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RANTLE HM24-1A69-20-6 is a reed relays that are high voltage and PCB mount reed relays. It is encapsulated with an epoxy. RANTLE HM24-1A69-20-6 offers a plenty of pinout options.

In order to enable direct wiring, RANTLE HM24-1A69-20-6 with higher voltage wires are also available. It features higher voltage relay. It does have an option for axial wires.

HM24-1A69-20-6 Supplier in China

It also has a latching version and a special pin-out. Additionally, this device offers a 24 VDC coil voltage. It also has a SPST-NO or 1 Form A contact relay form. It does have a maximum of 3 A switched current. Moreover, it has a 10kVDC, 10kVAC switching voltage capacity.

RANTLE HM24-1A69-20-6 does not have a suppression coil diode. For better and higher performance, our HM24-1A69-20-6 has up to a 600 ohms coil resistance. It also has a through hole termination style.

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HM24-1A69-20-6 Handling & Assembly Instructions

HM24-1A69-20-6 Handling & Assembly Instructions

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RANTLE HM24-1A69-20-6 features a maximum of 100 W rated power. It also has a breakdown voltage up to 4kVDC. This device is also magnetic shielded internally. In addition, it has a small size relay.

Our HM24-1A69-20-6 is best applicable for different uses. Its common application is for cable testers. It is also perfect for medical equipment applications. RANTLE HM24-1A69-20-6 is functional and applicable for any higher voltages test leads. It is also ideal for telecommunication applications. this device is suitable also for photovoltaics and portable defibrillators. Furthermore, RANTLE HM24-1A69-20-6 can also be used for battery-powered devices and as an alternative for wetted mercury relays. Our HM24-1A69-20-6 is ideally suitable for all purpose test electronic equipment.

HM24-1A69-20-6 Distributor

If you are going to source HM24-1A69-20-6 or any electronic components, RANTLE can always help you. Don’t hesitate to choose RANTLE if you are looking for a verified and trusted distributor and supplier of HM24-1A69-20-6 and other electronic components for your business. We always wanted to your business partner and be part of your business’ success. That is why, we distributed and supplied thousands of electronic components globally including HM24-1A69-20-6. We also have almost 300 model numbers for immediate delivery.

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HM24-1A69-20-6 Part-Description

HM24-1A69-20-6 Part-Description

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