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RANTLE FI-SE20P-HFE is an FI series and has strip packaging. It has an active status and receptacle connector type. It also has a male pin contact type. It does have a 1.25 mm or 0.049” pitch-mating. Our FI-SE20P-HFE has 20 positions and 1 row. Its positions are all loaded. It also has a board to wire or cable style and four shrouded walls.

FI-SE20P-HFE Supplier

Additionally, it has a right-angled surface mount type. Our FI-SE20P-HFE is also a solder terminated. Moreover, RANTLE FI-SE20P-HFE has a friction lock fastening type design. It was also incorporated with a 2.10 mm or 0.083 inches insulation height. It is also designed with soldering (SMT) mounting PCB method. RANTLE FI-SE20P-HFE has double contact dependable pin type. For secure connections, RANTLE FI-SE20P-HFE is designed with friction housing lock.

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Furthermore, RANTLE FI-SE20P-HFE features square contact shape and gold finish contact mating. It does have tin-alloy or tin post contact finish. It also provides copper alloy contact material and glass field, LCP or Liquid crystal polymer for its insulation materials. Our FI-SE20P-HFE also offers shielded solder retention features.

In addition, RANTLE FI-SE20P-HFE has a range of -40°C up to 80°C operating temperature. It also has a rating of UL94 V-0 for its material flammability. It does have a beige insulation color and current rating of 1A every contact. It also provides 200 V voltage rating. Moreover, RANTLE FI-SE20P-HFE is available with a shielded or non-shielded socket housing. It also has a flex connector. It does have a pin header on the embossed tape to enable SMT mounting automatically.

FI-SE20P-HFE Distributor

RANTLE FI-SE20P-HFE is free from lead. All our FI-SE20P-HFE is also an RoHS compliant. The mentioned features of RANTLE FI-SE20P-HFE makes it very applicable for some devices including notebooks and PCs. It is also ideal to use for VCRs and mobile phones. It also perfect to use for different consumer applications that requires a small space only.

With RANTLE, your sourcing of FI-SE20P-HFE and other electronic components will become easy. RANTLE will also help you help you find even the most difficult to locate electronic components. We will provide you true solutions for your sourcing problems. We maintain our image as the leading and top distributor of FI-SE20P-HFE and other electronic components worldwide. So, you will never have to be confused on where to order FI-SE20P-HFE and other electronic components for your business.





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