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Rantle is your certified supplier and distributor of practical electronic components like NEC/TOKIN/NEXEM EM1-2U1S. We are also confident in dealing our products to our customers abroad. With the help of our expert electromechanical engineers, we assure you of high-quality electronic components. Rantle also offers electronic chips at the lowest price possible. Trust Rantle products for your business!


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Rantle is probably the perfect supplier for your developing business. We are always ready to help you find the exact series of electronic components for your specific applications. We are your experienced provider that assures processing your orders without any complications.

Hence, if you desire to have the high-conditioned electronic components, check on the Rantle website. We can also provide even your immediate orders, for we have immense stock and supplies from our factory. Rantle can assist your processes from selecting to delivering your ordered electronic components. 

Order now our offered high-quality NEC/TOKIN/NEXEM EM1-2U1S!

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Professional EM1-2U1S Distributor and Supplier - Rantle East Electronic

Rantle is your professional EM1-2U1S distributor that always prioritizes your requests. With our extended background, we already have more than enough knowledge to supply your business constantly. You will never regret including our products in your electronic part industry.

The NEC/TOKIN/NEXEM EM1-2U1S we are selling has outstanding features that are good for any of its applications. We ensure the best performance of your preferred electronic components. In Rantle, your device will surely last for a long time with our electronic components. 

EM1-2U1S distributor

As your reliable distributor, we can provide you with our products instantly. Rantle ideally focuses on supplying passive, active, and even automotive electronic components. You can select from our electronic component lists your desired product for your particular applications.

 EM1-2U1S Features:

  • Compatible for broad inrush current load
  • Immense current efficiency
  • Great heat protection
  • Flux tight housing
  • Pb free
  • Accessible through-hole mending

EM1-2U1S supplier

This electronic component consumes power of about 640mW when operating. It has almost 225 Ohms coil resistance. Rantle modern electronic parts that are compatible with your specific applications are available. You can own the top-quality electronic components from Rantle.

Rantle EM1-2U1S is a PCB mounting type of electronic component. It performs with about 12 VDC coil voltages. We always pack your ordered electronic chip with high-quality tubes. Below are some of the applications that are perfect for introducing electronic components.

 EM1-2U1S Applications:

  • C-R circuit control
  • Motor controls like fans and pumps
  • Lamp control
  • Heater control

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Rantle has a complete team to process your ordered electronic components step by step successfully. We have expert employees that can surely accommodate your calls and emails. We have a comprehensive understanding of marketing such valuable products.

Additionally, you can also rely on our assistance and services. We provide videos or virtual guides on the straightforward installation of the specific electronic component. Rantle also owns the most affordable yet high-quality electronic chips for any of your applications.

EM1-2U1S price

Please let us know your needed electronic component, and we will lead you to the most suitable model for your device. We are open 24/7 for your anytime inquiries and orders. We ensure you protected the packaging and safe delivery of your orders.

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