Top 10 Integrated Circuits (IC) Distributors In Greece

Integrated Circuits(ICs) distributors in Greece

Integrated Circuits (ICs) are the foundation of modern electronics, powering devices in a wide range of sectors. Their small yet strong architecture allows everything from smartphones to spacecraft to function. This article delves into the active world of ICs distributors in Greece, emphasizing their importance and contributions to the country’s electronics scene.

ICs, often known as microchips or chips, are the unsung heroes driving our technologically driven world’s seamless functionality. These small silicon wafers ingeniously weave transistors, resistors, and capacitors together to construct circuits that perform complex functions. ICs have grown indispensable in everything from operating domestic appliances to powering complex medical gadgets.

The primary goal of this article is to provide a thorough review of the major ICs distributors in Greece. Readers can acquire insights into the vast array of possibilities available in the Greek market by investigating their expertise, service offers, and distinctive propositions. This guide is intended to help engineers, businesses, amateurs, and electronics enthusiasts make informed selections when sourcing ICs by throwing light on what makes each distributor unique.

Understanding the Greek Market for Electronic Components

Greece’s electronics market has expanded significantly, both domestically and internationally. During this period of expansion, demand for electronic components has increased, owing to technical improvements and the incorporation of electronics into a variety of industries ranging from healthcare to automotive. This market evolution has demanded the establishment of a strong network of ICs distributors in order to meet the increasing demands of consumers and industries.

Role of ICs

As the foundation of electronic devices, integrated circuits (ICs) play a critical role in influencing the broader landscape of electronic components. Their importance stems from their capacity to condense complex functionality into compact units, increasing efficiency while decreasing physical area needs. The ongoing growth of integrated circuits (ICs) drives innovation, allowing for the development of smaller, quicker, and more energy-efficient electronic gadgets. Their significance goes beyond consumer electronics to industries including as telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and others.

The importance of integrated circuits (ICs) in modern electronics cannot be emphasized. They are the driving forces for innovation and advancement throughout industries. In light of this, the essay will go more into the various landscape of ICs distributors in Greece, evaluating their responsibilities, specialties, and contributions to the country’s dynamic electronics sector.

Digikey Greece

Digikey Greece

Digikey arrived in Greece with the goal of transforming component accessibility. It became a key player in Greece’s market due to its speedy delivery and extensive inventory. It  has over 1,900 vendors and offers an unrivaled choice of components, ensuring quick dispatch throughout Greece.

Digikey’s client-focused approach is defined by free delivery over 50 EUR, user-friendly online platforms, and proactive customer service. Digikey is constantly improving its digital infrastructure to make ordering easier. Collaborations with technological innovators increase their component spectrum.

  • Address: Athens, Greece



GRobotronics was founded in 2010 with a single mission: to fill a need in the Greek robotics and electronics market. The company, based at 328 Vouliagmenis Ave, Agios Dimitrios, 17342, Greece, aimed to carve out a niche by specialized in robot parts and electronic components. is an online retailer that focuses on the sale of robot parts and electronic components. Their expertise in these areas indicates a dedication to meeting the specific requirements of enthusiasts, engineers, and corporations looking for specialty components and solutions.

GRobotronics was founded on the concept of filling a void in the Greek market for robots and electronics. The startup hoped to address a critical market need by creating a dedicated platform focusing on these areas.

The significance of GRobotronics rests in its capacity to create a specialized venue for robots and electronics enthusiasts. Its expertise in sourcing and providing robot parts and electrical components has established it as a go-to source for customers looking for specialized components in the Greek market.

  • Address: 328 Vouliagmenis Ave, Agios Dimitrios, 17342, Greece

Top Electronic Components S.A.

Top Electronic Components S.A.

Top Electronic Components S.A. continues the tradition of its predecessor companies, P. Toumpis & Co. OE, I. Poulos & Co. OE, and A. Tsagogeorgas & Co. OE. These firms, which have been present in the Greek market since 1973, set the groundwork for Top Electronic Components S.A.’s long-term presence and expertise.

The company’s founding in 1993 was based on enduring ideals. It was founded on integrity, dependability, and a dedication to supplying superior electronic components. Their core beliefs were client satisfaction, quality assurance, and an uncompromising commitment to satisfying industry objectives.

Top Electronic Components S.A. has established itself as a trustworthy business in the Greek market for electronic components. The company’s address, Alkminis 66, Athina 118 53, Greece, strategically places it in the heart of Athens, underscoring its commitment to serve the demands of the local and regional markets.

The company’s market position demonstrates its dependability, as it has built a reputation for constant quality, authenticity of components, and dependable services over the years. Top Electronic Components S.A. has established itself as a reliable partner for enterprises and professionals looking for high-quality electronic components in Greece.

  • Address: Alkminis 66, Athina 118 53, Greece

RS Components Greece

RS Components Greece

In Greece, RS Components has a renowned position as a prominent distributor, providing to a diverse range of sectors. Their expertise includes electronic, electrical, and industrial components, allowing them to provide a broad range to fulfill the needs of a wide range of industries.

The organization takes pride in providing a flawless experience via safe online ordering platforms. Their dedication to on-time delivery guarantees that organizations and professionals have prompt access to crucial components, allowing for continuous operations.

RS Components Greece stands out for its ability to meet the complex needs of many sectors. Whether in the electronics, electrical, or industrial sectors, the company’s extensive inventory and efficient delivery mechanisms meet a wide range of industry demands.

The company’s position as a dependable distributor in the Greek market is bolstered by its commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and a large inventory, making RS Components a solid partner for enterprises looking for components.

  • Address: Themistokleous 16, Peristeri 121 34, Greece

Kleopatra Electronics

Euronics Greece is committed to a customer-centric philosophy. Their services are centered on identifying an individual’s requirements in many circumstances, such as family, professional, or social. This strategy serves as the foundation of their service offerings, ensuring a personalized experience for each consumer.

Euronics Greece is committed to client satisfaction in three essential areas: product quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional service standards. Their drive to providing high-quality products at competitive prices while maintaining a high level of service demonstrates their constant commitment to client satisfaction.

The company’s unique strategy is on knowing its customers’ complete needs, not just transactions. Euronics Greece aims to provide solutions that cover all parts of consumers’ life, from professional needs to personal and familial needs, by addressing individual needs within bigger settings.

  • Address: Zalokosta 4, Chalandri 152 33, Greece

Euronics Greece

Euronics Greece

Euronics Greece, located at o 12, Acharnes 136 71, Greece, has a strongly engrained customer-centric mindset. Their services are tailored to meet specific demands within their customers’ familial, professional, and social environments.

Their steadfast passion and mission concentrate upon achieving 100% customer satisfaction. This dedication extends to three essential areas: product quality, competitive price, and exceptional service standards.

Euronics Greece’s approach goes beyond transactions; it aims to understand their clients’ holistic needs, striving to meet not only their product requirements but also their broader lifestyle expectations in a variety of scenarios.

  • Address: Δαμάσκου Σταμάτη 12, Acharnes 136 71, Greece

Smart Kit Electronics

Smart Kit Electronics

Smart Kit Electronics, located at Favierou 6, Athina 104 38, Greece, has a large inventory that covers a wide range of electronic needs. Electronics, hobby items, tools, gadgets, TV sets, LED lighting, cables, home electronics, remote controls, and batteries are all available.

Smart Kit Electronics offers itself as a one-stop shop for the different needs of electronics enthusiasts, professionals, and amateurs. Whether clients are looking for specialty equipment, home electronics, or batteries, this store can meet their needs.

Smart Kit Electronics takes pride in providing more than simply products; it also delivers solutions. They ensure customers have access to a broad array of technological requirements by curating a diverse choice of things, from entertainment-focused TV sets to vital electronic components like batteries and cables.

  • Address: Favierou 6, Athina 104 38, Greece

Future Electronics Greece

Future Electronics Greece

Future Electronics, located at Athina 104 38 in Greece, is a tribute to global achievement. Its robust presence is bolstered by world-class supply chain solutions, market data, and engineering experience.

Future Electronics is proud of its accessibility. Their dedicated sales team is just a click or call away, providing unrivaled assistance and direction to consumers looking for creative solutions.

The company’s strength is in its capacity to turn ideas into reality. Their collection of unique items acts as a catalyst for bringing clients’ product ideas to existence, supporting innovation and progress.

  • Address: Athina 104 38, Greece has been an active player in the electronics market for nearly two decades, with origins reaching back to 1995 in Sitia. They increased their scope in 2009 by creating an online store that catered to both wholesale and retail sales of electrical hardware and tools.

Located at Misonos 47, Sitia 723 00, Greece, is a one-stop shop that caters to the needs of both specialized stores and individual clients. Their dual strategy assures that both commercial clients and people looking for high-quality electronic products may find them.

The online platform of transcends geographical limits, providing a varied choice of electronic devices and tools not only to clients in Greece but also to foreign buyers. Because of their global reach, they are a sought-after vendor in the electronics sector.

  • Address: Misonos 47, Sitia 723 00, Greece

Mouser Electronics Greece

Mouser Electronics Greece

Mouser Electronics, located in Zalokosta 4, Chalandri 152 33, Greece, has an unrivaled inventory, stocking the world’s largest assortment of semiconductors and electrical components.

The presence of Mouser Electronics in Greece demonstrates the company’s commitment to supplying a wide range of components to Greek engineers, amateurs, and enterprises. Their global reputation as a component repository demonstrates their commitment to meeting a wide range of electronic needs.

Because the company is based in Greece, it has local access to cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge components. Mouser Electronics serves as a portal to the most recent innovations, fostering innovation in the Greek electronics scene.

  • Address: Zalokosta 4, Chalandri 152 33, Greece

Factors to Consider When Choosing an ICs Distributor

Range and Specificity of Inventory

  • Diverse Inventory: Look for distributors who offer a diverse choice of ICs to meet the needs of various industries.
  • Specific Components: Consider whether the distributor specializes in specific types of integrated circuits, especially if you have unique requirements.

Shipping and Delivery Options

  • Delivery Time: Evaluate the distributor’s shipping capability to guarantee that components are delivered on time.
  • delivery Policies: Look for delivery alternatives that are flexible, especially if you need expedited or bulk deliveries.

Customer Service and Support

  • Expert Advice: Assess the distributor’s customer service quality. When seeking technical help or making purchase decisions, having access to skilled staff might be critical.
  • After-Sales Support: Think about post-purchase assistance, such as troubleshooting assistance or return policies.

Reputation and Reliability in the Market

  • Market Standing:Examine the reputation of the distributor using reviews, testimonials, or industry reports.
  • Reliability:Ascertain that the distributor has a track record of consistent component quality, dependability, and authenticity.

Unique Offerings or Specialties

  • Value-Added Services:Look for additional services beyond component sales, such as custom sourcing, kitting, or design support.
  • Specialty Offerings:Assess if the distributor has unique offerings like exclusive partnerships, niche components, or specialized services catering to specific industries.

When selecting an ICs distributor, it’s critical to assess the breadth and specificity of their inventory, shipping efficiency, customer service quality, market repute, and any unique or specialty solutions they offer. Assessing these characteristics holistically will help you choose a distributor who is compatible with your specific electrical component needs and operating requirements.


Navigating Greece’s ICs distributors requires matching unique needs with each one’s strengths. Deciding involves evaluating inventory, shipping, service, reputation, and offerings. Greece’s electrical components industry is poised for change, with tech advancements, e-commerce growth, and sustainability shifts.

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