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  • Fast Delivery with FT2232HL
  • Single chip USB to dual serial / parallel ports with a variety of configurations
  • USB to parallel FIFO transfer data rate up to 8 Mbyte/Sec
  • Fast Opto-Isolated serial interface option
  • Adjustable receive buffer timeout
  • Single channel synchronous FIFO mode for transfers upto 40 Mbytes/Sec
  • FT2232HL

RANTLE FT2232HL are widely used for USB single chip to UART dual channel, USB single chip to FIFO dual channel, USB single chip to JTAG dual channel, and USB single chip to SPI. Also used for USB single chip to I2C dual channel, and USB single chip to Bit-bang dual channel.

FT2232HL Application Board

FT2232HL is ideal for USB industrial control, mp3 player interface, flash card readers, USB instrumentation, bar code readers, smart card readers, digital camera interface, and many others.

RANTLE FT2232HL is able to control the UTMI or Universal Transceiver Macrocell Interface due to a USB protocol engine integrates in a device. It is able to handle all aspects of 2.0 high speed USB interface.

Our FT2232HL provides interface configurations through MPSSE which is capable of speed up to 30Mbits per second.

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FT2232HL Key Features

FT2232HL Key Features

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Reliable FT2232HL Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE FT2232HL is 2.0 high-speed USB to FIFO IC. It is compatible with full-speed USB. The FT2232HL is capable to configure a parallel interface or standard serial. It incorporates many advanced features including a USB in a single chip to dual serial or parallel ports. The entire USB is handled on the chip with no requiring specific firmware programming of USB.It comes with an asynchronous UART interface option with modem interface signals and full hardware handshaking.

Additionally, RANTLE FT2232HL is dual independent of MPSSE ports, UART ports, and FIFO ports. It also independent of Baud rate generators. Thus, it allows simplifying the synchronous serial protocol such as bit-bang or USB to JTAG SPI design. It is designed with FIFO interface mode in a CPU style, and has a serial interface option designed in fast opto-isolated. Our FT2232HL comes with an adjustable receive buffer timeout, transmit and receive option on each channel for LED drive signals.

FT2232HL Distributor

RANTLE FT2232HL can transfer USB to parallel FIFO with a data rate of up to 8 Mbyte per second.  It can also transfer up to 40 Mbytes per second due to FIFO mode which is synchronous by a single channel. The transfer data rate of UART ranges up to 12Mbaud external level shifter limited.

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FT2232HL Function Description

FT2232HL Function Description

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