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  • H8/300L high-speed CPU
  • 2-channel serial communication interface
  • 160KHz or 76.8KHz sub clock
  • 2 to 10MHz clock pulse system generator
  • HD6473977F
  • HD6473977F

In China, RANTLE is a famous supplier of high-quality HD6473977F which belongs to the series of a single-chip microcontroller.

It is built around an H8/300L high-speed CPU. O

ur top-quality HD6473977F is also equipped with an on-chip peripheral function.

RANTLE is a distributor of HD6473977F which is integrated with an on-chip FLEX microcomputer decoder.

With its peripheral on-chip function, our excellent quality HD6473977F can provide you the five types of a timer, A/D converters, and the serial communication 2-channel interface.

HD6473977F Supplier

The configuration of our top-quality HD6473977F makes it ideal for applications such as an embedded microcomputer in a pager through the utilization of the FLEX system that only needs a low-power consumption.

Other than that, RANTLE’s premium quality HD6473977F is also embedded with a 40-kbyte on-chip ROM as well as 2-kbyte RAM.

A general-register architecture with 8-bit sixteen registers is integrated into our best quality HD6473977F for a high-level of performance.

Its operating speed also takes up to a maximum of 5MHz.

It can also run a sub clock from 160KHz or 76.8KHz.

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Reliable HD6473977F Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

At RANTLE, you can avail of our superior quality HD6473977F with 36 sources interrupt.

Its 36 sources interrupt is divided into 12 external sources interrupt, 23 internal sources interrupt and 1 internal interrupt IRQ0 source.

Seven modes of power-down including active mode, sub active mode, sub sleep mode, watch mode, standby mode, sleep mode (medium-speed) and High-speed sleep mode.

For quality assurance, RANTLE distributes superior quality HD6473977F with two clock pulse on-chip generators.

It includes the 2 up to 10 MHz clock pulse system generator and 160KHz, 76.8KHz pulse sub clock generators.

For your applications, RANTLE’s trusted quality HD6473977F is incorporated with watchdog timer to reset the signal generated by the overflowing 8-bit counter.

Furthermore, our highest-quality HD6473977F is equipped with 8-bit timer.

HD6473977F Distributor

This serves as a count-up timer with a selection of an internal eight clock signals.

A 16-bit timer is integrated into our trusted quality HD6473977F which can function independent two 8-bit timers.

It can also be used as a count-up timer which comes with a selection of an internal four clock signals as well as input event from external pin.

RANTLE is a distribution company led by an excellent management system, integrated with the quality, technology, marketing-centered and more valuable services.

Because of this, we are recognized as the most trusted and verified supplier and distributor of excellent quality electronic parts including HD6473977Fin China.

At RANTLE, we have employed sophisticated colleagues and passionate personnel who will assist as well as help you in solving your HD6473977Fproblems.

You can also avail of our reasonable rate and swift delivery for your HD6473977F order.

HD6473977F application board

Plus, we have a 24/7 service to support your business.

For over 16 years, we increased progress allowing us to offer an innovative HD6473977F.

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