14 Electronic Component Stores Near Me In Kenya

Electronic Component Store Near Me in Kenya

Kenya is a thriving electronics hub, with plenty of outlets catering to the different needs of tech enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals. The country offers a wide range of possibilities, each with its own particular products and specialties, ranging from specialist online outlets to bustling physical establishments. Let’s take a deeper look at some of Kenya’s most prominent electronic component stores, revealing their unique qualities and contributions to the country’s thriving tech sector.



K-Technics System, a virtual refuge for people who are passionate about engineering, is located on Munyu Road in Nairobi. This shop provides customers with a comprehensive selection of electronic components, including:

  • Arduino Development Boards:Uno, Nano,  Mega, and starter kits
  • Raspberry Pi and Peripherals:Enhancing Pi functionality
  • Arduino-Compatible Sensors:Covering biometrics, gas/liquid, tracking, and more
  • Robotics Kits, Communication Modules, and IoT Boards:Enabling seamless connectivity

The dedication of K-Technics System to providing superior engineering services is one of the company’s defining characteristics. It acts as a driving force behind invention by supplying tools and developing a community of people with imaginative minds. This shop is open to everyone, from seasoned professionals to casual hobbyists, and it gives you the tools to make your dreams a reality.

  • Address: Munyu Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Website: https://www.ktechnics.com/

Nerokas Engineering Solutions Ltd

Nerokas Engineering Solutions Ltd

Nerokas Engineering Solutions Ltd. is located in Emko Plaza on Garissa Road. This establishment serves as a focal point for both innovators and enthusiasts. This open-source hardware community facilitator gives creators more authority by:

  • Supplying Electronic Components:Offering a vast array of components for projects
  • Guidance and Expertise:Providing support and expertise to customers
  • Education and Inspiration:Fostering young minds’ interest in automation by offering affordable tools and equipment

Nerokas is dedicated to fostering creativity by making tools available to customers at prices that cannot be beaten, thus creating the conditions for original works of art. To get started on your journey toward innovation right away, pay a visit to Nerokas Engineering Solutions Ltd. in Emko Plaza.

  • Address: Emko Plaza, Garissa Rd, Thika, Kenya
  • Website: http://store.nerokas.co.ke/

Sollatek Electronics (Kenya) LTD

Sollatek Electronics (Kenya) LTD

Since its founding in 1983, Sollatek UK has been a forerunner in the development of the Automatic Voltage Switcher (AVS), positioning the company to become a global leader in the protection of electronic equipment. Sollatek Kenya, which began operations in 1985, quickly established itself as the group’s main location.

Sollatek is a global powerhouse that specializes in power management and solar solutions. The company has expanded swiftly and now has offices in 14 countries and a distribution network that spans 24 additional nations.

The AVS was merely the beginning of the process. Electrical problems such as low and high voltage, spikes, surges, and backsurges are all types of electrical disturbances that can be prevented with the help of Sollatek’s extensive array of devices. These disturbances, which are occurring more frequently in the mains electricity, pose dangers of causing damage to expensive equipment.

Your trusted partner in the protection of your electrical assets is Sollatek Electronics (Kenya) Ltd, which can be found in Block A3 of the Sameer Business Park. Pay them a visit to safeguard the precious equipment you own against the effects of electrical risks.

  • Address: Sameer Business Park Block A3 First Floor, Kenya
  • Website: http://www.sollatek.co.ke/


Arduino Solutions Kenya, which can be found in the Madaraka Shipping Center on Ole Sangale Road, acts as a catalyzing force for creators and makes the transition from ideas to reality easier:

Arduino Solutions Kenya, in its capacity as a facilitator of open hardware, makes the task of locating tools significantly easier. They are particularly skilled in:

  • Supplying Electronic Components:Offering various components for inventors, hobbyists, and enthusiasts.
  • Guidance and Expertise:Providing customer support and guidance, assisting in project realization.

Arduino Solutions Kenya prioritizes affordability, striving to make essential tools and equipment accessible at very reasonable prices. Visit Arduino Solutions Kenya at Madaraka Shipping Center and turn your passion projects into tangible realities!

  • Address: Madaraka Shipping Center Ole Sangale Road, Kenya
  • Website: http://askelectronics.co.ke/



Situated on Enterprise Rd in Nairobi, Tronic Kenya stands as a pivotal supplier of electrical and lighting solutions across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors:

Tronic Kenya was founded in 1993 and has since been an advocate for international standards while providing a unique service to infrastructure projects across Africa.

Tronic Kenya, which operates in more than ten countries across Africa, keeps a close eye on the latest market trends to ensure that its product development efforts are laser-focused on satisfying a wide range of customer requirements.

Tronic Kenya, which can be found on Enterprise Road, is the place to go if you’re looking for innovative electrical solutions. Investigate the products and services they offer for residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

  • Address: Enterprise Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Website: https://www.tronic.co.ke/

Universal Tech Electronics

Universal Tech Electronics

Universal Tech Electronics, which can be found on Kamae Road in Nairobi, is recognized as the leading destination in East Africa for a comprehensive selection of electronic accessories and spare parts, including:

Universal Tech Electronics is the most well-known retail establishment in East Africa, and it provides customers with a comprehensive selection of electronic components, including accessories and spare parts.

Universal Tech Electronics, which can be found in the Nairobi neighborhood of Kamae Road, is your one-stop shop for a wide variety of electronic accessories and replacement parts. Find all you need to know about electronics in one convenient location.

  • Address: Kamae Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Website: https://universaltechelectronics.com/

Pixel Electric Company Limited

Pixel Electric Company Limited

Pixel Electric Company Limited is located at Olive Inn in Nakuru and brings together knowledge and new ideas in a number of technology areas: Pixel Electric was founded in 2017 as a selling company. Since then, it has grown into a full-fledged technical company that does great sales and offers a lot of prices and technical support.

Pixel Electric has a lot of professional experience and provides excellent services in engineering, automation, robots, drone design, assembly, and STEAM training. Pixel Electric Company Limited is at the cutting edge of engineering innovation. It is based in Nakuru at Olive Inn. Find out what technical services they offer and how good they are at them.

  • Address: Olive Inn, Nakuru, Kenya
  • https://www.pixelelectric.com/


PH Electronics, based in Kilifi, Kenya, is dedicated to offering original electrical items that are known for their affordability and durability: The emphasis at PH Electronics is on authenticity. They specialize in providing original electrical products, ensuring dependability and authenticity.

PH Electronics distinguishes itself by offering goods that not only fulfill quality standards but also provide long-lasting performance at affordable pricing. PH Electronics, located in Kilifi, is your one-stop shop for genuine, long-lasting, and competitively-priced electronic equipment. They provide dependability and affordability in their goods.

  • Address: Kilifi, Kenya

Skynet Technologies Kenya

Skynet Technologies, located on Makuti Kisumu Ndogo Road in Mombasa, is now offering low-power-consuming DC/AC inverters at competitive prices: Skynet Technologies specializes in providing DC/AC inverters with low power consumption, catering to those looking for energy-efficient solutions.

Skynet Technologies, located on Makuti Kisumu Ndogo Road in Mombasa, introduces low-cost and energy-saving DC/AC converters. Investigate their energy-saving options today!

  • Address: Makuti Kisumu Ndogo Road, Mombasa, Kenya
  • Website: https://skynet-technologies-kenya.business.site/

Warefab Ltd

Warefab Ltd, based in Kenya, announces the Warefab Konnect Sigfox Dev Kit, a ground-breaking embedded hardware IoT solution:

The Warefab Konnect Sigfox Dev Kit includes various sensors, making it easier to get started with IoT solutions. Users may easily dive into Sigfox network integration, allowing them to create an IoT Sigfox proof of concept in less than 10 minutes.

Warefab Ltd, located at Mapa House, welcomes innovators to explore the possibilities of rapid and efficient IoT creation with their powerful Sigfox Dev Kit. With Warefab Ltd, you can revolutionize your IoT projects!

  • Address: Mapa House, Kenya

Shopit Electronics

Shopit Electronics

Shopit Electronics, located on Standard Street in Nairobi’s CBD, is a well-known electronics store recognized for: Shopit has won trust by its proven track record of good services, offering a wide choice of electronic products.

With express delivery services available across the country, Shopit ensures that electronic goods are delivered quickly and conveniently to customers countrywide.

Shopit Electronics, located on Standard Street in Nairobi’s CBD, is a trustworthy provider of electronic items and services with nationwide rapid delivery.

  • Location: Standard Street, Nairobi CBD
  • Website: https://shopit.co.ke/

Shankar Electronics

Shankar Electronics

Shankar Electronics in Mombasa, established in 1970, specializes in a comprehensive range of home appliances, including air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, vacuum cleaners, small home and kitchen appliances, LED products, and entertainment systems.

Shankar Electronics, located in Mombasa, has been serving consumers for over five decades, offering a varied array of household appliances and electronic entertainment options.

  • Location: Ratna Square, Fidel Odinga Road, Nyali, Mombasa, Kenya
  • Website: https://www.shankarelectronics.co.ke/

Dove Computers

Dove Computers

Dove Computers, located on Biashara Street in Nairobi, distinguishes out as a unique retail store dealing in the latest electronic brands:

Dove Computers provides a comprehensive range of electronic gadgets, including desktop computers, servers, laptops, gaming equipment, televisions, phones, and tablets from the most recent brands on the market. Dove Computers, conveniently located on Biashara Street in Nairobi, is your one-stop shop for top-of-the-line electronic gear, offering a varied choice of cutting-edge products.

  • Location: Biashara Street, Nairobi
  • Website: https://dovecomputers.co.ke/

Bestbuy Electronics Store Kenya

Bestbuy Electronics Store Kenya, located in Nairobi CBD, is a one-stop shop that offers a wide variety of high-quality and low-cost electronics:

Cameras, subwoofers, speakers, Android televisions, printers, laptops, computers, water dispensers, fridges, and other devices are all available at Bestbuy Devices Store.

Best Buy Electronics Store Kenya, conveniently located in Nairobi CBD, offers a complete selection of electronics, making it the best destination for quality and inexpensive tech products.

  • Location: Nairobi CBD

Tips for Navigating Nairobi’s Electronic Component Stores

Researching in Advance

  • To find the best electronic component retailers in Nairobi, use online resources, forums, or local tech communities. User evaluations and recommendations may be found on platforms such as Google Maps, Yelp, or even tech forums.
  • Look for stores that specialize in the components you require. Some may specialize in Arduino boards and sensors, while others may focus on capacitors, resistors, or microcontrollers.

Planning Your Route:

  • Nairobi’s traffic can be heavy at times, extending travel times significantly. If possible, schedule your visit during off-peak hours to avoid traffic jams.
  • Map out the locations of the stores you wish to visit, striving for the shortest possible route between them.

Asking for Recommendations:

  • Local knowledge is priceless. If you know anyone in Nairobi’s tech or DIY community, ask them for recommendations on where to find the best components and any insider information they may have.

Verifying Component Authenticity:

  • In some markets, counterfeit components are common. Look for stores with a good reputation for offering authentic goods. Established stores with positive evaluations or those recommended by reliable sources are often safer bets.

Bargaining Wisely:

  • In many Nairobi markets, haggling is the standard. When negotiating rates, however, keep a respectful and reasonable demeanor. Some sellers may be willing to give discounts for large purchases or if you are a repeat customer.

Checking Return Policies:

  • Understand the store’s return, exchange, or refund policies. This is critical if you need to return a faulty component or if you purchased the incorrect item by mistake.

Language and Culture:

  • While English is commonly spoken, understanding a few basic Swahili words can be useful and may result in a more pleasant encounter with local traders.
  • Respect local norms and etiquette. Building rapport and expressing gratitude for their products and knowledge can go a long way toward establishing positive partnerships.

Inspecting Before Buying:

  • Before making a purchase, thoroughly inspect the components. If possible, see if they will let it in the store. This is especially true for costly or crucial things.

Bringing Cash and Small Bills:

  • In these markets, cash is frequently favored. Smaller bills allow smoother transactions and may aid in negotiation.

Exercising Patience:

  • It can take time to navigate these marketplaces. Accept the vivid environment, enjoy the experience, and be patient while looking for the correct components.
  • Building relationships with store owners or staff can give you dependable contacts for future purchases, as well as better deals or access to uncommon components.


Kenya is an unmatched place for electronics enthusiasts, boasting a dynamic variety of stores catering to a wide range of electronic demands. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned expert looking for specialized components, Kenya’s electrical emporiums offer a diverse range of solutions to ensure your needs are met.

Kenya’s electrical scene continues to grow, establishing itself as an intriguing destination for people interested in the world of electronics, from the busy marketplaces located in the CBD to specialized institutions and digital stores. Rantle East Electronic is the place to go for further information or advice on electronic components. Allow us to aid you in your search—share your needs and let us navigate the terrain for you.

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