Top 10 Integrated Circuits (IC) Distributors In Hong Kong

Integrated Circuits (ICs) distributors in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a technological and electronic component hub, with several well-known distributors specializing in Integrated Circuits (ICs) and other electronic components. These distributors serve a global clientele by providing a wide variety of products, value-added services, and dependable support. Let’s take a closer look at these significant participants in the Hong Kong electronics distribution sector.

Rantle East Electronic Trading Co., Limited

Rantle East Electronic Trading Co., Limited

Rantle East Electronic Trading Co., Limited, which operates through, is a leading distributor of obsolete, hard-to-find, and long-lead-time electronic components. Their principal purpose is to deliver top-quality electronic components at low costs, assuring a reliable supply for their clientele. They are located at Rm 2309, 23/F Ho King Commercial Centre, 2-16 Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong. has a large and diverse inventory of electronic components from many manufacturers. Their inventory ranges from optical devices, embedded systems, semiconductors, and circuit protection components to passive components, connectors, sensors, and beyond to satisfy the needs of a diversified sector.

The company offers itself as a supply chain solution provider for OEMs, CEMs, Service and repair Organizations, Distributors, R&D Groups, and other entities that rely on electronic components. They intend to efficiently resolve supply chain difficulties by getting high-quality components from reliable channels.

In addition to sourcing components, acts as a distribution outlet for excess inventories. They allow effective redistribution by offering a forum for surplus components, helping both sellers wishing to dump excess stock and purchasers looking for specific components.

In essence, Rantle East Electronic Trading Co., Limited, doing business as, emerges as a dependable and comprehensive electronic component sourcing partner. Their extensive inventory, dedication to addressing supply chain challenges, and facilitation of surplus inventory distribution reinforce their position as an important resource in the electronic components sector.

  • Address: Rm 2309, 23/F Ho King Commercial Centre, 2-16 Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong



Kynix Semiconductor Hong Kong Limited distinguishes among electronics and semiconductor wholesalers as a beacon of quality, dependability, and breadth of offerings. Kynix was founded in 2014 and has quickly risen to prominence as a global producer of high-quality electronic components, catering to a diverse clientele that includes sophisticated technology firms, engineers, makers, and hobbyists all around the world.

Kynix’s success is built on its diverse inventory, which includes a wide range of components from numerous categories. Kynix offers an all-encompassing range to fulfill the different needs of its clientele, from active and passive components to power supplies, sensors, connectors, and beyond.

Kynix ensures that its product selection meets the highest industry standards by collaborating closely with major manufacturers. The emphasis on quality control ensures that clients obtain high quality and dependability.

Kynix specializes in providing a range of value-added services in addition to its extensive product portfolio. In-house testing and inspection experienced sourcing help, and bespoke packaging and labeling are among the services provided. Such services are painstakingly designed to aid customers in picking the best components for their projects while maximizing both time and money.

Kynix takes pleasure in providing fast and dependable global shipping services through its fulfillment hubs. This ensures that consumers, regardless of location, receive consistent and efficient service. Furthermore, their responsive and experienced customer support service is readily available to answer questions and quickly handle any concerns, further improving the overall client experience.

  • Address: Room 517 New City Centre, 2 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwun TongKowloon – Hong Kong



OMO Electronic Limited, founded in 2000 as the main office of Kaidong Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, has evolved as an independent distributor specializing in electronic components. The company has established itself as a quickly growing entity dedicated to providing fresh and legitimate electrical components to a global customer base, with operational centers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

The substantial knowledge of OMO Electronic Limited’s staff, which has more than a decade of experience in the electronic components industry, is its distinguishing feature. Their global presence and acquired knowledge enable them to efficiently serve customers all around the world.

OMO Electronic specializes in obtaining excess stock from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Contract Equipment Manufacturers (CEMs), and various factories. Their expertise extends to managing obsolete components, particularly difficult-to-find products like military ICs. OMO Electronic successfully navigates this specialist market, leveraging over a decade of experience in excess inventory management and a large in-stock inventory of semiconductors. This enables businesses to give their customers competitive costs.

OMO Electronic’s expertise in locating rare and obsolete components, particularly in the military IC sector, positions the company as a go-to source for customers looking for specific and difficult-to-find parts.

  • Address: Room 22-03, Building B, Zhonghangbeiyuan, Zhonghang Rd, Futian, district, Shenzhen, ChinaShenzhen – Hong Kong



OEMSemi holds a significant position as a global leader in the independent distribution of electronic components and integrated circuits (ICs) across a wide range of industries, including military, aerospace, medical, industrial, and commercial. OEMSemi is a renowned distributor located at Rooms 05-15, 13A/F., South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The company’s strength is in meeting the needs of many industries, whether it’s hard-to-find components, end-of-life product management, or sourcing long-lead-time components. Their expertise spans many industries, guaranteeing that consumers receive the best solutions adapted to their individual needs.

OEMSemi distinguishes itself by its superior worldwide sourcing skills and strong logistics capacity. This allows businesses to efficiently buy components from throughout the world, assuring a dependable supply chain that adheres to high-quality standards. Their dedication to quality service distinguishes them in a very competitive sector, gaining them enormous trust and business from major OEMs and EMS worldwide.

OEMSemi specializes in meeting specialty component needs, particularly in critical industries such as military and aerospace. Their expertise in managing such particular requirements distinguishes them as a reliable partner for clients looking for components with demanding specifications and reliability criteria.

OEMSemi’s dedication to excellence, global sourcing prowess, and industry specialization makes them the clear choice for customers looking for dependable and high-quality electronic components. Their track record of supplying solutions for difficult-to-find, end-of-life, and lengthy lead time components cements their position as a leading global distributor in the electronics sector.

  • Address: Rooms 05-15, 13A/F., South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road,Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Kowloon – Hong Kong



Excellent Integrated System Limited (EIS Limited), founded in 1991, has established itself as a professional and independent stocking distributor of electronic components. EIS Limited, based at RM 906, Workingberg Comm Bldg, 41-47 Marble Rd Hong Kong – Hong Kong, specializes in collecting excess stock from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Contract Equipment Manufacturers (CEMs), and other factories.

EIS Limited takes pride in its over two decades of experience in surplus inventory management. Because of their significant experience, they have established themselves as a dependable partner for both domestic and overseas OEM manufacturers. Their expertise in dealing with excess inventory enables them to provide valuable solutions to the difficulties associated with excess inventory in the electronics industry.

EIS Limited’s primary focus is on procuring leftover products directly from manufacturers. They support the effective transfer of these components by purchasing excess inventory from OEMs, CEMs, and other firms, providing a vital resource for producers and the market at large.

The company’s long-standing presence and expertise in handling surplus inventory have cemented its position as a reliable partner for both domestic and foreign OEM manufacturers. Because of their dependability and competence, EIS Limited is a go-to choice for manufacturers looking for efficient and effective solutions for their surplus stock.

Excellent Integrated System Limited (EIS Limited) is a powerhouse in the electrical components sector for excess inventory management. Their depth of knowledge, specialization in acquiring excess stock, and reputation as a trusted partner for OEM manufacturers make them a useful resource for streamlining and optimizing inventory processes in the electronics sector.

  • Address: RM 906, Workingberg Comm Bldg, 41-47 Marble RdHong Kong – Hong Kong



D&K Technologies Limited develops as a specialized provider catering to a varied array of electronic components as a distributor franchise for Mac8 Japan. The company, which is located in Room 1907, Cheung Fung Industrial Building 23-39 Pak Tin Par Street Tsuen Wan – Hong Kong, takes pride in its knowledge of various components used in the electronics sector.

For passive components, they stock products from well-known companies like AVX, Kemet, NEC, Murata, Samsung, and Taiyo Yuden, among others. They offer brands such as International Rectifier (IR), Fairchild, NXP, ON Semiconductor, ST, Texas Instruments (TI), and many others for integrated circuits.

D&K Technologies takes pleasure in its ability to assist with any electrical component need. They welcome questions and strive to build collaborative partnerships with clients. Their proactive approach to meeting different electronic component needs distinguishes them as a suitable partner for future partnerships.

D&K Technologies Limited, in essence, functions as a comprehensive electronic component specialist, providing a diverse selection of high-quality components and encouraging collaborative prospects. Their devotion to customer needs and wide inventory make them a sought-after partner for individuals in the business looking for dependable electrical components.

  • Address: Room 1907, Cheung Fung Industrial Building23-39 Pak Tin Par Street Tsuen Wan – Hong Kong



Microsonic Technology Limited is a forward-thinking manufacturer that specializes in the design, manufacture, and selling of high-quality electro-acoustic equipment. Despite its youth, the company has quickly established itself by offering a varied range of items such as loudspeakers, micro speakers, receivers, buzzers, condenser microphones, and earphones.

Microsonic Technology’s product line demonstrates its commitment to meeting a wide range of customer requests and requirements. The company ensures that it can meet the different needs of its intended customer group by delivering a broad assortment of electro-acoustic components.

Microsonic Technology, headquartered in Hong Kong, has world-class manufacturing facilities in China outfitted with cutting-edge technology. The ISO-9001 certification of their manufacturing facilities demonstrates their dedication to maintaining high-quality production procedures and goods.

In conclusion, Microsonic Technology Limited stands out as a rising star in the electro-acoustic components market. Their dedication to innovation, extensive product line, world-class manufacturing facilities, and attention to quality standards distinguish them as a promising and dependable source of high-quality electro-acoustic components.

  • Address: Block D, 2F, Capital Trade Centre, 62 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong KongHong Kong – Hong Kong



TE Components Limited is a beacon of efficiency and experience, providing a full-service procurement solution for a diverse range of electronic components. The company, located at Rm03 27F HoKing Comm Ctr 2-16 FaYuen St MongKok KL – Hong Kong, takes pride in being a one-stop destination for all of your component procurement needs.

TE Components serves as a conduit to the global supply of OEM Excess Inventory, with access to over 10 million line items obtained from suppliers in the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, and elsewhere. Their extensive inventory provides access to a huge world of electronic components.

The organization takes pride in having a team of sourcing professionals who have been trained to negotiate the difficulties of component procurement. TE Components offers itself as a dependable issue solver for customers who confront challenges with hard-to-find components, long lead time products, or obsolete electronic components.

TE Components Limited establishes itself as a reliable partner in the field of electronic component procurement. Their extensive inventory, global network, streamlined procurement process, and specialized sourcing experience make them an invaluable resource for businesses looking for cost-effective solutions to component procurement difficulties.

  • Address: Rm03 27F HoKing Comm Ctr2-16 FaYuen St MongKok KL – Hong Kong


This guide offers an extensive exploration of leading IC distributors based in Hong Kong, each offering distinct strengths and specialized services tailored to the diverse needs of the electronics industry. Whether you’re in pursuit of superior-quality components, expert sourcing aid, or specialized services, these distributors are poised to become steadfast partners in your electronic component procurement endeavors.

To delve deeper into this world of opportunities and to order premium electronic components sourced from China, connect with us at Rantle East Electronic. Let us streamline your journey by delivering excellence right to your doorstep. Reach out today to unlock a world of possibilities!

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