Arduino boards and shields, and diverse test equipment. Their operational approach reflects their commitment to providing the correct part at the right time.

UGE Electronics’ guiding principles are selection, speed, and precision. Their cutting-edge warehouse, outfitted with sophisticated facilities, runs around the clock, guaranteeing orders are processed swiftly and without delays. Customers can rely on UGE Electronics for timely and precise order fulfillment because of this commitment to efficiency and precision.

Furthermore, their unshakable commitment to client satisfaction is reflected in their emphasis on getting orders right and assuring on-time deliveries, underlining the critical role of customer-centric service. UGE Electronics has positioned itself as a trusted destination for electronic components and technical solutions in Nasr City and beyond by prioritizing the needs of the customer and striving for excellence in service and product availability.

  • Address: 17-37 Mahmoud Hasan, Al Golf, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11413, Egypt

Future Electronics Egypt

Future Electronics Egypt

Future Electronics Egypt, headquartered at 2 Ahmed Fouad Abd Al Aziz Al Sarayat Sabekaa in Al Waili, Cairo Governorate, exemplifies global success and innovation in the electronic component sector.

Future Electronics is known for its competence in supply chain solutions, market intelligence, and vast engineering experience, and it has a strong global presence. This combination allows them to provide unrivaled service to customers looking for electronic components and solutions. The company’s strength is its ability to bring ideas to life through a carefully curated array of unique products. Future Electronics acts as a catalyst for product development, offering a forum for the transformation of concepts and ideas into practical technological solutions.

  • Address: 2 Ahmed Fouad Abd Al Aziz Al Sarayat Sabekaa, As Sarayat, Al Waili, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

EL Gammal Electronics

EL Gammal Electronics

EL Gammal Electronics, located in Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, differentiates itself by curating a collection of the finest electronic devices from a variety of technology sectors.

EL Gammal Electronics, located at 1 Al Amir Kedadar, takes pleasure in selecting only the best items, guaranteeing that consumers have access to the greatest solutions for their technical needs. EL Gammal Electronics is a top destination for excellent electronic components, with a comprehensive inventory of over a million goods drawn from the world’s most respected companies.

Their commitment to providing a comprehensive range of products across several technology fields demonstrates a commitment to serving the diversified needs of clients. EL Gammal Electronics instills confidence in the quality and reliability of its offerings by sourcing from globally famous companies and catering to professionals, amateurs, and technology enthusiasts looking for high-quality electronic components.

  • Address: 1 Al Amir Kedadar, Ad Dawawin, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Electra for electronic & industrial components

Electra for Electronic & Industrial Components, located at 47 Ahmed Qamha Street, ALASEEL Tower in Qism Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate, has been a popular destination for electronic aficionados, engineers, and industry experts since its inception in 2007.

Electra caters to a wide range of electronic needs by specializing in a wide range of offerings. They have a large variety of electronic components for diverse purposes as well as development boards for prototyping. Furthermore, their availability of industrial replacement parts and tools confirms their position as a go-to destination for engineers and individuals interested in electronics.

Electra has been committed for over a decade to providing the technical community with a wide range of electronic components and industrial instruments required for innovation and project implementation. Their commitment to delivering a full range of items essential for electronic projects distinguishes Electra as a vital resource for both electronics hobbyists and professionals in Alexandria and the surrounding areas.

  • Address: 47 Ahmed Qamha Street, ALASEEL Tower، Qism Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Makers Electronics

Makers Electronics, located at 158 Rakwtes in Qism Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate, is a leading Egyptian firm dedicated to supplying electronics hobbyists with top components and replacement parts.

Makers Electronics has established itself as a major participant in the electronics industry by providing a wide range of high-quality electronic components and gadgets. Their emphasis on supplying these necessities at reasonable pricing seeks to enable electronics enthusiasts and makers to embark on innovative projects without financial restraints.

Makers Electronics strives to be more than just a provider; it aspires to establish a flourishing electronics community in Egypt. Through their products, they hope to foster a culture of creativity and innovation among electronics enthusiasts, creating a platform where people who are passionate about electronics can come together to share ideas and information.

Makers Electronics’ mission to expand the field of electronics in Egypt by building a community of makers, geeks, and enthusiasts reflects their commitment to extending the realm of electronics by nurturing a culture of invention, cooperation, and creativity.

  • Address:158 Rakwtes, الإبراهيمية قبلي, Qism Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate 21321, Egypt

Farnell Grand Solutions

Farnell Grand Solutions, located at 20 Abd El-Moniem Hafez, El-Nozha Street, Heliopolis, Cairo, is a large electronic component reseller with an amazing product line.

Farnell Grand Solutions meets a wide range of electronic needs with an inventory that includes over 2 million goods purchased from over 900 suppliers. Their dedication to client pleasure is demonstrated by their promise of same-day shipment, which ensures order fulfillment as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the constant addition of new products to their catalog strengthens their offerings, guaranteeing consumers have access to the most recent and creative components.

Farnell Grand Solutions’ appeal is enhanced by the ease with which clients may browse, select, and order their desired electronic components. With an emphasis on accessibility and speed in procurement, they are positioned as a dependable and effective resource for engineers, amateurs, and professionals looking for electronic components in Cairo.

  • Address: 20 Abd El-Moniem Hafez, El-Nozha Street, Heliopolis، مصر الجديدة، القاهرة، Cairo القاهرة، 11341, Egypt

RS Components Egypt

RS Components Egypt

RS Components Egypt, a well-known distributor of electronic, electrical, and industrial components, has a dominant market position.

RS Components is a renowned supplier in Egypt, known for its wide line of components catering to many industries. Their expertise spans the electronic, electrical, and industrial sectors, guaranteeing that they can meet the needs of engineers, manufacturers, and enthusiasts alike.

RS Components, with an emphasis on safe online ordering, offers consumers a convenient and dependable platform for procuring the necessary components. Their commitment to same-day delivery demonstrates their commitment to rapid service and client happiness.

RS Components’ reputation as a reliable distributor of electronic, electrical, and industrial components solidifies its position as a go-to resource for professionals and enthusiasts in Egypt looking for high-quality components.

Tips For Buying Electronic Components in Stores Across Egypt

  • Store Research and Comparison: Investigate the many stores accessible, comparing their specialties, inventory, and customer feedback. Each store may have its own set of offerings or strengths.
  • Verify Authenticity: Check to see if the store sells genuine products from well-known companies. Counterfeit electronic components can hurt the quality and performance of your projects.
  • Quality Control: Look for stores that place a premium on quality control and acquire their components from reputable vendors. Reliable components ensure long-term performance and durability.
  • Inventory Diversity: Look for stores that have a diverse selection of components. A store that serves varied project demands by supplying many options in semiconductors, passive components, sensors, and so on.
  • Shipping and Delivery: Before making an online purchase, check the store’s shipping regulations. Reliable delivery services and tracking tools are required to ensure that components arrive on time.
  • Return and Exchange Policies: Learn about the store’s return and exchange policies. A flexible return policy is critical in the event of broken or incorrect components.
  • Price and Value: When looking for low-cost choices, emphasize value over price. Maintain a balance of cost-effectiveness and quality.
  • Keep Up to Date: Some stores refresh their inventory with new products regularly. Staying up to date on these additions may lead to the discovery of novel components for your projects.

Remember that the necessities of each project may differ, so locating the proper store for your individual needs can have a significant impact on the success and quality of your technological undertakings.


In Egypt’s vibrant electronics landscape, a tapestry of specialized stores—from RAM Electronics’ unwavering dedication to quality to UGE Electronics’ swift precision and Future Electronics’ expansive global footprint—orchestrates a symphony of options. These establishments dispersed across Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, and beyond, fortify Egypt’s tech evolution. Yet, for direct access to top-notch electronic components from China delivered right to your door, look no further than Rantle East Electronic. Embrace innovation at your fingertips—explore our comprehensive offerings today and elevate your tech endeavors effortlessly!

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