Top 10 Integrated Circuits (IC) Distributors In India

Top 10 Integrated Circuits (IC) Distributors in India

Integrated circuits (ICs) are very small electronic circuits that have many parts on one small semiconductor chip. These parts include transistors, resistors, capacitors, and more. They are the building blocks of almost all electronic devices, from computers and smartphones to medical tools and car systems.

Significance in Modern Technology

  • Miniaturization: Electronic devices can be miniaturized thanks to integrated circuits, which results in the devices being smaller, faster, and more efficient.
  • Functionality: They integrate a large number of components into a single chip, which allows them to improve the functionality and performance of electronic products.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Integrated circuits have not only increased the capabilities of electronic gadgets but also greatly lowered the costs of making them.

SR Integrated Circuit India Pvt Ltd

A fast-expanding global distributor that specializes in semiconductors and electronic components, Componentbuy is a part of SR Integrated Circuit India Pvt Ltd. Componentbuy is a global manufacturer of electronic components. By emphasizing connectivity and active components, they make the establishment of long-lasting partnerships throughout their supply chain a top priority.

They can distribute components of high quality both locally and internationally as a result of their focus. Their services include providing full engineering data assistance and facilitating global shipment, in addition to meeting the requirements for the sourcing of more than 20 million electrical components. Their website is an essential resource for design engineers, as it assists in the selection of components and the acquisition of those components.

  • Address:Banashankari 3rd Stage, Kathriguppe, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560085, India

Libran Components

Established in 2005 as a sole proprietorship in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Libran Components has been a significant participant in the distribution of integrated circuits ever since it was founded. As a company that specializes in a wide variety of microcontrollers and semiconductors, they provide components from several leading manufacturers, including ST, NXP, Silicon Lab, Allegro, Fairchild, FTDI Chip, Analog Devices, Atmel, Linear Technology, Infineon, Maxim, Microchip, Texas Instruments, WXDH, Alliance Memory, On Semiconductors, Holtek, and Toshiba.

  • Address:2nd Floor, Vijay Chambers 2P, 1140, Tribhuvan Rd, opp. Dream Land Cinema, Grant Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004, India

Reliable India Electronics

With more than twenty years of expertise in the market, Reliable India Electronics stands out as the distributor of electronic components in India which is expanding at the fastest rate. They are dedicated to supplying a broad assortment of electrical components that are in stock, and they place a high priority on giving great service to their customers. They specialize in procuring electronic components from approved manufacturers on behalf of their clientele, and for this reason, they are positioned as both a procurement agency and a distributor.

  • Address: Atlantic House Building, Lamington Rd, Krishna Kunj, Grant Road East, Shapur Baug, Grant Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007, India


Electronic components are the focus of ShelfKey, an online retailer that provides customers with a diverse selection of products at the most competitive pricing. ICs, semiconductors, development kits, microcontrollers, modules, and other electronic components can be purchased by clients through their platform, which makes it simple for them to gain access to these components.

  • Address: #110, 4th Main Koppa – Begur Road Akshayanagar, Begur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068, India

Linkpark Technology

With a focus on electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and products, Linkpark Technology has established itself as a significant organization in the Indian market. A wide variety of items, including semiconductors (both active and passive components), integrated circuits (ICs), relays and contactors, AC axial and DC brushless fans, proximity sensors, limit switches and encoders, GSM/GPRS modules, power supplies, and industrial automation solutions, are included in their extensive catalog. The organization is well-known for its commitment to inventing innovative technologies, and it also maintains a large vendor network, which enables it to assist its clients in the process of developing and improving new goods.

  • Address: B-1/25-26, Second Floor, New Kondli, Mayur Vihar Phase-3, New Delhi, 110096, India

India Circuit

India Circuit is a well-known printed circuit board (PCB) maker in India, and its production unit is located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The company adheres to worldwide standards in PCB production and provides a comprehensive solution that includes everything from the design of printed circuit boards to their manufacturing. Single Sided, Double Sided, Metal Core, and Aluminum PCBs are some of the many varieties of printed circuit boards (PCBs) that they offer.

India Circuit is a company that specializes in the production of metalcore and aluminum printed circuit boards (PCBs), which are widely used in LED street lights, flood lights, and other lighting products. The company guarantees delivery throughout Gujarat and the major areas of India. They have earned a reputation as a premier PCB manufacturer, and they are acknowledged for their competence as well as their commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.

  • Address: B-232, Sector 25 ELECTRONICS ESTATE GIDC, Gandhinagar, GUJARAT, INDIA, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382026, India

M/s Tox Ic Technologies

TOX-IC Technologies is a major importer and trader that specializes in a wide variety of Industrial Automation Devices, Industrial Automation Spares, and IGBT Power Modules. The company was founded in 2007, and it has been successfully operating ever since. To meet the individual requirements and preferences of their esteemed clients, they provide a wide variety of items that are available in a variety of models and technological specifications.

They are dedicated to providing affordable pricing and place a strong emphasis on close collaboration with partners, which includes customers, suppliers, and employees. This ensures that they provide complete quality assurance by delivering high-quality products on time that are by the regulations that could be relevant. Their commitment extends to providing swift and attentive customer service, with a focus on providing prompt solutions to questions and requirements raised by potential customers.

  • Address:15-1-503/B/42, IInd Floor, Ashok Market, Hyderabad, Telangana 500012, India

KK International

KK International has been a nationally recognized company that specializes in the delivery of electrical integrated circuits and power ICs ever since it was founded in the year 2000. The company has received a large amount of praise for its work. Analog to digital converters, digital integrated circuits, and power amplifier integrated circuits are just a few of the products that are included in their vast array of products.

They have constructed a facility that enables them to conduct activities across the entire nation, and they are based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company takes great satisfaction in its speedy execution, which guarantees timely delivery to customers without sacrificing the quality of its products or services. It is because of their unwavering commitment to exceeding the expectations of their customers that they have been able to achieve and continue to enjoy success in the industry.

  • Address: Plot No. 305, Rajdeep Apartments, Tara Temple Lane, Near, Lamington Rd, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007, India

Naman Group

As a member of the acclaimed Naman Group, which also includes Namanvidhi World Trade Pvt. Ltd. as its flagship firm, Naman Group operates within the same line of business, catering to a variety of products. Naman Group also comprises Naman Impex, Lily Trade Link, and Formix International. The company was founded to provide electronic components at competitive rates, in addition to supplementing those components with extra services. This is a principle that they continue to support.

Throughout their existence, they have made it their priority to guarantee the happiness of their customers, cultivate strong connections with their customers, provide services that add value, and respond quickly to the requirements of their customers. Their well-established reputation in the sector has been a significant factor in the establishment and upkeep of a legacy inside their administrative structure.

  • Address: 4C/4D Vijay Chambers, 4th Floor, Opp. Dreamland Cinema, Tribhuvan Rd, Grant Road East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004, India

Semilinks India Private Limited

Semilinks India Private Limited is a company that specializes in providing a variety of services that include distribution, sales of semiconductor components, and distribution of semiconductors including electronics. They are experts in distributing and selling electrical and semiconductor components all over the world, and they have a global presence that comprises various offices and warehouse sites. This allows them to guarantee that there is an adequate supply of stock.

As an additional service, Semilinks India offers contract manufacturing and complete assembly services for printed circuit boards. These services make use of surface mount and through-hole technologies. Customers looking for high-quality manufacturing solutions are attracted to the company because of its emphasis on stringent quality control and rapid turnarounds.

  • Address: Sriram Nagar, Vivekananda Colony, Bahadurguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500074, India

Importance of Choosing the Right IC Distributor

Selecting the right IC distributor is crucial for businesses and engineers due to several reasons:

  • Product Quality: Reliable distributors ensure the authenticity and quality of ICs, minimizing the risk of faulty components affecting the end product’s performance.
  • Timely Delivery: Efficient distributors guarantee timely delivery, preventing project delays.
  • Technical Support: Access to knowledgeable technical support aids in product selection, troubleshooting, and design assistance.
  • Cost Efficiency: Choosing a distributor offering competitive pricing and flexible options can impact the overall project cost.

Criteria for Evaluating IC Distributors

When evaluating IC distributors, consider these key factors

● Range of Products

To meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses and applications, a credible distributor should provide a wide selection of integrated circuits (ICs).

● Reliability

To ensure the dependability of the final product, it is essential to maintain a consistent delivery of authentic integrated circuits of high quality.

● Customer Support

To effectively resolve questions and problems, it is necessary to have access to effective technical assistance, prompt services, and responsive communication channels.

● Pricing and Affordability

Competitive pricing and pricing structures that are flexible can have a substantial impact on the costs of a project.

● Market Presence

The trustworthiness and dependability of a distributor can be inferred from several factors, including their standing in the market, their reputation, and the fact that they have worked with respected integrated circuit manufacturers.

This structure, which offers a solid foundation for the debate, allows for the discussion of a variety of issues, including the relevance of ICs, the significance of picking a suitable distributor, and the elements to take into consideration when evaluating these distributors in India. All of these topics can be discussed. To boost the post’s depth and credibility, you may provide more elaboration on each topic and incorporate specific instances or case studies when writing the article.

Future Trends in IC Distribution in India

Technological Integration

  • AI and Machine Learning:bringing inventory management and predictive analytics into greater efficiency.
  • Automation:Increased utilization to achieve faster and more accurate order processing and logistics.

Specialized ICs

  • Emerging Technologies:Increasing need for integrated circuits in the Internet of Things, 5G, and edge computing.
  • Niche Applications:Companies that produce specialized integrated circuits intending to target particular industries, such as healthcare, automotive, and renewable energy.

Supply Chain Innovations

  • Blockchain and IoT Implementation:Enhancing the transparency and traceability of the supply chain processes.
  • Sustainability Focus:Distribution procedures that use environmentally friendly packaging and reduce the amount of carbon footprints left behind.

Online Platform Expansion

  • Digital Purchases:The usage of user-friendly online platforms for procuring ICs is becoming increasingly prevalent.
  • Customer-Centric Tools:To improve customer interaction and assistance, adopting digital tools is one strategy.


Companies and engineers in India need to choose the appropriate IC distributor. When making educated judgments, it is helpful to evaluate distributors based on their product range, reliability, customer support, pricing, and market presence. Each of the top ten distributors brings a distinct set of qualities to the table, with an emphasis on dependable solutions and outstanding service. Innovativeness, specialization, and digital transformation are going to be the focal points of future trends in IC distribution.

When it comes to the world of electronics, selecting a distributor is not just about the components; it is also about trust and dependability. A careful selection made today builds the foundation for the technical improvements that will occur in the future.

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