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FTDI FT232RL is a powerful chip. It is a single USB chip to asynchronous serial data transfer interface. There is no firmware and external needed.

Also, the FT232RL has a buried microcontroller which is capable of performing various operations.

This chip is mostly suited to apply in USB Smart Card Readers, USB Industrial Control, and USB MP3 Player Interface.

FT232RL used on usb

Thus, this can also be perfect used for USB FLASH Card Reader, USB interface, USB Digital Camera Interface, USB Wireless Modems and more related devices.

RANTLE FT232RL as the most popular components, it can be added to the range of USB UART interface Integrated Circuit Devices.

In the range from 3.3V to 5.25V, Rantle FT232RL can work with the VCC supply.

This device can be supplied with its internal EEPROM pre programmed.

It also comes with a serial number making it unique to each individual device.

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FT232RL Features

FT232RL Features

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Reliable FT232RL Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE FT232RL has security dongle features. It is perfectly used to protect user’s software applications from being copied.

This device when used to USB serial designs can be fully simplified into the components. Each FT232RL can be added with clock generator output.

FT232RL on PCB

In Rantle, we supply FT232RL and all other IC chips with compliant to RoHS and EU directive 2002/95/EC. Additionally, the FT232RL is also lead-free.

FTDI FT232RL adds more functions. It makes a “3 in 1” chip for some sort of application.

With RANTLE FT232RL-REEL, you can assure your device’s reliability. FT232RL is one of the popular USB which can suit in many electronic components.

FT232RL wholesaler

Rantle as premier independent electronic component supplier, we can produce wide range of all kinds of electronic components including FT232RL. For over 16 years in the industry, we have been the providing different industry demands. Our professional and knowledgeable team has the expertise to meet your requirements.

FT232RL supplier in China

Our FT232RL are manufactured using our technologically advanced mechanism. FT232RL and all other components undergo rigorous testing for quality assurance. This is performed by our professional and experienced QC team. We always make sure we deliver you the authentic and functional device.

Moreover, if you are confused on what component is right on your part numbers, Rantle will help you to find the perfect electronic suits your devices. Rantle can deliver your order on-time. But if your orders are urgent, we can shorten lead time up to 2-5 days.


As a popular independent electronic component distributor in China, Rantle have been distributing range of devices from customers internationally. Our customers are satisfied with our services and top quality products.

FT232RL used on pcb

For further details and information, please contact Rantle today! We have very professional staff and effective customers’ service to work with your order.




Learn more about the FT232RL, please click the FT232RL datasheet.

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