9 Electronic Component Stores Near Me In Nigeria

Electronic Component Store Near Me In Nigeria

Nigeria’s electronic component market is a rapidly evolving landscape overflowing with hundreds of stores catering to a wide range of ĺĺtechnological requirements. Quality electronic components are essential whether you’re a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, or hobbyist. Let us go deeper into numerous electronic stores in various Nigerian locations and investigate the growing tech landscape as well as the importance of quality components in technological breakthroughs.

Calitrend Services

Calitrend is a licensed business that provides a wide range of services, such as Calibration, Inspection, Testing, Certification, Servicing, Fabrication, Validation, Sale, and Supply of equipment. Their dedication to excellence is shown by the fact that they are experts in a wide range of operational areas.

Calitrend has a lot of experience in a lot of different areas, and they offer calibration services for a wide range of tools. They know how to calibrate a wide range of tools, including those used for operations and quality control, as well as measuring and measuring tools, electrical tools, and more. They are dedicated to quality assurance, as shown by their determination to meet and exceed the strict standards of ISO 9001 and ISO IEC17025: 2015 Quality Management Systems.

The calibration services that Calitrend provides cover a lot of different types of tools, such as Pressure Gauges. Their careful work makes sure that these instruments are accurate and reliable, which is very important for businesses that need accurate measurements, like the oil industry.

  • Address: 16, Ademola Oshinowo Street, Ikosi, Ketu, Lagos Lagos, Lagos.

Fouani Nigeria Ltd

Fouani Nigeria Ltd (RC 400,780), which was founded in 2001 as a branch of the well-known Fouani Group of Companies, quickly became well-known and is now the only company in Nigeria and Africa that sells LG goods. Fouani Nigeria Ltd, located at 21-25 Morekete Plaza, Isheri Road, Ikeja Lagos Ojodu, has changed the way goods are distributed and has been praised for its proactive approach to the market and exceptional service.

Fouani Nigeria Ltd was first thought of as a company that would sell consumer goods, but it quickly changed its focus to electronics when it saw the huge demand and promise in that area. Their change in strategy set them up for a meteoric rise and gave them a strong grip on the distribution of LG goods.

Because Fouani Nigeria Ltd works with LG, they are the best place in Nigeria and Africa to buy LG goods. Being the only distributor shows how dedicated they are to bringing LG’s cutting-edge technology and new products to customers all over the area.

People have taken notice of their proactive methods for getting into new markets. Fouani Nigeria Ltd has won a lot of awards for its creative ways of doing things and proactive initiatives. This solidifies their place as leaders in the field of electronics distribution.

  • Address: 21- 25 Morekete Plaza, Isheri Road. bfr UBA Bank, Akiode.Omole. Ikeja Lagos Ojodu, 100213, Lagos, Nigeria

Mayor Electronics

As a famous electronics store that caters to the technology requirements of the Abakaliki region in Nigeria, Mayor Electronics can be found at the Abacha roundabout, which is located at number 13 Gunning Road in Abakaliki. Citizen Electronics has carved out a specific market niche for itself by providing a wide variety of electronic components and equipment. This has enabled the company to become a reliable hub for electronic amateurs and professionals.

Mayor Electronics takes great satisfaction in the fact that it provides a wide assortment of electronic devices and components from which to choose. consumers from all walks of life, including computer enthusiasts, professionals, and hobbyists, are among the many types of consumers that they serve. They offer everything from cutting-edge devices to crucial electronic parts. Their shelves are stocked with a wide variety of products, which include electronic accessories, components, gadgets, and even appliances because they are designed to meet a wide range of requirements and tastes.

The offerings of Mayor Electronics continue to be characterized by their high level of quality and dependability. Because of their dedication to locating and selling high-quality electronic products, they guarantee that their customers will have access to high-quality devices and components, which in turn helps to cultivate trust and loyalty among their clientele.

To guarantee that citizens and businesses in Abakaliki and the areas surrounding it have easy access to the company, Mayor Electronics is strategically positioned at the Abacha roundabout, which is located at number 13 Gunning Road. Customers who are looking for dependable electrical gadgets and components might find it easier to do business with them because of their central position, which eliminates the stress of traveling to meet their necessary technological requirements.

  • Address: No 13 Gunning Road, Abacha roundabout 480106, Abakaliki, Nigeria

Dual-Grace Electrical

Nestled within Shop R158, Block 28, District Market, Apo, Gudu, Abuja, Dual-Grace Electrical shines as a dedicated electronics components store catering to the diverse technological needs of Abuja’s tech enthusiasts, professionals, and hobbyists. With a focus on providing quality components and a range of electronic essentials, Dual-Grace Electrical has established itself as a go-to destination within the vibrant tech landscape of Abuja.

Dual-Grace Electrical prides itself on offering an extensive selection of electronic components. From basic circuitry elements to specialized parts, their shelves are stocked with a diverse range of components suitable for various tech projects. This comprehensive inventory caters to both seasoned professionals and beginners venturing into the world of electronics.

At Dual-Grace Electrical, quality and authenticity take precedence. Their commitment to sourcing genuine and high-quality components ensures reliability in the devices built or repaired using their supplies. This dedication to quality fosters trust among customers, making Dual-Grace Electrical a preferred choice for electronic components in Abuja.

Strategically situated in the bustling District Market of Apo, Gudu, Abuja, Dual-Grace Electrical offers convenient access to electronic components for residents, businesses, and tech enthusiasts in the FCT region. Their centralized location streamlines the procurement process, making it an easily accessible destination for customers seeking reliable electronic parts.

Dual-Grace Electrical stands out for its knowledgeable staff who provide expert guidance and technical support to customers. Whether it’s assistance in selecting the right components or offering advice on tech projects, their team is dedicated to ensuring customers make informed decisions based on their unique needs.

  • Address: Shop R158, Block 28, District Market, Apo, Gudu, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

ice b electronic shop

ICE B Electronic Shop is a well-known and specialized store in Abuja that serves the needs of tech enthusiasts, workers, and hobbyists with a wide range of electronic parts. It can be found at X9V3+2RV, Lugbe, Abuja. Because it focuses on selling a lot of different electronic parts and tools, Ice B Electronic Shop has become a popular spot in Abuja’s growing tech scene.

It’s a big deal for Ice B Electronic Shop to have a huge selection of electronic parts. Their shelves are full of different parts that can be used for a wide range of tech projects, from basic electronic parts to unique and hard-to-find ones. This huge range is perfect for people who like to do their projects and for professionals who are looking for specific parts for their new ideas.

At Ice B Electronic Shop, quality and rarity are very important. Their commitment to finding original, high-quality parts makes sure that electronic products built or fixed will work reliably. In addition, they are a unique and useful resource for Abuja’s tech community because they only stock rare or hard-to-find parts.

  • Address: X9V3+2RV, Lugbe 900109, Abuja, Nigeria


Hub360 is a great place to buy electronic parts and pieces. It’s on the third floor, Suite 66 of Dummec Plaza, behind the Area 1 Shopping Centre in Garki, Abuja. It serves the needs of tech fans, pros, and hobbyists in Abuja. Hub360 has become an important part of Abuja’s growing tech community by specializing in selling a wide range of electronic parts and components.

Hub360 is proud to offer a wide selection of electronic parts and components. Their collection has everything from basic parts to specialized and high-tech parts, so it can be used for a wide range of tech projects. Because they have so many options, they can meet the needs of do-it-yourselfers, students, professionals, and businesses that need special electronic parts.

Quality and variety are very important to Hub360. Their dedication to finding original, high-quality parts makes sure that the electronics they build or fix will work well. Their large selection of parts also works with many different types of devices, meeting the wants of a wide range of tech customers.

  • Address: 3rd floor Suite 66 Dummec Plaza, behind Area 1 Shopping Centre, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria

Peecee Electricals

Peecee Electricals has a huge selection of different kinds of electronic parts and components. Their shelves are full of a wide range of parts that can be used in a variety of tech projects, from basic circuit parts to niche and specialized parts. This huge selection is good for both DIY fans and professionals who are looking for specific parts for their new products.

Address: 46 Hamza Abdulahi Cl, Road 901101, Abuja, Nigeria

  • LG Electronics Fouani Nigeria Ltd

Fouani Nigeria Ltd (RC 400,780), which was founded in 2001 as a branch of the prestigious Fouani Group of Companies, has become a leader and the main distributor of LG, Hisense, and Maxi goods in Nigeria and across Africa. LG Electronics Fouani Nigeria Ltd, located at Isaac Borough Street, Woji, Port Harcourt, has changed the way electronic goods are made and has been praised for its proactive market strategies and unwavering dedication to excellence.

LG Electronics Fouani Nigeria Ltd is the only company in Nigeria that sells well-known names like LG, Hisense, and Maxi. This shows how important it is for the country and Africa to have access to high-quality electronics. Working with these well-known names makes them even more of a reliable source for high-quality electronics.

  • Address: Isaac Borough St, Woji 500101, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Bico Electronics

In Kubwa Village, Kubwa, Abuja, across from the NYSC Camp, there is a shop called Bico Electronics that sells electronics parts and components. It serves the needs of tech enthusiasts, professionals, and hobbyists in Abuja. Through its focus on offering a wide range of electronic parts and components, Bico Electronics has become an important resource in Abuja’s growing tech scene.

  • Address: Opp. NYSC Camp, Kubwa Village, Kubwa, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Obakomiyo Philip Electronics Company

The Obakomiyo Philip Electronics Company is located at 109 Egbdeda/Akowonjo Road in Alimosho, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is an important part of the Obakomiyo Philip Group of Companies and Continents, which is very large and varied. Under the umbrella of Obakomiyo Philip Jumbo Ventures, this company is an important part of an organization that includes many companies, both started from scratch and bought, whose goal is to make people’s lives better. The Obakomiyo Philip Group of Companies is mostly in the electronics business, but they also work in other fields, like the auto industry, and provide skilled services and global acquisitions.

The Obakomiyo Philip Electronics Company is one of the most important parts of the Obakomiyo Philip Group’s large and varied business holdings. The group does more than just sell electronic parts and components. It also works with cars and offers a wide range of skilled services around the world. This variety shows that the company is dedicated to many-sided projects that aim to improve many areas of human life.

  • Address: 109 Egbdeda/ Akowonjo Road, ALIMOSHO LAGOS STATE NIGERIA 23401, Lagos, Lagos.


In conclusion, there are a lot of different ways to find electronic parts shops in Nigeria. It is important to take the time to carefully consider what each store has to offer and make sure it meets your unique needs. It is very important to make sure that the exact parts you want are available before making a choice. In Nigeria, buying electronic parts online is a great way to embrace the digital age and save time. Importantly, looking at choices besides local stores, like getting parts from China through reputable agents like Rantle East Electronic, opens up new ways to get good parts that can be sent right to your door. You can make smart decisions and speed up the process of getting the tech parts you need by using these many options.

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