Your Best HCPL-0631-000E Supplier in China

HCPL-0631-000E Distributor - Your Best HCPL-0631-000E Supplier in China

As an independent HCPL-0631-000E distributor, Rantle offers high-performance electronic components for every customer. The HCPL-0631-000E can brings you a lot of benefits. Rantle will offer a complete solution to meet your precise needs.


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AVAGO HCPL-0631-000E are optically coupled gates that combine a GaAsP light emitting diode and an integrated high gain photo detector. An enable input allows the detector to be strobed.

This unique HCPL-0631-000E provides maximum AC and DC circuit isolation while achieving TTL compatibility. The optocoupler AC and DC operational parameters are guaranteed from – 40°C to +85°C allowing trouble-free system performance.

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AVAGO HCPL-0631-000E are suitable for high speed logic interfacing, input and output buffering, as line receivers in environments that conventional line receivers cannot tolerate and are recommended for use in extremely high ground or induced noise environments.

HCPL-0631-000E supplier

This device is perfect to use in various applications like Isolated line receiver, Computer-peripheral interfaces, Microprocessor system interfaces, Digital isolation for A/D, D/A conversion, Switching power supply, Instrument input/output isolation, Ground loop elimination, Pulse transformer replacement, Power transistor isolation in motor drives, and Isolation of high-speed logic systems

HCPL-0631-000E distributor

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Rantle is a popular HCPL-0631-000E, HCPL-0631-500E, and HCPL-0631 distributor with a good reputation. We are one of the global sourcing networks you can count for.

Broad industry knowledge and expertise allow us to produce outstanding HCPL-0631 and any part number to boost your business.

If you want to order any of the electronic products, please feel free to contact us. One of our representatives will discuss further procedures.

Learn more about the HCPL-0631-000E, please click the HCPL-0631-000E datasheet.

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